Leaks the siphon under the kitchen sink - what to do

Siphon is a device related to sanitary equipment. It is installed under a bath or a washbasin and provides connection to the sewage system by means of pipes. This element prevents gases from entering the sewer into the living area. As a result, the building always has a fresh and healthy smell. Malicious pairs stop in the sewage system in the water seal, which has the shape of the letter "U". A constant layer of water in 50-70 mm helps to work this device most effectively.

Types of siphons

Varieties of siphons.

If the siphon leaks under the sink, then this indicates its poor-quality installation or contamination. It is known that the drain is daily subjected to heavy use, for this reason, fat and dirt accumulate intensively in it. These sebaceous interlayers require periodic removal by hand or by chemical means.

If leakage from the shutter is detected, it is usually used surfaced putty, revealing such troubles in the lower section contributes to the measures to strengthen the plug. A bottle-type siphon made of brass or chrome is cleaned by unscrewing the clarifiers. Plastic versions of such devices are processed by unscrewing the union nut, for the cast iron, remove the bolt nuts and the rubber gasket together with the cover. The cleaning is done through the hydraulics gate with revision.

Siphon device layout

Scheme of siphon device.

Washing in the kitchen is a rather complicated technical device. It constantly experiences significant loads, thereby creating certain risks. Any owner must with all responsibility approach the selection of sanitary equipment, a siphon for the sink, water pipes, which at any time can fail.

The flow of draining under the sink indicates a breakdown of a mechanical nature, in which one of the elements was covered with rust and led to such results. And as you know, the pipes in the kitchen are susceptible to the ingress of a large amount of food left in them. This contributes to the occurrence of blockages in them and the appearance of unnecessary condensate. Temperature changes can damage the surface of pipes, such phenomena are often found in country houses. In such cases, the surface must be repaired.

Diagnostic rules

To determine the true cause of problems in the operation of the siphon under the sink, you can use the detachment of this water pipe element. First of all, it is necessary to close the water and carefully remove the pipe. Struck in the nose of an unpleasant smell indicates the blockages that need to be eliminated.

Steel pipes, damaged by rust, are not subject to recovery. They need to be changed. New plastic pipes will help to get rid of similar problems in the future. They are very practical and do not pose a health hazard. Plastic is not afraid of changes in temperature, dampness and corrosion. For this reason, these devices are so popular.

Set of tools:

  • screwdriver;
  • cable for cleaning;
  • a vessel for pouring dirty water into it.
Schematic-example of cleaning the leaking siphon

Schematic-example of cleaning the leaky siphon.

Siphon is of two types: knee and bottle. The last device looks like a flask and is placed under the base of a sink in the bathroom and in the kitchen. One end of it is output into the drain, and the other is connected to the plumbing. The knee part is determined by the bath, shower cabins, urinals, in the toilet bowl. Its variants can be a siphon-revision and a corrugated sink. The first variety is characterized by the presence of the bell, and the other is equipped with a corrugated hose, it must be bent independently so that a peculiar clamp is obtained. It should be noted that the siphon of this kind begins to flow in very rare cases, because its base has the least number of connecting elements.

To ensure that this device does not cause problems for the washings during use, it needs a clear and correct installation and, importantly, proper maintenance. The very process of installation is distinguished by an exceptional simplicity, for this it is only necessary to stock up with a set of tools and own desire. Bottle type siphon is easiest to install.

Direct assembly

In most cases, the drainage parts for the sink are made of plastic, so you need to carry out all operations very carefully, because such a thread can easily fail, it is worth a little harder to press it. Such repairs do not promote sealing of joints, as a result of which the part will begin to leak.

On the sink fixed drain grille, which is strengthened from below and connects the device in question to the drainage device. The presence of two holes for drainage of liquid gives a basis for the installation of 2 siphons.

Scheme of cleaning the siphon tube

Scheme of cleaning the siphon tube.

When connecting to this element of household appliances such as a washing machine or a dishwasher, you can buy this part with several connectors.

Siphon is combined with a sewer pipe. First the detachable part is disconnected, then fixed in the sewage pipe and screwed back. For better sealing of these parts, a rubber or plastic ring is used, the thickness of which corresponds to 15 mm.

When proceeding to seal the seams of the siphon for the washstand, it is necessary to stock up the sealant. Sealing joints in toilet bowls or urinals is associated with the use of cement. During the installation it is necessary to monitor the integrity of the threads and gaskets. To check the correctness of the work done, you must turn on the water.

Many experts advise that to improve the sealing of the joints on the thread, wind the patch or silicone tape.

The nut is fastened firmly. After that, the thread is smeared with paste and the part is screwed. After starting the water, it is necessary to follow the tightness of joints within 3 minutes. Absence of leaks testifies to the correctness of the work done.


During the repair of this device, it is necessary to prepare any vessel for draining liquids into it. The presence of leaks provides the basis for unscrewing the bottom of the siphon. Then, when preparing the cable or any wire, you should clean the surface of the accumulated fat, product residues and dirt. After this, the removed part is put in its place and the correctness of the location of the sealing ring is checked. Due to the fact that the rubber wears out quickly, this part is best replaced with a new one. Otherwise, wait for the siphon to flow. To maximally protect yourself from trouble, the interface of the device and the settler is treated with a sealant.

Siphon replacement scheme

Scheme replacement scheme.

The process of operation of the sanitary equipment in question must be based on the most careful handling. So, it is not recommended to pour excessively dirty liquids into the sink, for this purpose a special strainer is put on the drain hole, not giving the chance to large substrates to get into the device.

Speaking about the installation of pipes, it should be noted that such events can be held independently. The good thing is that such samples of the sanitary plan have a convenient fixing and threading, the use of additional equipment is not required.

If in the course of work unexpectedly there were difficulties, then at any time you can turn to professionals for help, to construction and cleaning organizations.

Proper maintenance

Any pipes, including plastic pipes, are subject to considerable damage. Over time, they appear condensation and traces of rust. To eliminate such problems, synthetic mixtures are used. Various cleaning solutions for eliminating pipe blockages are available on a free sale. The owner only needs to fill it with a hole, then intensively lower the water, thereby carrying out the washing. The chemical literally erodes the existing deposits, and no preparatory work is required here.

Carrying out periodic cleaning of pipes in this way, any homeowner gets rid of unnecessary problems and any flaws associated with the operation of the device in question and the preservation of the functions of the siphon for a long time. In this way, it is possible to protect the washing itself. And, as you know, rust destroys the connection points of water pipes. If the shell still has flaws, it is best to purchase a new device.

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