Modern bidet

Almost 300 years ago, mankind invented a bidet. However, in our time there are still people who are not familiar with this accessory. The construction of this object is very simple and understandable. The bidet by own hands is quite accessible to make to the house master. In addition, the construction market offers today a lot of varieties of such a subject. Beautiful design, excellent functionality allows you to meet the requirements of the most demanding buyers.

The scheme of the bidet device

The scheme of the bidet device.

To perform independent work, you need to prepare the necessary tool in advance. The master will need:

  • perforator;
  • tow;
  • mounting tape;
  • gas key;
  • drill;
  • fomka;
  • silicone sealant;
  • screwdriver;
  • wrenches.

Assembly and installation

Tools for mounting bidets

Tools for mounting the bidet.

The mixer is first collected, then the hygienic bidet is installed. Directly to the mixer is brought a flexible pipeline. When connecting the hoses, do not force the connectors very tightly. Damaged rubber gasket may be damaged. As a result, the integrity of the connecting elements will be spoiled.

After fixing the flexible hose, the mixer is mounted directly to the bidet. To perform this operation, special threaded studs are used to tighten the nut. Under it, there must always be a rubber gasket. Its absence can cause damage to the porcelain from which the bidet is made. The mixer should be fixed very evenly. Only after checking the evenness is the final fixation.

To create tightness of threaded joints they are covered with silicone sealant. When the mixer design has an upward flow, installation is a little different. First, the system is assembled, through which water is supplied. At the next stage, the mechanism is fixed on the bidet. Having convinced of the reliability of the fastening, connect the water supply system.

Montirovanie sifon

Similarly to the mixer it is mounted in several stages. This technological operation is very similar to fixing the siphon to the washbasin. In a specially made hole, a funnel is attached. Under the steel parts put rubber pads, pretreated with a sealant. Then the siphon from below is drawn to the washbasin with a special ring with thread.

The next stage is going to the siphon itself. The work is done strictly according to the instructions. After assembly, the siphon is attached to the already installed part. During the assembly, it is necessary to treat the drain hose with a sealant and secure it securely. When carrying out work, it must be remembered that the diameter of the drain pipe should not exceed the size of the drainage hole.

Mounting be

The general scheme of connecting the toilet bowl

The general scheme of connecting the toilet to bidet.

Installation is carried out on a pre-prepared place. The length of the hoses is refined. If necessary, an adjustment is made, the hose is cut to the desired size. Before you begin to fasten the bidet, you need to make marks, where the fasteners will be located. The wall bidet requires a height calculation, where it will be installed.

In the wall, using a puncher, make holes. For drilling tiles, work is carried out at low speed tools. To remove dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner. Plastic dowels are blocked in the holes.

The next step is to attach the bidet to the hole made. Then it is fixed with special bolts. For the safety of faience sanitary equipment, each bolt cap is supplied with a rubber gasket. The necessary fasteners are sold in construction shops, and each element is easy to purchase separately. To facilitate this task, a special kit is being sold, consisting of fasteners, which you need to have to install the toilet bowls.

The final operation of mounting the bidet is the connection of the water supply system. A connection is made between the siphon corrugation and the sewer pipe. At the same time, the mixer hoses are connected by means of nuts to a centralized water supply. Each connecting place is lubricated with sealant, and then closed with a mounting tape.

After completing the installation work, you need to make sure the system is working. A very thorough examination of the connecting places is carried out. Leakage of water should not be. If there are still such places, you need to carefully tighten the nuts. It must be done very carefully, so that the cracks of the sanitary mechanism do not appear.

Suspended bowls

Cover device - bidet

The device of the lid is bidet.

Installation of a pendant bidet has certain difficulties, this is directly related to the installation. For installation requires the presence of a niche, which is not always possible to do in the toilet because of the small dimensions of the room.

The main frame together with the mixer and control devices is fixed in two places. It is simultaneously screwed to the floor and the fastening places in the wall. Then it is plastered with plasterboard. From the outside you can see:

  • water supply tap;
  • sewer pipes;
  • water pipes;
  • control buttons.

Fastening of the bowl of the bidet is carried out with long pins.

Direct bidet is attached over the floor surface.

Making the installation of this bidet yourself, you need to understand well that ease of installation is a deceptive phenomenon. The product is considered a rather complicated design. It consists of a number of connections, which must necessarily have a complete tightness. Reliability of assembly is in the first place. This nuance is considered the main principle of the bidet assembly. Basically this applies to any sanitary ware.

Features of the upflow

Stretch bidets, which have an upward flow, called the "fountain", are more complex in design. The main nodes are assembled at the factory. Since everything is already assembled, there will not be much effort to install. It will be necessary to fix the water supply tap, make a connection with the water pipe and drain pipe, and attach the device to the floor.

One of the curious details of the bidet is the lid. It is equipped with heating, which is carried out by the circulation of hot water. If you need to use the bidet, just open the tap, and directly from the cover, warm water is sent to the fountain.

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