Making a shower in the cottage

Every self-respecting resident is simply obliged to have a summer shower. After all, it's so nice to refresh yourself after working in the garden. So, the shower at the dacha, made with his own hands, becomes an actual acquisition.

Shower of Dachshund

Summer shower at the cottage will refresh and give strength after a long working day.

In itself, the structure of the cabin is not difficult, and in connection with this, there can be many constructive solutions. Of course, you can not fool yourself, get a ready-made design and produce only its assembly.

But if you decide to do it yourself, first you need to do the following:

  • choose the right place;
  • to make a foundation in-house;
  • make a frame for the cabin;
  • to build a floor and to make a cabin of a cabin;
  • Install the doors and tank.
Tools for mounting the shower enclosure

Tools for mounting the shower.

Before you start working, you need to stock up on all the necessary tools and building materials.

From the tools you may need:

  • drill;
  • hammer and nails, as well as self-tapping screws;
  • tires and fittings;
  • trumpet, duševaja liike;
  • shovel, pipes, waterproofing material, solution tank;
  • boards and bars;
  • lining, slate, antiseptic.

So, the material and tools have been prepared - now you can proceed to the stage-by-stage construction of the cabin for the dacha with your own hands.

Appropriate place

To determine the place of construction, you need to choose the most suitable place, since not every corner is suitable for these purposes.

The best option is to build a cabin in places where there are no tall trees and there are buildings that will block the path to sunlight. Otherwise, the water will not warm up. When choosing a place, it is important to take into account the fact that the shower room is a place of high humidity, and therefore it is not recommended to place it near the house itself. It is better if the shower for the dacha will be located at the end of the site. But at the same time it will be necessary to take into account that it is necessary to have it on a hill: it will be easier to organize drainage of drain water. Of course, on this site there should be a similar place.

Foundation installation

Foundation installation душа

Foundation installation душа.

Shower cabin for cottages refers to a long-term structure, and therefore it is necessary to build it seriously. In this regard, it is important to build a solid foundation, namely the foundation. The foundation must be laid in a specially excavated pit, the dimensions of which must correspond to the perimeter of the structure.

Basically, the shower cabin is constructed with its own hands with dimensions of 110x170 cm, and its height should be about 230 cm. Taking into account these dimensions, it is necessary to dig a pit, the depth of which should be a maximum of 50 cm.

As the pit is ready, waterproofing is arranged on its surface. For these purposes, ruberoid is used most often, polyethylene film can also be used, but it is recommended to stack it in several layers. Next, a sand cushion about 0 cm in height should be created. The ready cushion should be carefully compacted, and only then concrete is poured.

At this stage, a drain pipe must be installed, which is poured into the solution. To do this, the foundation solution before filling should be divided into two parts, one of which is poured on a sand cushion, and the second part - after laying the pipe leading to the drain pit.

The drain pipe must be sloped to ensure better water retention, which will prevent it from accumulating in the cab.

And this will protect the concrete from destruction and mold formation.

Mounting the frame

Summer shower project for summer residence

A summer shower project for a summer residence.

Building a cabin without a frame does not make sense. You can also do it yourself. It is easiest to put a frame of wood, as it has great strength, but before using this material, it must be treated with antiseptic agents that protect it from putrefactive formations.

When arranging the upper and lower straps, it is necessary to use bars with a section of 10x10 cm, and the length must correspond to the dimensions of the wall. The connection is made to the lock and fixed for strength by self-tapping screws. Further fix the frame racks, which are recommended to fix to the braces.

In order not to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the structure in the future, they must be fastened between the posts with self-tapping screws.

For a ceiling, too, a frame must be made. For this, three bars of the necessary length are used, which are fixed with nails and screws between the posts. When installing the frame, do not forget about the door, for which there should immediately be an opening.

Manufacture of floor coverings

The scheme of a shower cabin for a summer residence

The scheme of a shower cabin for a summer residence.

The next stage of building a shower in the dacha with his own hands includes the construction of a floor. Here, for these purposes, the lower strap will serve as a support, on which the boards will be laid out. The boards should be a maximum of 1.5 m wide, and they are fixed to the bars. When attaching between boards, the gaps necessary to drain water into the drain pipe must be observed.

As the floors will be mounted, you can proceed to the skin of the frame. Thanks to the selected shower material, you can give an individual interior look. Of course, you can use any material, but it's more practical to choose a lining or OSB, because they are easy to assemble and have a long service life.

The next step will be the laying of the planking of the planks, which is necessary for the convenience of roofing, the thickness of which should not be more than 4 cm. Any roofing material can be used as a roof, and the most practical and cheaper one is slate.

Doors and water tank

Of course, the shower cubicle for the dacha should be equipped with a door, which can be performed independently or purchased ready-made. Also, if the means do not allow or no time to install it, you can just hang the curtain. At first glance it is a very primitive option, but still reasonable, since the curtain can be washed at any time, and it will allow to ventilate the cabin without obstacles.

A soul without a water tank can not exist, and in this connection it is necessary to install it on the roof of the cabin. For these purposes, you can buy a ready capacity of about 50-100 liters or make it from a suitable container. Before installing the tank on the roof, a black film spreads, and an old auto tire is laid on it, onto which the edges of the film are subsequently wrapped. After the second tire is mounted over the first and fixed with a construction tape. Further, for connecting the water, fittings must be installed, and only after that can be installed a shower head.

Here is such an uncomplicated way to arrange showers for the dacha with their own hands.

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