Mirror in the bathroom - 70 photos of ideas

Mirror. No bathroom can do without it. We all like to show off in front of him in the morning, but are we wondering why our seemingly ordinary morning hygiene product can still serve?


With this accessory, you can experiment with the space of the room. Small - make more, narrow - wider, lower - higher. This will greatly improve her perception. To strengthen the visual effect, you need to use mirrors with different sizes and in different places. If you correctly place the mirrors, then your bathroom will be presented in a favorable position and it will be much nicer and more comfortable in it.


Materials: Mirrors for the bathroom should be chosen. Their main difference from ordinary lies in moisture resistance. Such a product can be kept in a damp room for a long time without damage, without taking into account those that can be caused by the person himself, as a result of careless handling. Particular strength of the mirror is attached not by an aluminum but by a silver coating, but it is worth considering that a mirror with this coating will cost much more than a simple one.


Also, you should pay attention to the frame. It can be made of any moisture-repellent materials. If there is a desire, then the frame can be made of wood, but in this case, it should be covered with varnish or any other composition with properties to repel water.


Mirror Mounting Options

Fastening with a supply glue

It is best to attach this mirror during the renovation of the bathroom, hang it after completion is problematic enough, since it is very difficult to remove the tile carefully from the wall, without damaging it. Also, the thickness of the mirror must match the thickness of the tile. The presented method is absolutely not practical, from the point of view of replacing an already existing mirror, when dismantling it can easily be broken.


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Mounting with mounting tape

If the repair is already done, but you do not want to ruin the new tile, you can attach the mirror to the moisture-proof mounting tape, which is called a mirror tape.


Fastening with screws

There are special holes in the mirrors, providing for fastening with screws. You do not need to have much intelligence in order to fix them on the wall.


Hinged mirrors in the bathroom

The most common type of mirror fastening. Surely, every man had to deal with this way.

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Types of mirrors for the bathroom

In form, mirrors can be:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Rectangular
  • Etc.


Mirrors in the bathroom with shelves

Their feature is already available shelf, which does not need to be screwed separately. On this shelf you can conveniently place bathroom accessories, which will always be at hand, such mirrors look attractive. Also, such a mirror will help to save space in a small bathroom.


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Mirrors with illumination for a bath

There are different kinds of mirrors with illumination, among them: mirrors with lamps from above, along the sides, along the perimeter. The most effective and modern will be mirrors with LEDs. It is worth noting that if your mirror does not have a highlight, then it can be easily integrated.


Spacious mirror - cupboard

The most practical of all mirrors is this. In such mirrors it is easy to hide different bathroom accessories and your bathroom will be more neat outwardly. It is important that such mirrors should be made of materials that repel water, this will help them be more durable.


Sets of mirror furniture

This view is suitable for rooms with plenty of free space. For such decoration it is possible to order different furniture with built-in mirrors, such as a cabinet with a mirror in the bathroom, hanging cabinets, etc. It can be combined in different ways, making an advantageous position for your room.


Making a mirror in the bathroom

This question should be approached with imagination, you can decorate the mirror with everything you want, starting from stencil drawings and ending with polymer clay and garlands. To this topic a person comes up on his own, showing all his originality, decorating the mirror to his own taste.


Photos of the best mirror models in the bathroom interior




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