Making of furniture for the bathroom

Furniture for the bathroom, which can be bought in any store, does not always like the future owners. It is difficult to choose furniture accessories in the bathroom, especially if the room itself has non-standard dimensions. In this situation, you can make furniture in the room with your own hands.

Bathroom curtain shelf scheme

Scheme of a hanging shelf for the bathroom.

From the whole complex of furniture accessories you can easily make the following:

  • curbstones for washing;
  • lockers;
  • shelves;
  • countertops for washbasins.

Sink for washing

For each room it is difficult to select your own bedside table, but you can make it with your own hands in the bathroom. With some effort, you can get a beautiful cabinet with shelves made of glass.

This requires a plywood with a sufficiently large thickness or chipboard. For shelves you need to pick up glass sheets. Their thickness should be not less than 6 mm. As additional accessories, self-tapping screws for furniture and wood will be useful, corners to fasten furniture in the bathroom, door hinges in case they need to be closed. It is necessary to pick up a varnish or a paint, shpaklevku and an adhesive tape bilateral.

The whole process of creating a pedestal in the bathroom goes through several stages. First you need to draw all the details with a pencil on the selected material. Do not forget about the cut for the siphon, which is necessary for the washbasin. All sizes are to be calculated in advance.

Scheme of installation of glass shelves

Scheme of installation of glass shelves.

Then you need to cut out the walls and the bottom for the nightstand in the bathroom. All parts are fastened with screws so that the heads from the screws do not protrude above the surface of the parts, so that they can be carefully hidden with putty. Doors for furniture in the bathroom are not needed yet. You need to cut out all the parts in turn and fasten them together. First of all, for the nightstand in the bathroom, only three main walls are cut out and collected, and then other parts are added to them. Each new cut out detail must first be tried on the place of fasteners.

Assembled furniture in the bathroom you need to try on the intended place. The workpiece must not be unsteady. The curbstone should be level, without oblique angles. Since the bedside table is adjacent to the washbasin of the bathroom, and behind it the siphon will be attached to it, the rear wall does not need to be made. Instead, you can use furniture corners. Most often it will be enough to use two corners under the countertop. They are attached with short screws.

The next step is puttying the structure. To make furniture in the bathroom look beautiful, you need to make the surface as smooth as possible, especially if the chipboard was used. In the case when old furniture is used to create new furniture in the bathroom, only the edges and joints can be puttyped.

Sanding paper is used for sanding places where plaster is not used. Sanding is carried out for the purpose of more qualitative further painting of furniture. After sanding, you can start the painting process. You can use a spray gun or a soft brush. If putty applied to large areas, then it is necessary to apply an additional primer to the surface and then paint. You can use a lacquer with pigmentation, then the furniture will have a beautiful noble appearance of a real tree. When the paint dries, you can attach the doors of the nightstand and put the furniture in its place.

Production of shelves

The scheme of installation of aluminum strips for countertops

The scheme of installation of aluminum strips for countertops.

Next is to build glass shelves. They can be bought ready-made or ordered in their own sizes in workshops. This piece of furniture can be built independently. First, all measurements are taken, after which they are applied to the glass. Using a glass cutter, the shelf and glass sheets are cut out. With the help of a special circle for sharpening the edges are processed so that they become semicircular. Now you need to make shelves matte. To do this, the desired surface is poured with sand, and then it is rubbed with another glass. Sand if necessary pours. The procedure must be carried out until the surface has received the same dullness without any scratches. To make this action faster, you can use a nozzle on the drill. At low speed, the nozzle needs to grind the sand. It should be ensured that the glass does not overheat from friction, because with a significant temperature increase, it can crack.

After the glass is prepared, shelves from it must be secured in the bedside table with the help of special fasteners. The top glass can become a table top, and therefore it is additionally fixed with an adhesive tape. In the future, you can additionally decorate the bedside table at will.

Mounting of table top

Often in modern apartments the bathroom is large enough. In a bathroom with its equipment you can show imagination. To use the sink was more convenient, you can make a special tabletop - a plate into which a sink is inserted. It is difficult to attribute such a design to the elements of decor, but you should not refuse such a product, especially if the dimensions of the room allow it to be used. In addition, it can be made quite unique and beautiful. The worktops are made of tiles or special wood that is resistant to water, other materials are sometimes used from stone, plastic or marble.

The scheme of a curbstone under a sink with fastening to a wall

The scheme of a curbstone under a sink with fastening to a wall.

Consider the two most common options - marble and wood. A product made of wood is easy enough to design. First you need to measure the place where you plan to install the countertop, find out the diameter of the washbasin and its height. Close to the wall, the table top should not be placed, because any tree swells at high humidity with time. Wood should be carefully selected, because it must have certain properties. The selected material must be treated from parasites. When the product is processed, it is forbidden to press it; the table top can crack.

The table top made of artificial stone will be more durable, moisture resistant and durable. This material is considered the most modern. In addition, it is the most universal. The stone will not absorb moisture, which protects against the appearance of mold and fungi. It is easily wiped and cleaned, which indicates its high environmental friendliness and hygiene. For a bathroom, this material is the most suitable. Manufacturing is carried out by cutting and grooving the elements of the structure from the source material. The joints of the product are treated with alcohol to remove bacteria. Then you can use an adhesive backing. After drying, the excess glue is removed using a chisel and a grinder. Then joints are additionally strengthened by special plates. Then, the substrate is attached. After grinding after 6 hours, you can install the sink itself.

Bathroom furniture can be made by yourself using different materials. The bathroom can be made with the help of hand-made furniture, individual and unique.

Created furniture accessories in the bathroom with their own hands will emphasize the taste of the owner, show his practicality and imagination.

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