Interior design of a bathroom in a panel house

If the finish of the bathroom room is pretty worn out and repairs are required, most owners purchase materials that just fit in the shade. However, the space of the bathroom in the panel house can be turned into a real work of art, if you adhere to a certain style in the design. Then even a small room will be a great place to relax.

Bathroom interior

To ensure that the bathroom does not form a decorative load, it is recommended to combine no more than 3 shades.

Classic style

If the bathroom in the panel house is medium or large, in order to give it a classic appearance, it is necessary to supplement the interior with an imitation of the columns, which will make it possible to differentiate the room by zones. It is preferable to place the bath on an elevation in the central part of the room. The walls should be decorated with ceramic tiles, made in imitation "marble". As a floor covering, you can also use ceramics, but the products should look like a carpet or, for example, a chessboard.

Interior of the bathroom in the panel houses in the ceiling area is better decorated with stucco, while the design itself can be multi-level. An important part of the decoration is the plumbing, which should be combined with the finishing of the room. So, as a material for the instruments can make an imitation of marble or air glass. A good color solution for the classical style will be pearl.

A distinctive feature of the described style is wood, which, however, is very expensive. That is why for economy it is recommended to use externally alternative solutions in the form of plastic, made in imitation under a tree. This material in damp conditions will prove to be more durable and practical, in comparison with wood. Look closer to products that have a decor in the form of wood carvings or incrustations.

Bathroom in classic style

Figure 1. The classical style is inherent: symmetry, strict lines and rich finish.

The interior of the bathroom in a classical style, whatever the size of the room, should be complemented with accessories that will accentuate the solution. These can be bronze or gilded cranes, as well as mirrors enclosed in a gold frame.

The main lighting can be represented by a luxurious crystal chandelier, whereas if there is also a provision for zonal lighting, candlesticks and candlesticks should be preferred, which can be used for relaxing bathing, they will illuminate the room with soft light, a well-described style in the interior in Fig. 1.

The main features of the classical style:

  • imitation of columns;
  • bath on the dais;
  • ceramic tiles for decoration of walls and floor;
  • nail polish;
  • material for plumbing in marble imitation;
  • bronze or gilded cranes;
  • mirrors with gold rims.

Modern and high-tech

If you love everything new and modern, then the interior of the bathroom can be decorated in the Art Nouveau style, which implies freedom and the latest achievements of civilization.

Bathroom in minimalist style

Figure 2. The bathroom in the style of minimalism should be light and spacious.

The room needs to be filled with light colors, a lot of mirrors and glass surfaces - all this will allow you to get a free space.

Furniture items should be ergonomic, models should be purchased closed.

Cranes and mixers must be chrome plated or made of nickel, their surface can be smooth and shiny.

The bathroom in the style of high-tech involves the use of new technologies, where smooth and sparkling should be not only plumbing fixtures, but even walls and furniture.

In all this there should be a multifunctionality: mixers must have modern sensors and sensors. This is all and will be a reflection of the style. The lighting should be as bright as possible, here it is complex, and not only the ceiling, but also the furniture, as well as the plumbing, should shine.

Minimalism and Japanese bathroom

The panel house often has small rooms, as for the bathroom, so experts from such rooms can often hear the recommendations of the design in the style of minimalism. Interior solutions of this style allow you to free the room from unnecessary conglomeration, as you will have to abandon unnecessary items in favor of external space and modern technology.

Bathroom in Egyptian style

Figure 3. When decorating a bathroom in the Egyptian style, it is enough to add only individual parts and accessories.

If you choose a mixer, it must be done in a waterfall simulation. The room should turn into a modern spa, which is filled with the latest sanitary equipment (Figure 2). Among the additions to bathtubs and showers, massage jets, hydro- and aeromassages are appropriate here.

As for the backlight, it should be made point-like, having an LED waterproof tape along the perimeter.

The bathroom in the Japanese style will take you to a foreign resort and will take a tour of the history. This style looks unusual, but in performance it will be the most difficult, which indicates the high cost. For example, it is recommended to use asuro as a bath, which is a wooden barrel with a standard depth of 81 cm. It will be very difficult to find such a piece of furniture, so you can use acrylic or metal as a material, which will be cheaper.

For medium-sized premises, zoning can be applied, using for its implementation sliding sliding partition walls of two types. The first of these are called shoji and are meant for the shower, while the latter, ofuro, are designed for changing clothes.

As a decoration of the floor, ceiling and walls, it is preferable to use ceramics that have Japanese motifs.

This style can be partially combined with minimalism, expressing it with monophonic walls, where in some places the thematic drawing will be looked through.

Egyptian decoration

This style will be easy to implement, most importantly, to observe symmetry and apply exotics. If you decide to make a major overhaul, you can equip the arches, columns and bas-reliefs, on which the Egyptian symbols will be looked through, an example of design can be seen in Fig. 3.

If you are a Khrushchev owner in a panel house, this does not mean that the bathroom can not be decorated exquisitely and in the preferred style, the main thing is to observe the main features of the design of a certain interior.

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