Laying on the floor in the bathroom mosaic tiles

A smart master wants the interior of the living space to be unique. And this means that every detail must be original: from furniture to mosaic tiles as a flooring. For installation it is not necessary to resort to the services of a construction company: laying the mosaic tile is easy to do by hand.

Mosaic in the bathroom

The mosaic will give the bathroom an originality and elegance.


All the work to create an interior in the room is fairly simple if you use tile mosaic. Implementation of the design idea is to lay out the pattern on the floor using tiles of different texture and color scale. With the help of tiles create a panel, a mixture of mosaic patterns, while using the entire color palette and its saturation. Mosaic allows you to cover the internal and external surfaces of the premises.

Modern tiles have dimensions of 20x20 cm, and the parameters of the matrix are 30x30 cm. For interior works choose a kind of mosaic that will be practical and will last for many years.

Advantages of briquettes

Mosaic Tile Options

Variants of mosaic tiles.

The shape of the tiles for the decoration of the floor is diverse: from square to rectangular construction of the product. At the request of the builder, individual tile briquettes are produced.

The main advantages of tiles are:

  • modern design;
  • ecological cleanliness;
  • resistance to adverse environmental factors.

Glass mosaic has a small surface and has a wide scope of application. Glass mosaic tiles are the ideal material for coating in wet rooms.

Tiles for facing walls have a beautiful appearance, which is characterized by a variety of colors. For the floor covering, the briquettes are chosen to be strong, withstanding significant loads.

The mosaic is made of a number of materials:

  • natural stone;
  • glass;
  • ceramics;
  • compounds of granite and metal.

Most often the mosaic panels are decorated with bathrooms.

Mosaic Pattern

Mosaic allows you to express your imagination by creating different tutorials.

Use of tiles

The economical master does not hurry with the call of the master to cover the floor in the bathroom with mosaic, but solves the problem on his own. When starting a mosaic, you need to determine which raw materials to choose for finishing. The work is carried out using such popular materials as:

  • мозаичное полотно из natural stone;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • glass briquettes.

The floor in the bathroom will look attractive, with a colorful twist, if you do some work, so that the process of tiling is performed qualitatively.

It is necessary to organize the workplace correctly: prepare a stable surface by placing on it glue, mosaic and tools.

Layout of tiling on the floor

Layout of tiling on the floor.

Fragments of ceramics should be stored in a certain place: they have sharp edges and can lead to injury if careless handling. The workplace should be ventilated in full, and it is necessary to work in a protective mask.

Before laying out the pattern, prepare the floor surfaces, considering that the drying time of the screed is 10 days.

The following materials and tools will be needed for the job:

  • the required number of tiles;
  • glue;
  • nippers for precise splitting;
  • zubilo;
  • a hammer;
  • Plastic syringe for applying glue to hard-to-reach places;
  • glass cutter;
  • pencil;
  • level;
  • yardstick;
  • trowelling material for joint processing;
  • epoxy solution.
Tools for laying mosaic tiles

Tools for laying mosaic tiles.

At the beginning of the working process, the mosaic sheet is wiped with a rag on the back side, removing all the dust and dirt.

Work starts from the center of the room. Take a building level of three meters and mark out all the stages of laying the mosaic on the floor. Prepare an epoxy composition for fixing the tiles. With a notched trowel, glue is applied to the surface of the square of the created marking. The mosaic sheet is arranged so that it strictly coincides with the layout. A hammer with a force is pressed on the mosaic sheet, immersing it in the solution. For strength, make sure that all tile sheets are covered with mortar.

After work with a notched trowel release partially immersed in the solution of briquettes, carefully add the solution and re-lay the mosaic sheets. Rubber hammer presses them to the surface of the solution. Then spread the next fragment of the mosaic, and the level is controlled by the coincidence of the laying lines of the samples. Using the metal ruler, align the edges of the tiles. Laying tiles is accompanied by the removal of excess mortar with a spatula.

Selection of glue

In the process of laying out the mosaic there are no minor points: for successful work it is necessary to choose the ideal glue. You should know the simple rules: the glue must be white in order to avoid additional staining of tiles in yellowish-dirty colors. No less important is the consistency of the material: the liquid mixtures do not tie the tile, it cracks under your feet.

The mortar for grouting the mosaic is prepared from a mixture of cement and sand. They fill the gap spaces between the mosaic details. When the mosaic is treated with a solution, dry sand is covered in the slit, and then it is poured.

After solidifying the mosaic from the slots remove the sand and begin grouting.

After 30 days, the mosaic coating acquires additional strength. At the end of the work, the tile is polished with felt. Use ready-made dry mixes for grouting or prepare themselves from cement and sand in a ratio of 1: 3.

Mounting Tips

In the bathroom, tile laying is carried out using combined materials, mosaic inserts and blind screens under the bath. When mounting the decor element, it is necessary to install inspection holes that control the operation of the sewage system.

The scheme for preparing a solution for laying a mosaic

The scheme for preparing a solution for mosaic laying.

To create a successful composition, the color of the mosaic should contrast with the shades of the main material. The built-in shelves are finished with mosaic tiles mounted on the surface of a complicated configuration.

Laying tiles in a room with different levels is done using floor mosaics. When choosing glue, it is necessary to study the recommendations of specialists and manufacturers. In the case of purchasing cheap tile compositions it is possible to spoil all the finishing material.

When choosing a tile for a bathroom, one should take into account the porous structure of the material, which indicates the amount of firing.

The strongest tile is fired only once.

Another important role is played by another parameter - the stability of the mosaic tiles to the effects of chemicals. The highest figure is marked with the letters "AA".

Laying tiles made according to the standards is most suitable, as the tile, created according to the specifications, differs in size and color, has an uneven surface. For work, you should buy a tile with a side dimension of about 20 cm, but no more than this value.

It is necessary to use different variants of the combination of mosaic tiles, to combine horizontal and vertical re-laying. Laying tiles with combination elements allows you to create a large number of different finishing options. To buy all necessary materials for work is necessary in an amount exceeding the requirements, for use in the case of marriage or combat.

For grouting joints you can use a colored grout. It is necessary to dry the concrete screed for 28 days and follow the appearance of cracks in the grout, which will damage the tile coating. Facing is destroyed in connection with the ingress of moisture under the tile, which disappears when the base is contaminated with paint or varnish.

Particular attention is paid to the mixed mosaic, which has high quality and reasonable price.

Mosaic floors are a trend of recent seasons. The master must have a sense of proportion and a developed taste, so as not to create a place of motley, catchy and tasteless.

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