Interior design of the shower room

The design of the room for hydro-hygienic procedures has undergone significant changes in recent years. Shower cabins have returned to fashion and contribute to the ennobling of the bathroom interior. The modern room for water and hygiene procedures has turned into a real platform for all sorts of design experiments. Changes have affected not only bathrooms, but also showers, where today there are fashion trends and innovative materials. Which of them should be included in the arrangement of the premises for water procedures? What is the trend of the bathroom or shower? And is there any sense offered by designers fashionable ideas to implement in life?

Glass shower cabin

Figure 1. Glass shower enclosure increases the bathroom space.

Small room

The much depends on the size of the bathroom: the larger the area of ​​the room, the wider the choice of ideas that can be realized in its design. If you want to equip the space of a small bathroom, you need to take care that the cabin for water and sanitary procedures does not look like a foreign element in it. You can solve this problem in several ways:

  • choose a glass shower cubicle;
  • To choose a corner shower;
  • to install a stationary shower cabin.

The first variant of the solution of the problem is also acceptable for a large room. Glass cabins are universal. They are great for small showers and large rooms for water and sanitary procedures, where there is an opportunity to install a bath that is more like a mini-pool in its dimensions. Booths do not weight the space. However, there is a nuance: there is no need to make a choice in favor of unnecessarily small shower cabins, since, despite their ergonomics, it is not very convenient to take water procedures in them (Fig. 1).

Shower scheme

The scheme of a shower cabin.

This rule applies to corner booths. If the room is occupied by a very small area, it is better to make a choice in favor of pallets for a quarter of a round. Is a rectangular or square shower cubicle possible in a small room (Figure 2)? Designers claim that yes, provided that the room is provided with a niche. If there is no recess, even a small shower room can be re-planned. Such works are carried out in 2 stages:

  • build a niche;
  • in it a shower is installed.

The room after these manipulations will no longer be, but it will be much more comfortable in it.

Important point are the doors. Modern bathroom design provides three types of doors:

  • folding;
  • sliding;
  • folding.

Correct selection of the door will save considerable space if the shower or bathroom has small dimensions. The listed three species fully meet this goal (Fig. 3). If you choose a swing door, they will not save space and create a feeling of clutter.

Shower cabin in the niche

Figure 2. In the bathroom, you can install a rectangular shower enclosure, if it will install a niche.

A practical shower room arrangement is recognized as a practical option. Immediately need to clarify: it is located only in the corner. This is due to the specific design. There are no rear walls, it considerably saves space, but installation of a fixed corner for shower rooms and bathrooms requires additional expenses. Considering that there are no rear walls in the structure, it is necessary to take care of the quality waterproofing of the walls of the room where the shower will be located. For small spaces between a bathroom and a stationary booth, experts advise choosing the latter, as it will provide greater convenience for the adoption of water and sanitation procedures.

Large rooms

With the problem of where to place the shower, the owners of large rooms are also confronted. The design of spacious rooms for water and hygiene procedures is associated with luxury, but improper zoning of the space can make all attempts at its comfortable arrangement unsuccessful.

Corner booths are very fashionable, and the design of the bathroom, even if it occupies a large area, is able to include a shower, if properly placed. A solution is considered to be classic if the corner booth and the bath are next to each other.

When the shower is combined with a bathroom, between the cabin or shower corner, interior designers are advised to choose the latter. This solution is suitable for those situations where the bathroom is located in the bathroom (Figure 4).

Sliding shower door

Figure 3. Correctly selected door will save space if the bathroom is small in size.

The shower cubicle can optionally be installed independently of the bathroom. The combination of both types of sanitary ware is usually used for small rooms. But it will be relevant for a large bathroom area, if it is combined with a bathroom.

Here a lot depends on the shape of the room. A square bathroom is arranged according to different rules than a rectangular bathroom. In the first option is considered the best location for the cabin in the corner - diagonally from the door. If a rectangular bathroom is so arranged, it is unlikely to be considered comfortable, and the area of ​​the room is rationally used.

When the shower enclosure is placed in a square room, the designers advise another variant of the shower arrangement, in which case it is better to place it next to the door. The space of the room visually expands and the innovation does not damage its functionality.

In a rectangular room, the shower can also be located at the door, if the latter is in the middle of the longest wall.

When the angular shower enclosure is next to and next to it the door frame, which is located in a small wall, the space of the room visually narrows and loses order.

Shower room with combined bathroom

Figure 4. If the bathroom has a combined bathroom, then the shower is better to install a closed one.

When it is decided to replace the bath with a shower (corner), there is a chance to make the bathroom design more practical.

Near the corner there are shelves and a washing machine.

They are the best option for those who prefer that the bathroom is comfortable for daily water and hygiene procedures and washing things.

Fashion and comfort

What points still need to be considered when placing plumbing?

In modern interior design, practicality reigns, therefore, it is necessary to immediately calculate that the approaches to plumbing are not cluttered up.

Bathroom design should have free space. Check the room for free space is very simple. Before doors, regardless of the position they are in, there must be at least 75 cm of empty space.

If it is not, no fashionable elements of the decor will save the design of the room, it will be closely located. When the door and shower are next to each other, the distance between them should not be less than 15 cm. The bathroom is considered to be properly installed when the distance between any sanitary equipment is at least 30 cm.

Arrangement of premises

To increase the space of showers, many unite with them bathrooms. This solution is suitable for a small apartment, there are no difficulties with connecting plumbing communications. When it is decided to autonomously place a bathroom to be moved to the room for water and sanitary procedures, there may be problems with connecting and bringing up communications, whose initial layout is reflected in the design of the renovated room. When the bathroom is combined with a bathroom, in it the functional-aesthetic space is divided into 3 zones:

  • a bathroom;
  • furniture;
  • place for washing.
Bathroom design with shower cabin

To create a bright design, it is enough to combine several contrasting colors in the bathroom.

To zonate the room, it is not necessary to install such fashionable screens and transparent partitions. A fashionable design of a bathroom is a game of color, where white is considered a classic, but mono-color solutions are not considered trend.

Multicolored tiles in design are widely used as a tool for zoning space. This role can be performed and painted in different colors of the walls, a multi-colored coating of the floor and ceiling. For zoning space in large rooms use the following elements:

  • wardrobes;
  • couches;
  • chairs.

It is necessary to take care that the interior is moisture-resistant. The fashionable design of ceramic floor tiles is oriented to non-smooth surfaces, which also affects the safety of the room, because smooth surfaces are a constant source of injury. A fashionable option is considered a shower without a pallet. The floor covering of the entire room in this case is made of artificial stone or ceramic tiles. Bathroom, where there is such an innovation, visually increases, but also requires a high-quality waterproofing. Specialists in such cases recommend to equip it with a warm floor.

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