Installing the sink in the bathroom

Installation of the sink by one's own hands is easily done with the experience and knowledge in the field of sanitary engineering. Experts distinguish several nuances that must be observed when installing the washbasin by yourself.

Sink in the bathroom

The washbasin in the bathroom is installed after the water supply, sewerage and installation of the structural components

Basic moments

Installation of the sink in the bathroom is made after the water supply, sewerage and installation of the elements of the supporting structure. To do this, you need a set of keys, a tape-tape, a sink and its components, a level. If the installation of the sink is carried out cantilever, then pre-mount 2 pins in the wall. For monolithic construction, special studs with M10 threaded nuts are used. The other side of the stud must be screwed into the dowel. If the bathroom is equipped with a partition, then before it is erected, an inlay for the sink is built in.

Options for mounting a consignment shell

Variants of installation of a consignment shell.

Mounting the sink in the bathroom with your hands is done with the help of a nipple. Experts recommend using the 2nd element, as it allows you to change the mixer in the washbasin without first turning off the water in the house. A nipple or a tap is screwed into a seawall. Previously, the thread is wound around the tape.

Then, using a wrench, twist the cranes. To fix the last product, use a washer with a nut. In the sinks, drain is installed. The washbasin is mounted on the studs, pulling the nuts. Flexible connections are fixed to the faucets. The nut is equipped with a rubber sealing ring and does not need to be sealed. The next stage involves adjusting the siphon in height using a hacksaw for metal.

The cuff is mounted in the sewage pipe. Preliminary installation of sealing rings. The ring is placed evenly. The siphon nut is twisted. Self-installation of the sink in the bathroom is completed successfully.

Assembling a washbasin with a curbstone

To install a washbasin with a curbstone in the bathroom, you will need a gas key, a plumbing fixture, an accessories, a sealant, a level, a puncher, a drill. Pre-assembled washbasin with a curbstone. This process consists of installing a mixer and a drain siphon. In the 1-st element screw liquid or flexible connectors, presented in the form of rubber hoses in a metal sheath, corrugated metal hose or special end-pieces.

Scheme of assembly of a corner curbstone under the sink

The scheme of the assembly of the corner cabinet for the sink.

The last elements are designed to connect the mixer to the water supply. Experts do not recommend doing similar work with rubber hoses, as they quickly tear.

In the heel of the mixer screw in 1-2 pins. The resulting design is inserted into the sink hole. A gasket is put on the mixer, the task of which is to prevent water from flowing under the sink and the cabinet. The mixer is mounted from the underside of the structure under consideration with a washer.

Specialists recommend replacing the standard fastener with one big nut. This is due to the fact that the washer is not able to bend when operating the plumbing fixture. Such a fastening does not allow the mixer to become loose. Before installing the drain siphon, you need to study the scheme of its installation, drawn on the package. Preliminary inspect the place of installation of the rubber sealant for the presence of burrs. They prevent the formation of tightness. If there are burrs on the gaskets, they will need to be removed.

The cone of each gasket must be directed in the opposite direction from the nut. This position of the gaskets is considered correct. If the rubber is dry, then it is replaced with a new analog. Preliminarily try the cabinet under the sink to the place of installation. All housing elements must not interfere with the connection of the mixer and siphon. If necessary, additional holes are made in the back wall of the cabinet. To do this, use crowns.


Installation of a siphon under the sink

Installation of a siphon under the sink.

In the absence of cuts and cuts set the sink (horizon level). For this purpose, adjustable feet are provided in the cabinet. Fastening of the sanitary unit to the wall is made in two ways:

  • using special anchor screws;
  • gluing with silicone.

In the latter case, holes are not made in the tile, while the strength of such fastening is not inferior to the anchor screws. Silicone freezes within 2-3 hours. Initially, a mixer is connected to the system. Flexible hose and corrugated metal hose can be connected by means of union nuts through a rubber gasket. The main thing is not to tighten the fasteners. Otherwise, they will burst.

The corrugated hose of the siphon is inserted into the socket of the sewage system.

To ensure the sealing of the joint, a standard gasket is used.

The set with a siphon includes corrugation, the diameter of which depends on the choice of sealant. If necessary, sewer pipes are connected with each other by cuffs. Pre-plumbing is checked for leaks. If they are not available, the washbasin with the curbstone is ready for use.

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