Interior design of the bathroom in khrushchev

Everyone knows that the placement of bathrooms in apartment-Khrushchev apartments does not have wide spatial possibilities. Nevertheless, the option of quality repairs, which will allow to exquisitely emphasize the interior of the bathroom in Khrushchev, is possible. Such a process is achieved thanks to modern types of sanitary ware, modernized trends and features of design projects.

Bathroom combination

The combination of a bathroom and the selection of functional, ergonomic sanitary equipment, will help to organize a comfortable space for the bathroom.

In the small interior of the toilet and bathroom there are significant advantages. The combined bathroom saves space and allows profitable use of every centimeter of the room, and also perfectly matches modern repair trends, where functionalism and comfort are put on the first place.


In the room of the bathroom in the Khrushchev, a standard set of appliances is installed:

  • bath;
  • toilet;
  • washbasin area.

But at their competent arrangement in an interior it is possible to gain a useful spatial decision and to establish a washing machine and even a bidet. First of all, in the planning of bathrooms it is necessary to convert a bath. To free space it is better to get angular or round shape. The models of washing machines can be selected for certain parameters, for example, vertical loading, which will allow its dimensions to blend in with the interior of the bathroom.

Triangular bath

Triangular bath will save space, without depriving tenants of comfort.

Another option for placing the washing machine is in the form of its layout with a sink. Modern plumbing manufacturers produce such functional sets, where the installation of machines for washing is done just under the sink. Another option for placing machines above the toilet. Such a washing machine is called a "flop". It saves not only the spatial solutions of the bathrooms in the Khrushchev, but also the water consumption for the owners of the apartment.

The installation of a corner toilet bowl will also help to save space for bathrooms. A more ideal variant is a suspended toilet bowl without tanks, which are attached to the wall. In the same way, you can apply a bidet. Modern models of these types of sanitary ware are produced in a neat form, reduced in their lines to a minimum.

Total space savings will be met by completely giving up the bath itself. In such cases, a vertical shower cubicle or a more modernized version is installed in the form of a single shower unit. It, in turn, is fixed to the wall, the drainage place is usually formed in the floor, and zoning is made by sliding matt partitions.

Rationally use the recommended and the walls of the bathroom. In the space above the door, sink or toilet bowl compact shelves or cabinets fit well. They should not be too cumbersome, their optimal size is up to 30 cm in depth.

Bathroom in light colors

Even a small bathroom in white will look spacious and fresh.

Applying Color

Color solution of bathrooms in Khrushchev is achieved by a varied palette.

Since most bathrooms in small apartments are planned without windows, it is advisable to use light colors in the interior.

If modern trends in decor dictate their rules in design, then they recommend to follow them and combine two colors in the design of the bathroom. The most characteristic colors for walls, floors and ceilings:

  • all shades of white and pastel tones;
  • turquoise;
  • blue;
  • pistachio or olive oil;
  • sand;
  • beige;
  • peach.

Choosing one or another shade of walls, the owners can achieve the task, that is, What they want to see in the interior: coolness and freshness through the colors of turquoise, greenery or blue, or warmth and relaxation through a beige-pastel color palette.

Dark inserts in a light interior

Dark perimeter inserts visually increase the volume of the room.

In any case, no matter how the interior of the bathroom in the Khrushchevka was decorated, several rules should be observed in color design. In order to visually stretch the space up, the ceiling should be painted in a light shade. As a more functional option, you can stretch the ceiling, which will visually expand the walls. When decorating walls, it is recommended to make vertical inserts lined with a different color tile or with a printed pattern in the form of strips or squares. This technique will help visually raise the low ceiling.

The floor is recommended to be painted darker than the ceiling. However, the use of two colors in the design, visually harmonizing among themselves, will be fully justified. For example, a dark color as a basis to run around the perimeter of the floor and up to half of the wall, the second half of the walls and the ceiling already have 1-2 light shades. In this case, you can still play on the contrast of two colors in the interior.

Wall shelves and cabinets recommend choosing the same color, in which the walls will be decorated. Merging them with the interior will improve the size of the space. Using mirrors in a small bathroom will also increase the spatial perception of the room. By the way, the decoration of bathrooms with glass products, shelves and even a glass sink visualizes the weightlessness of the entire space and adds light, allowing you to avoid unnecessary piling.

Advantageous materials for decoration of bathrooms in Khrushchev - a variety of tiles and mosaic tiles, ceramics and steel, glass and plastic. Point-spaced LED small lamps in the ceiling and near the mirror will advantageously scatter light around the perimeter. Mindful of all the above-mentioned details, you can vary the small bathrooms in Khrushchev according to any desire and taste preferences of the owners.

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