Main types of shower cabins

Not so long ago, shower cabins belonged to the means of luxury and material prosperity. Today, the situation has changed dramatically: this attribute of hygienic importance has gained massive popularity. Modern industry produces different types of shower cabins. How not to be mistaken with a choice and to get a worthy option? To do this, study the main characteristics of the models, their advantages and disadvantages.

Shower scheme

The scheme of a shower cabin.

Such devices are represented by small objects designed for hygienic measures. They are open and closed.

Clear view

Such devices are not equipped with a ceiling, their space is limited to four walls. Usually 2 of them belong to the room, and the rest are part of the cabin. These devices look rather modest.

How are the open cabs installed?

Outdoor shower type

Open type shower enclosures do not have a ceiling, limited only by walls.

  1. Such designs differ in the originality of the installation. To do this, thorough preparation of the surface is carried out: the walls are leveled, high-quality waterproofing is provided, which ensures full sealing. Without these measures, a qualitative installation is impossible: the doors attached to the curved surfaces will warp, gaps will appear, and the impermeability of the object will be violated.
  2. An open-type corner is fixed in the recess on the wall or the corner of the room.
  3. The absence of a roof excludes the possibility of installing a tropical shower, a Turkish bath, an aromatizing of space.
  4. It is put on the floor of the room, which is especially important for small rooms.

Recommendation! To expand the space at the visual level, use transparent doors.

Installation of a shower corner is connected with performance of certain actions:

  • Before the installation, the location and dimensions of the corner should be clearly defined;
  • ensure the quality sealing of floors and partitions;
  • make a drainage hole for water removal.
The scheme of installation of a shower of an open kind

The scheme of installation of a shower of an open kind.

The liquid from the shower flows through the lattice hole into the tube, then enters the sewage drain. Sometimes in the kit there is a special siphon that overflows the drain hole. Thus, smells remain in the system and do not enter the room.

To ensure the necessary slope of the drain pipe, the floor in the bathroom is slightly raised by 2-3 °.

Recommendation! The stainless steel device will help to avoid problems with corrosion of the ladder. In this form it will be operated for an unlimited time.

Ensure a quality outflow of water will allow organized in a 3 ° slope gangway.

Shower cabins that do not have pallets are equipped with non-slip floor tiles.

If the floor has been completely finished and the sewage drain installed, a pallet can be installed that corresponds to the size of the cabin.

Shower enclosures open type make the room light, light, unloaded parts. Thanks to such adaptations, the interior gets an attractive look even in a small room.

Closed type

Closed shower cubicle

The enclosed shower enclosure is a closed space with a ceiling.

These types of devices are called shower boxes. They are equipped with a roof so that the result is a closed plane.

Such objects are easily installed where there is water and drainage. Such shower cabins have a number of distinctive features:

  1. Number of required destinations. Such adaptations are traditional and multifunctional. The second option, besides the usual attributes, is equipped with additional equipment.
  2. Configuration and dimensions. Objects can take the form of a circle, a hemisphere, a rectangle. Dimensions of the stand determine the size of the cabin: 70x70, 80x80, 90x90, 100x100 cm.
  3. Height and materials of the bottom stand.
  4. Features of the composition of doors and walls.

Multifunctional constructions

Shower cabins of this variety have a number of distinctive functions. Hydromassage can have a horizontal and vertical arrangement.

The first variant of carrying out water procedures occurs in expensive models, where instead of a traditional pallet a special bath is installed. The devices supplying water are located on the sides and on the bottom of the bath in a predetermined sequence.

Scheme of installation of a closed shower enclosure

Scheme of installation of a closed shower enclosure.

Massage is carried out by directing movements of water streams. Built-in nozzles form streams of air and water masses that have different flow paths. The strength of these influences is easily regulated.

Such types of shower cabins allow for a similar massage every day. Such procedures help to improve overall health, blood flow, accelerate metabolism, general relaxation and beneficial effects on the skin. After carrying out such measures, digestion improves noticeably, the layer of subcutaneous fat decreases, and favorable conditions for getting rid of cellulite are created.

Important! It is worth noting that not all people can have hydro massage sessions. Contraindications for this are the following diseases: hypertension, heart disease, cancer, stones in the bladder and other manifestations of a chronic nature. Before starting such procedures, you should consult a doctor.

Hydromassage vertical is represented in the form of water jets escaping from the nozzles.

These holes are located on the side walls of the rack. The number of such openings determines the degree of impact on individual parts of the body: the humerus, cervical, thoracic or lumbar region. Often these models are equipped with special nozzles that carry out foot massage. The jets of rotary action allow you to direct water flows in a given direction.

Recommendation! Acquiring water filters, it is not worth saving money. Substandard samples lead to a rapid breakdown of equipment.

Shower cabin type

The essence of the shower cabin type "Turkish bath": the steam generator installed in the shower fills the cabin with moist warm air, creating a steam room effect.

Type of device "Turkish bath". The installed steam generator quickly fills the cabin with moist, warm air. The internal fan will allow to smoothly distribute the masses inside the object, such measures make it possible to reach the conditions closest to the real ones.

Recommendation! By purchasing such a device, it is necessary to find out the amount of water pressure in the pipes of the building. If these figures are equal to 2-3 bars, water massage will not work.

Additional functions:

  1. Tropical rainstorm. Such a shower is equipped with a ceiling nozzle, which transmits water with the smallest drops that imitate a warm downpour. Has a relaxing nature.
  2. Aromatherapy (inhalation). Such an adaptation can be found in expensive devices. An aromatic substance is poured into a special container, which, interacting with the liquid and turning into steam, fills the space of the cabin with a fragrant air cloud.
  3. Ventilation devices. This mechanism allows you to gradually distribute the steam through the cabin and significantly facilitates breathing.
  4. Cold and hot shower. Everyone knows the role of carrying out such a procedure for tempering the body, raising the vitality. Cold and hot water is supplied automatically.
  5. Chromotherapy. Restoration of health with the help of light makes it possible to calm the nervous system, to put in order the hormonal background and skin.
  6. Voice control. This function is equipped with the most expensive shower cabins. By submitting commands, you can change any settings in the operation of this device.

Almost all cabins have a built-in telephone, radio, speakerphone, mirror, seat, lighting, detergent dispensers.

Important! It should be noted that multifunctional devices consume a large amount of energy. To maximize the safety of the device, it is necessary to stretch the wires and ground the structure.

Shower trays

The scheme of the device of the shower tray

The scheme of the shower tray device.

All shower cabins are equipped with pallets. They vary in depth and material. Usually their surface does not slip, the color is in harmony with the walls of the cabin. Pallets made of steel or cast iron have an external enamel layer.

Ceramic supports differ in strength, absolute hygiene, and ease of care. In the process of exploitation, they do not lose external appeal for many years. However, the lack of such materials becomes excessive brittleness of the base and low thermal conductivity, as a result of which the lower part of the pallet is constantly cooled. You can find a way out of this situation by laying an anti-slip mat. Then to be on such a surface will be not only warm, but also safe.

Acrylic pallets are characterized by a warm, non-slip surface, these qualities make them the sales leader. Elasticity of acrylic allows you to create devices of any configuration. Despite the low weight, the designs differ in the strength of the foundation. If scratches appear on the surface, they can easily be removed with a special grout. For pallets to acquire maximum strength, they are installed on aluminum frames.

Doors and partitions

Such structural elements are made of acrylic or especially durable glass. They can have any transparency and shades. From the glass surfaces, streams of water flow easily, they do not leave any streaks and stains. This coating does not cloud for a long time.

Doors of shower cabins can be:

  • sliding;
  • swinging.

The second option is more leakproof, equipped with rollers, which significantly saves the area of ​​the room.

Having considered the proposed types, models, purpose of such devices, it is important to make the right choice. To give preference follows the most practical and convenient samples, guided by the wishes of each member of the family.

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