Japanese style in the design of the bathroom

The country of the rising sun always attracted Europeans with its beauty and mystery, refinement and laconicism.

Modern bathroom in Japanese style

The bathroom in the Japanese style combines a lot of unusual items, creating for you a cozy and comfortable environment.

The desire to touch the unknown secrets of a distant country has caused a great popularity of Japanese style in interior design.

Japan in the interior

Bathroom interior in Japanese style

When decorating a bathroom in the Japanese style it is worth using only natural materials.

The bath in the Japanese style is a minimalism and at the same time a maximum of comfort, simplicity of forms and clarity of lines, soft neutral colors. The Japanese believe that the interior, filled with light and air, contributes to a better rest, relaxation, calm thinking. In a modern apartment, the bathroom is most suitable for relaxing, relaxing and, forgetting about everyday cares, being alone with oneself.

The decoration of the room in the classical Japanese style is the use of only natural materials: wood, stone, glass. Thanks to modern technology, it became possible to use materials stylized as natural. Ceramic tiles are widely used for walls and floors. Modern technology allows you to get a tile, texture and color which imitate bamboo, natural wood, straw. The use of additional thematic panels, special curbs and other elements will complement the design of the room. The bathroom can also be decorated with tiles that mimic silk or linen. This will only add to the interior of naturalness and authenticity.

Partitions and screens are made of bamboo, rice paper or braided rods. Bamboo can also be used as wallpaper.


The owners of spacious bathrooms can use special wooden baths - ofuro.

Bathroom in Japanese style can be arranged in two versions. Which of them will be used depends on the size of the room. The owners of a spacious room can afford to install a real wooden Japanese bath - ofuro. For its manufacture, wood of hinoki, a tree with antibacterial properties, has long been used. The wood is so strong that it is not afraid of fungus, rot, or various pests.

Modern builders who prefer the Japanese style in their bathroom can use the product made of cedar, which has almost the same properties. In addition, a bath made of cedar, will fill the space with a pleasant healing smell.

For small rooms, the best solution will be the use of stylized finishes and decor elements. Instead of a traditional Japanese bath can be used plumbing made of modern materials: acrylic, enameled steel.

Important little things

Bathroom, designed according to all the rules of style - is the division of space into functional areas. Ofuro is the center of the whole composition. To install it must be allocated a special place. This bath is not intended for washing. For this purpose, a shower cubicle must be installed. Only washed under the shower, you can comfortably sit in the tub and fully enjoy the warmth, rest and charming aroma of heated wood.

A separate place should be allocated for dressing. To divide the room into functional areas, sliding partitions of the shoji or screen can be used. Similarly, the entrance door can be decorated.

Any room in the Japanese style is a single theme in the design. Every detail, even the most insignificant, must be in its place, without disturbing the overall picture.

Color range of the bathroom in Japanese style

When decorating a bathroom in the Japanese style, pearl and milky-white flowers are allowed.

Fans of the oriental style, even in small areas, strive to create spectacular interiors that are as close as possible to their favorite direction. Truly Japanese style involves the use of a palette of flowers that resembles the natural: the color of the earth, rocks, stone, sand. These are various variations of brown, sand and beige shades. Pearl and milky-white colors are allowed. To create small accents that can help a little to dilute monotony, brighter colors can be used: green, red. For example, a monotonous wall can be decorated with a straw or bamboo panel, which depicts the sacred mountain Fujiyama, revered in Japan, or hang a picture with a picture of hieroglyphics.

As for the design of the ceiling, you can stop on a stretch or plastic ceiling or simply paint it with a special moisture-resistant paint.

In the process of finishing, do not forget about the principle of oriental style - minimalism. Space, elegance, the absence of all that is superfluous are the main aspects that must be adhered to when creating a bathroom in Japanese style.

Lighting and decoration

Bathroom should be comfortable and cozy. All details of the interior - from the shell to the hooks and hangers - should be harmoniously combined with the overall style of decoration. Some elements, for example, mixers or soap dishes, will look more impressive if their coating is stylized in bronze. Japanese style in decorating a bathroom room can support textiles matched in the overall color scheme or contrasting with it. As for the choice of furniture, it should be remembered that all necessary items should not be in sight. To complement the interior can be a small niche in the wall. A stylish vase, an interesting statuette or ikebana will look great in it.

A room in the Japanese style should be well lit, but the light should not be very bright. Along with natural light, small wall and ceiling lamps with soft flowing light are used. These can be paper lanterns or luminous balls, in the design of which bamboo or wooden elements are used. To highlight special decor objects, LED lighting can be used. It is important to have all the components symmetrical, since the Japanese style is characterized by the use of simple geometric shapes. Most often these are rectangles, more rarely ovals.

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