Instructions for repairing the mixer

A variety of types of mixers that are mounted to the water pipe with cold and hot water, sometimes require a thorough repair or a complete replacement. Starting to repair the mixer with your own hands, you should know the reasons for frequent breakdowns of devices of different models. Virtually everyone who knows the structure of this mechanism is able to restore to them a working condition.

Crane repair scheme

Crane repair scheme.

Previously, mainly used gland mixers, the designs of which were the same. A variety of modern models of mixers can put even the most experienced masters in a predicament. It is necessary to understand what to do if there are leaks of equipment.

Repair of the mixer

Preliminary work

Replacing the gasket in the mixer

Replacing the gasket in the mixer.

The most common variant of the mixer is a ball valve, which is a mechanism that has one rotary knob. When repairing the mixer, the handle should be moved up and down to regulate the water pressure. To adjust the temperature, you must move to the right or left.

Ball valve is very popular due to the convenience of its operation, as well as high reliability. It is necessary to understand the way the whole system functions to repair the mixer.

An indiscriminate cartridge contains most of the mixer parts, which is the main reason for the difficulties in repairing the crane. Since they can not be replaced individually, you will need to replace the cartridge completely. Among the main causes of faults can be identified:

  1. The occurrence of cracks on the body.
  2. Worn shims.
  3. The cartridge is clogged.

First it is necessary to find out the cause of the malfunction, on which the way of its elimination will depend. If cracks appear on the casing, you should carefully inspect the product. All cracks with chips are eliminated with the help of a sealant. These measures are temporary, since worn-out mixers that can not be repaired are subject to replacement.

If the device gaskets are worn out, then a number of preparatory measures are carried out:

Diagram of a modern mixer device with aerator and built-in filter

The scheme of the device of a modern mixer with an aerator and built-in filter.

  1. The valves are closed.
  2. The water is coming down.
  3. The water is drained into a container.
  4. Before mounting, the fixing nut is unscrewed.

The mixer gasket is located under the bathroom. The part should be carefully inspected to determine the need for its replacement. Another gasket can be purchased for a penny, most importantly, to make the right choice of its diameter. It is important that it enters the groove with a little effort.

If the replacement does not work, then the fault lies in the cartridge. Often in this case, change the hands completely cartridge. For this purpose, the regulator knob is removed in the following steps:

  1. Overlap the water.
  2. The mixer is dismantled.
  3. The cap is removed using a screwdriver.
  4. After removing the screw, remove the lever.
  5. After removing the old cartridge, insert the other in its place.
  6. Produce the assembly.

After the repair, the old mixer should again earn.

Blockages and malfunctions

Scheme of mixer assembly

Scheme of mixer assembly.

If the water flows very strongly or simply flows out of the tap with a thin stream, this can be a drop in water pressure. This may be due to clogging of the aerator, which is heavily overgrown or rusted. In this case, it is necessary to replace the part. To this end, open the tap after the aerator is unscrewed. If after replacement everything is normalized, the cause of the failure is eliminated, since the aerator can rust. Otherwise, it just clogged, so it is washed.

If there is a blockage of a water pipe or a hose, then houses that have old metal pipes require a pipeline cleaning. This is necessary because of the ingress of rust pipes into the interior space. You can clean pipes and then replace them with plastic ones. For cleaning, you will need a "snake" cable, for which the pipe is disconnected from both sides.

Bath-shower switch

If there is a situation that the bath stops the water supply, it means that the switch has broken. Water will be poured through the tap while lowering the lever-switch spontaneously. Among the causes of the problem can be noted the presence of worn gaskets spool.

Faults can only be detected on the upper gasket, so the mixer can not be removed. Since you can not accurately determine visually what exactly needs to be replaced, you first need to change the upper gasket, and then make the appropriate conclusion. Before changing the lower gasket, making the repair of the mixer, you can try to repair the device as follows:

Repair of the mixer в ванной

Repair of the mixer в ванной.

  1. The union nut of the hose is unscrewed and the lever is removed.
  2. A thin crochet is padded with a gasket.
  3. Water a new gasket to install it in place.
  4. Assemble the mixer.

To replace the lower gasket, the following actions are performed:

  1. Water is blocked.
  2. Unscrew the union nut.
  3. A flexible hose, spout, adapter, and a switch are removed.
  4. The eccentric is retrieved.
  5. The spool is withdrawn.

At the end, remove the lower gasket using a hook or a thin screwdriver, and the upper one is replaced earlier, so it does not need to be changed anew. Next, a new gasket is installed, then the valve is returned to its original position. A mixer, the repair of which is made in this way, will again work.

Double-action mixer

Tools for fixing the mixer

Tools for fixing the mixer.

В наше время традиционные двухвентельные смесители не уступают своих позиций перед современным оборудованием. Double-action mixer имеет достаточно простую конструкцию. Устанавливая данное оборудование на кухне или в ванной, следует выяснить принцип его устройства, поскольку разные модели принципиально различаются.

Models of a twin-feed mixer that have a worm mechanism are cheaper. For models with a crane-axle, a higher price is characteristic. Due to the special design that has ceramic discs, they are more reliable.

If a leak of a mixer with a worm gear is detected, the gasket that closes the inlet port must be replaced.

All actions are performed in the following order:

  1. It is necessary to unscrew the valve body by turning it counter-clockwise.
  2. Remove the gasket to install another one.

If the repair is unsuccessful, it can happen because of the roughness of the saddle, which must be sanded for a better stop of the gasket. This process has the name "cutter", which is associated with a special cutter, which is used in this case. It is inserted into the place where there is a worm gear, and is scrolled by a drill.

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