Modern bathroom in the villa

Most owners of cottages adhere to the opinion that the bathroom in the dacha is not needed and for a comfortable stay in a country house a shower is quite suitable. It should not be overlooked that in the dachas, especially in winter, it is the bathroom that can be very scarce, because this element is able to radically change the convenience and comfort of water procedures.

Modern bathroom in the villa

The bathroom creates comfort for those residents who prefer to live in the country not only in summer but also in winter.

Of course, there is no need to equip the bathroom in the country, which is a small plot of land for planting vegetables with a gazebo. In this case, the summer soul will be enough. There is no need to think about finishing the bathroom in the cottages, not intended for living or at least spending the night. But in dachas, where the owners spend the night and live, the bathroom is simply necessary.

Furnishing at the cottage

The first thing to install a bathroom in the house will have to allocate a separate room. It should be in the distance from the kitchen and living rooms of the house, and its area should be sufficient to solve the tasks. Often, the bathroom in the cottage is a former pantry that was not used.

Examples of the layout of the bathroom and toilet in the cottage

Examples of the layout of the bathroom and toilet in the country.

After the premises have been chosen, one should think about the ways of laying a water pipe and a sewage pipe to it, as well as electricity in the bathroom to provide lighting. The process of laying communications is quite complex and time consuming, so it should only be taken after reading the relevant literature or having experience in producing similar works.

It is at the stage of approaching the premises of communications and it is preparing for installation of the bathroom. Of course, when water, sewerage and light are brought to the bathroom, you can certainly install a shower in it, but this option is not very convenient.

After the communications are summed up, it's time to think about how to make a bathroom in a beautiful villa, more precisely, how to make a room decoration. The location of such a destination should be cozy and attractive at the same time, which can be achieved in the event that the quality of the bathroom is made.

The process of creating a design in a bathroom room at the dacha with their own hands, as well as connecting communications is the final stage of the procedure for creating a bathroom, after which the owners will receive a full functional room for water procedures.

Combined bathroom in the villa

It is most convenient to build a combined bathroom in the country.

Main stages

  1. Preparatory work.
  2. Development of design (drafting, calculations, choice of building materials).
  3. Provision of premises with communications (electricity, water, ventilation, sewerage).
  4. Protection of surfaces from penetration of moisture, microorganisms, changes in temperature, formation of mold spots and fungi.
  5. Surface finishing with selected materials.
  6. Arrangement of a bathroom inside, creation of a cosiness (plumbing connection, furnishing, installation of technical elements and design accessories).


Tools for bathroom decoration

Tools for bathroom decoration.

Of course, there is always an opportunity to order the production of all necessary construction and finishing works from specialists and pay for it quite expensive. But the majority of summer residents, for the sake of economy, still prefer to finish the bathroom created by the dacha with their own hands.

Self-finishing is a process that begins with preparatory work:

  • The surface of the room is cleaned, washed and treated with antiseptic compounds;
  • waterproofing of the floor covering;
  • The remaining surfaces are treated with plaster and finish putty.

For the above finishing activities, the following tools may be needed:

  • rags;
  • broom;
  • paint brush;
  • Master OK;
  • putty knife;
  • falcon;
  • level;
  • capacity and so on.
Scheme of installation of plasterboard ceiling in the bathroom

Scheme of installation of plasterboard ceiling in the bathroom.

The next stage is the selection of finishing materials and finishing the bathroom surfaces. Only the owner himself or the designer invited by him make a decision about what material is best for creating the desired bathroom interior in the country house and with the help of which finishes will be created coziness, comfort and beauty.The ceiling can always be decorated with a stretch cloth or a gypsum board structure treated with paint. There is also a more budgetary option for decorating the ceiling in the bathroom, which will represent the relief PVC panels glued to a special glue mass.

The floor covering in the premises of this purpose can be decorated with stone or ceramic tiles with the appropriate style solution design. In addition, the floor can simply be covered with treated wood or laminate.

Walls are surfaces on which the fantasy and designer talent of the owners can be fully reflected. As a wall decoration can act and plastic panels, and lining, and oilcloth, and more familiar ceramic tiles, mosaic, cork decoration, etc.

Design solutions

The scheme of the device of a floor in per capita

The scheme of the device of a floor in a shower room.

The question of how to make a bathroom in the country is beautiful and cozy, directly related to the design. Repair is a complicated and laborious process, but it is not enough to just be a master of finishing works and be able to glue wallpaper or lay a tile. In order to make the repair results happy, you need to have at least a little knowledge about the design. In the process of selecting materials it is necessary not only to choose high-quality and inexpensive elements, it is important that both furniture, plumbing, and decoration competently combine to create a harmonious interior ensemble.

For many, such a design task will seem difficult and even impossible, but those who doubt can take advantage of effective advice from professionals.

Design - this is primarily the decoration of all surfaces of the room, so first you should talk about the choice of finishing materials. For the bathroom, natural and environmentally friendly materials are more preferable, which will be completely suitable for processing such a room.

It is important that the surface finish is in harmony.

While working on the design of surfaces, one should not ignore the forthcoming acquisition of plumbing products and furniture elements, which should also harmoniously fit into the interior. It should be carefully thought through, so as not to pay a lot of money for building materials to create a finish, which may not like later.

The design is developed in the following stages:

  • choice of the style of the future bath;
  • calculation of the budget for repair and construction activities;
  • Creation of project documentation or design sketch.

A lot of time should be given to the selection of the finishing material, to work out the color and shade solution in such a way that the finish is as comfortable as possible.

After the design of the design solution is completed, you can implement the idea in practice.

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