Installation of a new sink with a curbstone

Modern bathrooms are hard to imagine without furniture. Stressing the style features of the interior, furniture is still designed to fulfill its most important purpose - to provide maximum comfort to a person, be practical and at the same time compact.

Sink with curbstone

A sink with a curbstone is considered one of the most practical variants of overlapping.

For this reason, some elements of the bathrooms are combined. To a large extent this applies to the traditional shell. Recently, homeowners are increasingly interested in installing a sink with a curbstone as one of the most practical options for such a combination.

Thus, there is an occasion to consider the basic rules of installing sanitary ware with furniture. Thanks to the knowledge of these rules, even an inexperienced worker will be able to independently install in his bathroom a modern washbasin, the prop of which will be a stylish and roomy pedestal.

Curbstone under the sink

Going to the store, it is desirable to remember some simple but important rules.

Scheme of mounting the curbstone under the sink

Scheme of mounting the curbstone under the sink.

You can start by matching the style of the nightstand to the general style of the bathroom. So, a strict rectangular product is unlikely to be in harmony with a soft interior, differing smooth lines. For a classic bathroom with luxury elements, a washbasin is not suitable for modesty of shapes and material.

Of course, you can not ignore the state of the hardware. Proceeding from the fact that all this will be in a room with high humidity, all kinds of pens, hinges, legs should be made of chrome-plated metal. It should be borne in mind that gilding on plastic under the influence of intense moisture quickly loses its original appearance.

Picking a thing to your liking, it is recommended to pay attention to the fact that it had useful shelves for the bathroom and boxes for the necessary bath items. Compact furniture under the sink greatly saves space in the bathroom.

If there is a heated floor in the bathroom, do not take the cabinet with the closed base. The option with legs will be more successful. They will not allow the entire cabinet to heat from the warm floor, provide much-needed ventilation in a damp room, and also facilitate the cleaning process.

Select a location

The question of where to place a new sink with a curbstone, usually occurs during the renovation of the bathroom.

Experts believe that it would be ideal to put new plumbing equipment together with furniture where there was an old sink and water supply system and sewerage.

Drawing of a hanging shell

Drawing of a hanging shell.

But often the complex European-style renovation dramatically reshapes the whole layout of the room, and then in the search for the optimal point one has to follow several other principles.

Naturally, the new location of the sink is always tied to the place where the installation of the system of the corresponding pipelines is planned, so the performer must first think over all the possible advantages and disadvantages of this or that place, without forgetting the quality of the floor and wall, the size of the room, the planned occupancy of the bathroom with various household appliances . All this requires the employee to carefully measure the room dimensions and divide it into certain functionally justified segments.

When choosing the location where the installation will be carried out, it must be ensured that the pipes coming out of the wall do not rest against the ends of the shelves of the bedside table. To prevent this, you must first measure the distance from the fittings coming out of the wall to the floor. According to experts, an impeccable option is to exit the pipes from the wall at a level that would be higher than the middle shelf of the cabinet.

Approximately the same principle is used to calculate the combination of the curbstone and the drainage outlet that comes out of the wall. But very often the sink is in the bathroom floor. In this case, most likely, the performer will have to cut out in the furniture bottom a corresponding hole in size, into which the hose connecting the siphon of the shell with the drainage sewer will be installed.

Materials and Tools

Tools necessary for work

Tools necessary for work: screwdriver, hammer, construction level, impact drill, sealant.

In order to install the shell qualitatively and quickly enough, you need to prepare the following materials and work tools:

  • sink;
  • curbstone under the sink;
  • a water mixer;
  • a new siphon;
  • set of metal corners;
  • pipe fittings made of metal-plastic;
  • impact drill (perforator);
  • screwdriver (screwdriver);
  • a hammer;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • building level;
  • sealant;
  • FUM-лента;
  • plastic dowels;
  • set of screws.


Beginning the installation of the "sink-curbstone" ligament, it is necessary first of all to cut off the supply of cold and hot water in the house. Then, in the place where the installation is performed, from the water outlets that will be connected to the washbasin, remove the plugs.

Make an inspection of the sockets to make sure that there is no old waterproofing winding on their inner side. Then they are screwed to the instrument cranes for water supply.

Here, as a sealant, a FSM tape should be used. It is neatly wound on the tap thread clockwise. If the FSM tape is of high quality, 5 turns will be enough.

The sealant is carefully pressed against the thread, after which the water supply valves are screwed into both water outlets. If corner cranes are used together with the cabinet when installing the sink, they should "look" upwards. Twisting the cranes in this way, they should be closed.

Granite sink installation scheme

The scheme for installing a granite sink.

After this, you must install hoses for hot and cold water. Since they are already equipped with rubber gaskets, it is not necessary to use the FSM tape. Screwing the hoses to the instrument cranes is done manually without excessive force. It is recommended, after this part of the installation, to bring water into the hoses, to drain some of the dirty moisture from the nozzles and at the same time to check the connection points for leaks.

Then the cabinet is attached to the wall. Usually in the curbstones under the washbasins special niches are provided. Note that the standard height of the device cranes is 50 cm, which makes it possible to hide them in the indicated niches.

If there is a sewer drain on the floor under the curbstone, two holes are drilled in its bottom and shelf, the diameters of which correspond to the diameter of the drain outlet. To do this, measure the distance from the wall to the center of the drain neck and mark this distance on the bottom and shelf. For drillings, a drill with a special nozzle is used. Through the holes in the cabinet, the hose from the siphon to the sewage system will be passed.

Next, install a tee-tee into the drain hole in the floor. Preliminary the place of contact of the tee with the drain neck should be treated with sanitary silicone grease.

After that you can install the cabinet. Expose it to the level clearly horizontally with the help of adjustable legs.

Now it's up to the siphon. To him, according to the instruction, connect the corrugated tube, the other end of which is inserted into the drain hole on the floor. At the same time, too, excessive efforts should be avoided, everything is done by hand.

It is time to install a new sink from above on the curbstone. At this stage, the length of the upper siphon tube is adjusted. In addition, with the washbasin on the wall, there are 2 fixing holes. By marks with a special drill holes are drilled, into which plastic dowels are inserted. They are then screwed with threaded studs. On these stilettos, and will keep the plumbing.

Further, the siphon is screwed onto the sink through its upper grate. Now we need to re-install the sink on the curb and fix it on the wall using nuts and plastic sleeves. The installation of sanitary ware is completed by fixing a water tap on it.

Properly performing all these simple operations, you can count on a long and reliable service of new plumbing equipment.

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