Installation of doors in the bathroom and bathroom

In the bathrooms and bathrooms to put the door must be extremely carefully. The problem is that the bathroom is characterized by a high level of humidity, temperature changes, the presence of steam. Furniture, doors, all materials used for finishing are exposed to such negative influence, therefore it is necessary to approach the replacement and installation of doors carefully.

Bathroom door

Since the bathroom has a high level of humidity, the door in the bathroom is harder to install than in ordinary rooms.

In order to replace the door correctly and quickly, it is first necessary to prepare materials and tools:

Tools for installing doors

Tools for installing doors.

  • screwdriver, drill;
  • building level;
  • simple roulette;
  • crowbar;
  • a hacksaw on wood;
  • mounting foam;
  • wooden wedges;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • simple pencil and ruler;
  • gypsum plaster;
  • ankera;
  • hinges, door lock, handles;
  • door frame of the chosen type, canvas.

Select type

The installation of doors to the bathroom is not only installation, but also a preliminary selection of the material that is most suitable for use in such unfavorable conditions.

In addition to moisture resistance, such paintings should also have excellent noise insulation.

Among the numerous variants of door frames that can be selected in this case, it is recommended to choose for bathrooms and toilets:

Door hinge adjustment scheme

Diagram of door hinge adjustment.

  1. Glass doors with or without metal galvanized frames. This is the best option, such canvases are completely not subject to negative moisture effects, they have an attractive and stylish appearance. Glass does not miss sounds and noises, it keeps heat, and modern technologies allow using shockproof materials. Door leaves of this material can be produced in the form of swinging structures and in the form of a compartment. They are decorated with metal, wooden, ceramic elements, can have mosaics, elements of stained glass on the surface. Glass doors for the bathroom can visually enlarge the space, make it more stylish. But there is one thing: the cost of such a canvas is great, especially in comparison with conventional veneered.
  2. The second option, which is great for a bathroom, is plastic. To replace such a door a lot is not required, its weight is relatively small, but the strength, stability and other necessary characteristics are at an altitude. Many mistakenly believe that the appearance of such a door will be too simple and boring, but this is far from the case. Today plastic linens for bathrooms amaze with the variety of shapes and colors, they perfectly imitate any material. They are produced in the form of swinging structures, coupe, accordions. Their cost is quite affordable and lower than for glass and wooden doors.
  3. The classic option is the use of a wooden door leaf. But the service life of such doors is lower than that of the above, even if they are painted and have special protection, they do not have such qualities as glass or plastic. For the production of usually selected beech or oak, but often used and cheaper options with laminated protection against moisture. Today, MDF, MDF doors are popular today, the price of which is quite democratic. They are well suited for wet rooms, but only good quality designs are to be chosen.

Installation process

Door hinge mounting scheme

The scheme of installation of door hinges.

Replacement of doors in the bathroom implies a clear adherence to the instruction, which includes the following stages:

  • First, the door frame is mounted, it must exactly match the size and shape of the opening;
  • The replacement is carried out in this way: the box is placed in the opening, then fixed with wedges;
  • after such installation it is necessary to check up verticalness of a box, for this purpose the building level, a plumb line is applied;
  • if everything is in order, then the replacement continues: the box is fastened with anchors and screws, beforehand on the sides of the opening make holes, which will be used for fastening;
  • The seams and joints after installation are filled with mounting foam, the surplus is removed;
  • the foam will dry for about 24 hours, after which you can proceed with further installation, i.e. hanging loops, installing a door leaf.

The installation or replacement of the door includes a number of other actions:

The scheme of installation of a door leaf

Diagram of installation of door leaf.

  1. In the box and on the sheet itself, you must carefully cut the hinges in pairs. If the blade is made of an array and has a large weight, it is allowed to use 3 loops each.
  2. To execute the sidebar, you must first apply the markup, i.e. attach the hinges to the surface and combine them on the box and linen, circle neatly with a pencil.
  3. The material cuts holes for the installation of loops. The dimensions of the recesses must correspond to the parameters of the hinges, after installation they should not protrude above the surface.
  4. The hinges are fixed with self-tapping screws, the number of them must match the number of ready-made holes. At installation it is necessary to consider, that the top loop should be on distance of 15-20 sm from a surface of an external part, and bottom - 20-25 sm from the bottom edge. After all the hinges are installed, you need to check how freely the door opens / closes.
  5. After the hinges, a lock is mounted. If there is already a prepared hole in the door leaf, it is necessary to install the parts of the lock in the place intended for them. If there is no such markup, then set the lock at a level that will be most convenient for use.


Finishing decorative finish is reduced to the fact that the door leaf is closed with platbands, external decorative details are installed, giving the door a great attraction. At the same stage, the pens are installed, the normal functioning of the structure is checked, the door should open / close freely, and never cling to. If there are any shortcomings, then it is necessary to eliminate them immediately, and not postpone for later.

Special moments

The installation of doors in the bathroom has some features. The presence of an increased level of humidity, steam, temperature changes on only one side of the canvas also imposes its demands on the choice of the door, its location, installation.

Among such features it is necessary to distinguish the following:

The scheme of a plastic door for a bath

The scheme of a plastic door for a bath.

  1. The presence of a ventilation gap between the door leaf itself and the floor or the door. For the bathroom, the sills are usually not installed, and the gap itself must have a height of at least 10 mm. It all depends on the level of ventilation in the room. If special equipment for drawing is installed, then such a gap may be smaller. It is not necessary to make a gap when the door is equipped with a special ventilation grille installed in the lower part of the blade. In this case, the correct circulation of air masses is ensured.
  2. For a bathroom door, you need to choose the material that is most suitable for use in such an unfavorable environment. If the canvas is made of a wooden massif, then it should be placed as far as possible from the steam, sources of open water. If this is not possible, then it is better to choose linen from laminated material, which in appearance is in no way inferior, but they are more resistant to operating conditions in bathrooms.
  3. Doors for the bathroom are usually subjected to greater loads than similar designs. Therefore, it is necessary to choose fittings, including handles, hinges and the like, taking into account this circumstance. It is recommended to take only those products that are protected from moisture.
  4. When selecting a box in this case it is important to consider the width of the wall. Typically, the pavilion for the bathroom is not very wide, but the door leaf should in no case be wider, as it will have to perform the work on building, and this will reduce the useful area.
  5. In urban apartments, there is often a situation where the doors in the bathroom are in the immediate vicinity of the doors to other rooms, i. when they open, they interfere with each other. To avoid such inconveniences, it is best for the bathroom to purchase a convenient and practical door-compartment or accordion. Installation is not so difficult, although it differs from the installation of a conventional swing door, but the use will be more convenient and comfortable.

The installation of doors to the bathroom is not as simple as it might seem. It should be taken into account that the doors will be operated under adverse conditions, they are highly prone to moisture, steam, constant temperature changes, negative effects of water. Therefore, the choice of products should be based on the rules and features of such installation, much attention should be given to what kind of cloth for work is selected.

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