Lining options

Major repairs in the apartment involves finishing work. And the question of how to finish the walls in the bathroom, in recent times is very relevant. Construction and household stores offer a wide range of materials, but not all of them are suitable for wet rooms.

Interesting decoration of the bathroom tiles

With the help of various tile colors, you can make interesting in color a mosaic in the bathroom.

Types of materials

There are several dozens of methods for finishing walls and floors. Many of them are specific and costly, but those that are easily implemented independently, without the help of specialists, have become very popular. It can be:

  • waterproof paints;
  • ceramic or granite tiles;
  • Wall panels;
  • mosaic decoration.

The choice of how to wall in the bathroom depends on the cost, simplicity of the process and the views of the owners of the housing on the good design.

Waterproof paints are considered the best option. This material is self-sufficient, besides it will allow to change over time the surface of the walls in the bathroom and the floor as a whole, and partially, laying a tile or a mosaic. When buying paint should pay attention to its characteristics: resistance to moisture and the presence in the composition of products that prevent the occurrence of harmful fungi and bacteria.

Bathroom panels

The bathroom panels are easy to install, with good waterproofing.

Finishing the walls in the bathroom with ceramic tiles is the most popular method for many years. The tile has good performance characteristics, it is most resistant to moisture and temperature, easy to care for. In addition, a wide range of colors and patterns allows you to create an individual design of the bathroom.

Wall panels made of plastic are gaining popularity as a finishing material for the walls of the bathroom. They are cheap, easy to install and operate, do not require careful maintenance. This method is the most economical.

Mosaic is considered the most attractive and original option, but at the same time quite expensive. To create mosaic ornaments, stones are used - both natural and artificial, colored glass, ceramics.

Features of the work

Each method and material has its own secrets of use, most often they refer to preparatory work.

Scheme of finishing the walls with wooden lining

The scheme of finishing the walls with wooden lining.

  1. Before using waterproof paints, you need to make sure that the walls and the floor are completely even, clean and dry. The old finish must be carefully removed, and the unevenness should be plastered. Make paint work should be at high temperature and dry air, in a well-ventilated room. Until the surfaces dry completely, it is not recommended to use the bathroom as intended.
  2. The preparation of walls for tile laying consists in cleaning and priming surfaces. In some cases, it may be necessary to level with plaster or cement slabs. The material is laid on cement mortar or special glue, while the quality of the tile position is checked by the level. Before the solution is completely fixed, the tile should be wiped.
  3. Sheathing with wall panels does not require careful leveling of the walls, simply remove the old plaster. It will require treatment with antifungal agents, since the panels completely block access to the wall surface, and it will be difficult to correct such an error. The paneling is done on a frame made of timber, leveled out, the panels are assembled "in the lock". This method is suitable for walls and ceilings, but for the floor is undesirable.
  4. Mosaic is a rather laborious option in traditional execution. But at the moment there is a simplified method: ready-to-install sheets based on the polymer mesh. They are easily glued to the wall, prepared in advance, smooth, cleaned and dried.

The considered variants are the most widespread, simple in execution, they for a long time have deserved trust of experts and beginners in building-repair work. The necessary materials can be purchased at any store, and the finishing work is easy to do with their own hands.

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