Interior features of a combined bathroom and toilet

Today, many combine a bathroom and a toilet. First of all, this is done in small apartments. If the premises permit, you can make these rooms separate. In the case where the family is large, their combination together will be inconvenient. A great role in this will play the interior of the bathroom and toilet. If they are combined, it will turn out to embody many different design ideas. Here you can use different styles, choose interesting colors and trim.

Combined bathroom

Before combining the bath with the toilet, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons of this layout.

Combination with the toilet

For many people, it is the color of the bathroom that matters most. Today, there are practically no restrictions. Everyone can choose what is closest to him. It can be bed and light colors or bright and intense. Despite this, most often used light shades. They can be successfully combined with colored elements of design and plumbing.

If you decorate the walls with white color, then an interesting view of the bathroom and toilet will help to make bright curtains and a rug with towels.

In the event that in time the design is annoying, you just need to change these elements to others. Here you do not have to repaint walls or do more serious repairs. For a combined bathroom with toilet, colors such as white, blue, milk or pistachio.

Use in the bathroom bright colors

If you want to add bright colors to the bathroom, then when decorating the walls you can use bright colored tiles.

In addition to light colors, today often make the bathroom interior in dark color.

Even the black tone here is appropriate to use, just do not add it too much. With its help, you can divide the room. It looks good if there is a white top and a dark bottom. You can add a few other colors similar in color.

Style of the room

Of great importance is the style in which it is necessary to issue a bathroom with a toilet. There can be several options.

Modern and classic

One of the most common is the Art Nouveau style. It is characterized by straight lines and angles. The room in this case will look simple and at the same time modern. Colors characteristic for this style: brown, red, yellow, blue or black and white. They should be muffled. Boring such an interior can not be called. All plumbing here should be clearly defined and not contain any excesses.

Bathroom in Art Nouveau style

The Art Nouveau style uses a variety of tones, but without halftones: yellow, blue, brown, red and others.

In the classic style, the interior of the bathroom should include muted and natural colors. As finishing materials, natural wood, marble or expensive tiles are used here. The general view of the room should be exquisite, as in photo 1. To complement the interior can be vases with flowers or chandeliers and lamps made of gilding or silver. Beautiful and actual will look and curtains of exquisite fabrics.

Usually the classical style is applied to large and spacious rooms. On the bathroom interior in this case will be affected and furniture with plumbing. It is desirable that it was made in light colors with gilding or pearlescent finish. Directly the bathroom and toilet can be divided by a small screen or partition.

Modern style

Modern style ванных комнат можно использовать в помещении любых размеров, будь оно большим и просторным или маленьким и узким. При таком оформлении нужно постараться грамотно выделить несколько зон. В данном случае можно подобрать интересную сантехнику необычных форм.

Bathroom in classic style

Photo 1. The classical style uses natural muted tones, as materials - marble or granite, and furniture of rounded forms.

In addition, the bath can be replaced with a shower and make them together. As furniture, cabinets, pedestals, various shelves or racks can be used here. They can be built-in or put on public display.

In the modern style of the bathroom, lighting plays a significant role. In its role can act halogen lamps. They are built around the perimeter of the room and complement the overall look. Highlights can be not only on the ceiling, but also on the walls. It will look actual and modern.

Modern style можно сочетать с классическим. В этом случае интерьер ванной может быть дополнен рельефными молдингами, пилястрами, стилизованными карнизами и т.п. Обычно все выполнено в светлой цветовой гамме. Главное, чтобы такие элементы, как полки, стенки душевых кабин, выглядели стильно. Тяжелые, яркие и наляпистые элементы больше характерны для восточного стиля, который подходит к отдельной ванной комнате, а не совмещенной с туалетом.

Choice of sanitary engineering

Today plumbing is presented in a large assortment. The interior of toilets and bathrooms will not be finished without suitable items. To make the right choice and create a pleasant atmosphere and a comfortable room, you need to decide what exactly hosts need. It can be a bath or a shower. It is necessary to consider the size of the room. It is not always possible to install certain items of sanitary ware.

To any color of the room will always approach the white plumbing. It can be matched to a bright interior, light or dark. If you want to pick up something universal, then white products are ideal. If the interior of the bathroom and toilet is made in some unusual style, then you can choose the appropriate plumbing.

If the room is large, in addition to the toilet and bathroom, you can place all kinds of lockers here. They can hide inventory and accessories. Shelves can be built in under the bathroom if the room is very small. Thus, there are many options for decorating bathrooms. Everything will depend on the wishes of the owners and their capabilities.

Advice on arrangement

To ensure that the bathroom does not seem small and all the plumbing in it was conveniently placed, it is important to pay attention to some points.

  1. If the bathroom and toilet are combined, and the room is small, then it is better to use small tiles for walls. In this case, the space will appear wider. The normal size for this is 20 × 30 cm.
  2. For visual expansion of the bathroom it is better to alternate the light tile with the bright one. Also in this case, a glossy surface is suitable, from which the light will be reflected and expand the space.
  3. Carefully need to dispose of mirrors. If you place them correctly, they will decorate the room and make it more spacious. They can be installed in the walls, and next to hang small lamps.
  4. In the design of a bathroom with a toilet, lighting plays a big part. The more there are fixtures in the room, the wider it will appear. It is appropriate to place them along the perimeter of the ceiling.

Thus, with the help of some design techniques, you can make the bathroom spacious and beautiful.

A variety of materials, which are now provided by various manufacturers, allows you to choose non-ordinary and unusual design options.

If you yourself think over the interior of the bathroom, combined with the toilet, does not work, you can ask for help from a professional designer.

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