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A modern bathroom can consist of a mass of materials that make up the details in addition to the natural colors and shades from which it is made. It is necessary to choose a tile for walls and for the floor, sanitary ware, furniture of both foreign and our manufacturers.

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With the help of a photo of a modern bathroom, you can choose the right solution for buyers to choose such rooms in your apartment or house.

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Trends 2017 for the design of the bathroom

The new trend in 2017 will differ from the past years, and will complement new materials, color performance and newer details, from which the modern design of the bathroom will look. The very addition of the bathroom will be minimal, the plumbing is not large and even solid tiles.


Needless to say, the simplicity of the implementation consists entirely of simple materials.

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Constituents for bathroom interior

Modern plumbing is made for convenient use in the bathroom, and you can choose it in various forms and in any color. The usual bathroom was replaced by a shower cubicle, and it is already out of fashion. In the design of the bathroom can be supplemented with a hanging toilet. This is a great option than using a standard toilet.


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In the bathroom usually use unusual or very simple plumbing. You can use many elements of sanitary ware, they will emphasize your bathroom. To date, such elements are made in various shapes and sizes, as well as hanging plumbing can be used.


If we talk about mixers, then we can choose more modern ones, they are offered a large number and under every bathroom interior. And, of course, how to choose the right tile for the bathroom? Usually now use a monophonic tile. It can be picked up at once in two variants and used in a room.


You need to choose a tile of brighter shades. And of course it should be used in small quantities. Therefore, you do not need to complement the bathroom with various accessories.

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In 2017, the use of tiles for a bathroom under a tree will prevail. Usually this option is suggested by designers. Many bathrooms are decorated with large mirrors, which is not very convenient. It is now fashionable to use small lockers with mirrors.


Bathroom in a modern style

By creating the design of a modern bathroom, designers all often resort to using and combining many natural materials. They, respectively, will last for many years and do not lose their attractiveness. The materials themselves are chosen in different colors and shades and shapes. How to choose the right lighting for the bathroom, many are wondering. And for this you need to understand correctly what kind of coverage should be.


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Interior in the bathroom should be relevant. In 2017, more natural shades will prevail. The most popular color is gray, because this color fits most and is combined with many colors. It can be chosen, as in the tile, and for furniture in the bathroom. It is good to combine this color with many others. Of course, all bathroom furniture is exclusively made to order. And the materials for its execution are also different.

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A very big role in the interior is played by lighting. You can also use muffled light in the bathroom, it is very beneficial for taking a bath. Good lighting will give comfort, emphasize the laid out tile and hide the shortcomings.


You can also use more designer execution in the choice of fixtures, now it's fashionable. Such lamps will look good, and complement the modern bathroom.


Many lighting manufacturers offer the best solution when choosing them in the bathroom. They are made in such a way that they fit into any design in your bathroom. Especially because the right choice and complement your decor. Designer execution of all components for the bathroom and makes it more spacious and chic.


Photo ideas how to design a bathroom design in a modern style



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