Installation of ariston storage water heater

The quality products of the Italian company "Ariston" have been deservedly sought in many countries of the world for more than 70 years, in Russia it has been sold for more than 20 years. ТМ "Ariston" delivers to Russia water heaters of different types: flow and storage, gas and electric. Installation of gas water heater is carried out only by specialists of gas services, electric can be installed independently.

Водонагреватели "Ariston"

Water heaters "Ariston" are very high quality, so they are popular with consumers.


Installation водонагревателя «Аристон» своими руками - дело несложное, если внимательно читать инструкцию и следовать ее указаниям. Конечно, можно пригласить специалистов, которые сделают все быстро и качественно. Единственное «но» - цена этой услуги. Например, в Москве она составляет от $100. Между тем, имея минимальные навыки работы с сантехникой, вы сможете справиться с этой задачей за каких-нибудь 2-3 часа. Учитывая, что некоторую сумму вы потратите на расходные материалы, чистая экономия составит приблизительно $60.

Wiring diagram of the water heater

Wiring diagram of the water heater.

Assessing the pros and cons of installing a water heater by yourself, consider the risk of flooding the neighbors from the bottom, if something goes wrong, balance your strength. The merits of an independent solution to this problem include:

  • saving time and money;
  • the acquisition of skills that you will need during the operation of the water heater.

Access to the storage water heater (boiler) should be absolutely free, and the wall for attachment is strong, capable of withstanding double weight (with a capacity of 50 l, calculate the load of 100 kg). Determine the status of your wiring: can it handle a significant additional load? For example, for a water heater in 2000 W, there should be a cross-section of a copper wire of 2.5 mm². Take into account the fact that in the presence of old water pipes in the apartment sometimes you have to first replace them and only after connecting the boiler. Find out what current is calculated by your electricity meter. If less than 40 A, you have to replace it.

Water heater "Ariston"

It is very important to prepare all the tools and supplies for the work in advance. Before installing, make sure that the following tools are available:

Tools for mounting a storage water heater

Tools for mounting a storage water heater.

  • roulette;
  • perforator with drill;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • spanners;
  • nippers;
  • passages;
  • screwdrivers of two types.


  • paste type "Unipack" or tape FUM;
  • tow;
  • 3 stopcocks;
  • 3 tees;
  • 2 connecting flexible hoses (if not included);
  • metal-plastic pipe of the required length.
  • if you need to replace the wiring - three-wire wire, outlet or machine.

For the installation of a storage electric heater, an auto-switch of 32-40 A, a PVS cable 3X6 -3X8, is required.

Boiler installation

Storage water heaters warm water for a certain time in special tanks from 10 to 150 liters and more. In small-footed city apartments most often put boilers for 50 or 80 liters. Fastening to a fragile wall (for example, from plasterboard), is excluded. There is no fundamental difference in the installation of a small or large tank, except that the larger the unit, the stronger the fasteners.

Diagram of storage water heater device

Diagram of the storage water heater device.

Break up the work into several stages. The main and most important stage is fixing the boiler to the wall. If the container is horizontal, it is advisable to attach it higher, under the ceiling, if the vertical one is at the level of the person's head or chest. Under the boiler, floors must be waterproofed in case of leakage.

Work should be done carefully, avoiding scratches and damage to the external surface of the unit from the tools. It should also be borne in mind that the electronic control unit of the boiler does not have an autonomous power supply, for any power failure, the settings will fail and restart will be required.

Use bolts, hooks, screws with a diameter of at least 10 mm. Using roulette, level, mark the places of fastenings. Ensure that all points on the back of the unit that are provided for installation are engaged, do not skew. Drill holes with a drill, then attach brackets and holders to which the boiler is hung.

Connection to the water supply system

Hoses and other elements of the connections used for connection to the water supply must withstand a temperature of at least 80 ° C and design pressure.

Table for determining the volume of the water heater

Table for determining the volume of the water heater.

Avoid direct connection of two different metals, for example, steel (in water pipes) and copper. Use a dielectric adapter.

Connect the water pipe to the boiler through the shut-off valve and then through the flexible wiring. The inlet for cold water is marked with a blue mark. On it, you need to mount a valve to relieve excess pressure in the system.

Before the shut-off valve, it is also possible to install a tap-tee with a drain cock connected to it. When carrying out repairs or maintenance, this will make it possible to quickly drain the water from the boiler. Place the threaded joints with a stick or FUM tape. To the outlet branch pipe, connect the flexible piping that guides the heated water. After connecting, open the water and check the system for leaks, then connect to the power supply.

  1. Connect the power supply wires of the Ariston water heater to the screw terminals of the thermostat.
  2. When connecting, observe the phases - L, A or P1 - phase wire, N, B or P2 - zero.
  3. Connect the ground wire to the clamp on the water heater housing.
  4. Connect the test lamp terminals to the contacts.
  5. Press the thermostat button.
  6. Close the cover.
  7. Before switching on the mains, check the filling of the boiler with water.

The electrical wire must be hidden in the corrugation from a non-combustible material or into a wall. The installation of the boiler provides for earthing, which can not be done on metal objects or pipes: for example, water supply, sewage, etc.

Beginning of work

Before starting work again, make sure that the flange is in the center. If it is slightly pushed to the side, install it correctly (loosen or tighten). After filling the tank with cold water, open the hot water tap on the boiler to allow excess air to come out, then close it.

When the heating pressure is switched on, the bulb should light up on the water heater housing. Sometimes during operation the cold water hose is heated. In some Ariston models, the temperature can be adjusted by means of a special handle connected to the thermostat by means of a screw. The economy mode is indicated on the unit by the letter "E".

In the event of unforeseen failure or malfunction of the new water heater, you can contact the repair shop in your city. The usual warranty period for the Ariston boiler is 1-2 years, depending on the model (same as for the Thermex, Bosch or Nova Tek water heater). If before the expiration of this time you tried to open and repair the unit yourself, then, most likely, you will be refused free warranty service. Keep the warranty card issued in the store until the end of the warranty period.

Storage water heater from the company "Ariston" - the unit is fairly simple to operate and reliable. If you follow the instructions clearly during installation and with further use, it will serve you faithfully for more than a year.

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