Installation of a hygiene shower or bidet

Today you do not often see a hygienic shower or a bidet in the apartment. If earlier it was difficult to connect them to the sewerage system, now plastic sewerage is used. Therefore, it is not difficult to perform their installation in compliance with the instructions. The main problem when installing a hygienic shower or bidet in bathrooms is a lack of space. It seems that the architects who design houses do not hear about such devices and therefore did not take into account the need for a place for their installation.

The scheme of the bidet device

The scheme of the bidet device.

In a private home, installing a hygienic shower or bidet is much easier, since there is more free space. This is very convenient, especially if the bathroom is separate, as all hygienic procedures can be carried out in the toilet and you do not need to go to the bathroom.

To perform the work you will need:

  • equipment to be installed;
  • perforator;
  • elephant;
  • spanners;
  • insulation tape.


There are 3 types of equipment:

Suspended or outdoor bidet.

In order to install a pendant or floor bidet, the bathroom must be large.

Hygienic shower drawing

A drawing of a hygienic shower.

Washing in this case is carried out with warm water, therefore it is necessary to provide hot and cold water supply. Water is fed at an angle, but to do everything without hands, one must take uncomfortable poses that old people and people with disabilities can not do.

To install the bidet, you must act according to the instructions and have basic skills in carrying out such work.

Hygienic shower. Its connection is carried out next to the toilet, and it works from cold water. All procedures are carried out on the toilet with cold water and with the help of hands. In this case, you must be very careful not to pour the floor and objects that are nearby.

Such a shower, like the usual one, is made in the form of a hose and watering can, but it differs from a conventional watering-tank in that it has a shut-off valve with a handle at the end. The water hose is constantly in the hose, and only when the handle is pressed it can be used.

The hygienic shower performs all the functions of the bidet, but is cheaper and easier to install. There are several varieties of such a soul. A simple nozzle can simply be built in a standard toilet, through which water is uniformly supplied.

Maybe a wall-mounted shower. It is attached to the wall near the toilet. To make it more convenient, on the other hand, you can attach a dispenser with a liquid soap, so you can keep the shower with one hand and take the soap with the other.

The most practical and convenient option is that when next to the toilet there is not only a hygienic shower, but a sink. Especially it is convenient in those houses where the toilet and bathroom can be in different parts of the building. If you follow the instructions, then you can install the hygienic shower yourself.

Tools for installing a hygienic shower

Tools for installing a hygienic shower.

A cover-bidet. The cover-bidet can be electric or mechanical. The mechanical cover according to the instruction is installed on the toilet seat and used instead of the seat. To it with the help of filters that are included in the delivery set and hoses, hot and cold water supply is connected.

The use of filters is mandatory, since the holes in the nozzles are small and can be clogged with untreated water. Also, water undergoes additional purification, which is very important for feminine hygiene.

Before and after using this equipment, the nozzles are self-cleaning. The seat and the lid are lowered smoothly, and the water is supplied from the bottom up, which eliminates the inconvenience caused by using a bidet or shower. In order to operate this equipment, there is a remote control with which you can adjust the temperature and water pressure.

In contrast to the mechanical cover-bidet in its electronic version, it is possible to adjust the nozzle length and the direction of the nozzle, which allows them to be adjusted to the individual characteristics of each person. Even in such a cover-bidet, the seat is heated, for which it needs to be connected to electricity. If you follow the instructions, you can do it yourself.

There are different models of bidet covers, and they can be equipped with additional functions, for example, by saturating the jet with air, adjusting the pressure of the water, supplying warm air so that it can dry after washing, air aromatization, watches, music and other functions.

In models of the elite class there is a function of heating running water, whereas in conventional models it is heated in a storage tank. In this case, it is possible to take a sedentary bath indefinitely, while using a tank this time is limited until the warm water runs out.

Features of a hygienic shower

Diagram of installation of a hygienic shower

Diagram of installation of a hygienic shower.

In small apartments, where the bathroom is small, an alternative to installing a bidet is a hygienic shower. Hygienic shower: how to choose the right thing and what is it? Often people use a bidet and a hygienic shower in the bathroom. In this case, the shower performs a technical function and serves to collect water, wash the feet of the dog or for other household purposes.

Usually, this shower is sold with the holder, but often it does not include a mixer. But it's not scary, since the hose has a standard mount and will fit any mixer.

In order for the shower to be easy and convenient to use, the instruction for its installation provides for installation near the toilet. So that they can be used, a person does not even have to get up. You can install a small sink nearby, then you can wash your hands here.

A plastic can be used to make a shower head. It can be metallized or simply painted. Less often there are such designs from a brass, they are painted under copper, steel or silver.

Advantages of a hygiene shower:

  • do not go to the bathroom after the toilet, all hygienic procedures are performed in one place;
  • takes up little space;
  • it is convenient to perform not only hygienic procedures, but also to take care of the bathroom, wash the baby pot, feet of the animals, gain water;
  • low cost.

Modern mixers can have a flowing water heater, and then from your shower will go already warm water. Can be made internal or external installation, but in any case, it is impossible to seal the pipes, since even the most reliable of them can fail and to repair it will have to destroy the walls.

If the pipes are embedded "tightly" into the wall, then with a leak it is very difficult to find a place from which this happens. It is recommended to use special boxes or close the pipes with panels.

Setting the beam

Before installing the bidet, you must first think through everything, so that later you do not have problems and inconveniences. You need to decide which bidet you will install: floor, suspended or console. If you buy a pendant bidet, then to install it should be an installation, and it is often not included in the kit, when buying, take time to study the instructions and bundling.

If there is no possibility to install a bidet, then you can use the bidet cover, it is installed on an ordinary toilet, but it performs all the functions of the bidet. But it should be borne in mind that such devices have a complex design, they are expensive and make it difficult to use the toilet bowl by purpose.

In each individual case, it is necessary to take into account all the conditions, the area and location of the bathroom and only after that make a decision that it should install: a hygienic shower, bidet or bidet-lid.

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