Laying of tiles on the wall

Almost every house has tiled something: a toilet, a bathroom, sometimes a part of the kitchen. It's nice to be able to lay tiles, as well as on the floor, as well as on the walls. 1. First, you need to calculate how much material you need to repair the room. Measuring the height and width of the walls, you can easily calculate the area that will be covered with tiles. It is advisable to buy a tile 10% more than the result you got. On waste. Very carefully buy a tile. Make sure that there are no cracks and chips on it. 2. Before you start working, make a sketch of how the tile will be placed on paper. It is more likely that the tile will have to be cut. Calculate everything so that the series does not end with a narrow strip of tile. It is better to begin the laying with a cut piece of tile. Take note that the uneven part of the tile, where the cut was made, should look into the corner of the room. The next tile on the adjacent wall in the same row will close the place where the cut was made. 3. Now go to the preparatory work. The surface of the walls should preferably be leveled with plaster or a sheet of plasterboard. If the wall is level, then you will save glue, strength and time. Before laying the tiles, the surface must be primed, after having been cleaned of debris and dust. Primer increases the adhesion between the wall and the tile. Contains antiseptics that protect against moisture, various fungi. 4. The glue is kneaded in any container. Tile glue can be easily selected, because the package always has an instruction with its application. 5. For cutting tiles, it is best to use a special tool - tile cutter or Bulgarian with a special disc. 6. Laying of the tiles is done according to the following scheme: under the first row it is desirable to install a support (this may be a bar or metal profile). Observe the horizontal level. It will not only support the tile, but will also initially allow the tile to be laid flat. After the glue dries, the support can be removed. On the tile glue is applied with a notched trowel, evenly. Laying starts from the far corner of the entrance. In the first row, first put two tiles, and the third placed above the first. It turns out a kind of "step". To control the horizontal and vertical position of the tiles, special crosses are inserted between them. Clutch continue the "step". The glue dries quickly, so you do not have to mix a lot at once. It is not advisable to put more than four or five rows at once. From the seams, the glue needs to be removed, then fill them with a grout. 7. The last step in laying tiles is the grouting of the joints. The seams are rubbed with a special rubber spatula. It dries quickly, so the seams are immediately treated with a wet sponge after applying it.

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