Interior design in a small bathroom

All standard apartments are united by one big problem - a small bathroom. Whichever style is chosen for decoration, it will not increase its size. However, thanks to modern materials and numerous design ideas, you can get an excellent result. Even the smallest bathroom can become stylish, beautiful and comfortable.

Design of a small bathroom

Figure 1. A small bathroom is best done in light colors - this will visually expand the room.


Thinking over the design of your bathroom, great attention must be paid to the visual expansion of space. To do this, you should "play" with light, choose the right color for the ceramic tile, ceiling and furniture items.

To place a small size, you need to choose light shades, pay more attention to white, pastel and neutral colors (Fig. 1). Saturated shades can only be used to create a basic accent. For example, bath accessories, a towel dryer can be bright colors. Do not use bright and colorful colors for walls and ceiling. The room, for the design of which this style is used, can give an impression of tasteless. But at the same time, very bright walls can make it inexpressive, faded. Different shades of light colors should be used in combination with each other.

In the design of small baths, you should use furniture and decor only light warm tones. This will add to the interior of the cosiness and create a visual sense of spaciousness.

The design of walls, ceiling and the floor of a small bathroom requires special attention. Light shades of the ceiling and walls will make the room visually larger. The floor can also be light, but do not choose the same shade of tiles for the floor and walls. The color palette should change from darker on the floor to lighter on the walls.

Varieties of ceramic tiles

Figure 2. Varieties of ceramic tiles.

For finishing the ceiling, various techniques can be used. It can be hanging, tension, it is possible to use a stained-glass window or a graphic image. Mirror plates help to "lift" the ceiling. A skillfully designed design using different elements can give a unique effect.

The design of the walls is easy to develop because of the wide variety of colors and textures of ceramic tiles (Fig. 2). As for its masonry, various options can be used. However, one must remember that complex masonry and a small bathroom are incompatible. A piling effect may occur and the pattern laid out will be difficult to distinguish. As the base is used light tile, and the dark one is more suitable for placement of accents. Do not forget about the mosaic, especially the glass. She will make an interesting original note in the design of the room. But tiles of large size will help to achieve a certain effect. Due to the fact that the seams will be smaller, the surfaces will appear monolithic.

It is not necessary to spread along the perimeter of the room a curb of dark color. Such decor will be more appropriate in a large room. In the design of a small room it is better to use a frieze, which divides the tile in the center. However, putting it is better than usual. This will visually pull the room up. If the bathroom is narrow, then on one of the long walls the mirror panels will look good. Thanks to this reception, the room will visually expand.

Light in design

The more light in a small bathroom, the freer and more spacious it will seem. The greatest effect can be obtained if you use combined lighting, located on several levels. Luminaries of small size, installed on the ceiling, you can identify different areas and surfaces.

Not only good lighting, but also a feeling of coziness and comfort will bring the backlight of the countertop, as well as small side sconces installed near the mirror.

It's good to have a window in the bathroom. This will add room to natural light. In a standard apartment on one of the walls you can create an imitation of a window with illumination.

Small room

The layout of a small bathroom

Figure 3. The layout of a small bathroom.

In a small room it is necessary to adhere to the philosophy of minimalism. This means that it is not recommended to use large plumbing. Large objects will make the room even smaller. Instead of a bathroom, a shower can be installed. It's good if she has transparent doors. Good will look angular plumbing. A washbasin mounted on the wall will help to save space. Under it can be installed a washing machine or shelves for storing various items. A small sink will be inconvenient to use. It can also be angular or it can be located one side above the bathroom (Fig. 3).

A special effect can be achieved if you use a glass sink. In addition to practical significance, it will still play the role of a decorative element.

When choosing furniture, you should choose a minimal, but functional set. A small room is not the place for a large number of shelves and lockers. A curbstone under the sink, a pencil case or a niche in the wall and glass shelves is an ample set of furniture. You can save space if the wall mirror is replaced with a small cabinet with mirrored doors.

For a small bathroom is most suitable wall furniture. It will add ease to the interior. As for the color, it is better to choose light warm shades.

Visually expand the space will help shiny smooth surfaces of cabinets or furniture from glass.

Do not use many different accessories, so that the bathroom does not seem to be overloaded with details. It is better to confine yourself to necessary objects and bright towels. Floor mat and floor tiles should be in the same color scheme.

All the necessary accessories must correspond to other interior details: a pattern on the tile, the color of the bathtub, the furniture fittings.

The right approach to business and a great desire will make it possible to turn a small bathroom into a comfortable and cozy corner, where it will be so nice to relax and relax.

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