Modern design of a combined bathroom

Increasingly, when reshaping apartments owners want to increase the amount of useful space, they come to the conclusion that for them the best option will be the combination of kitchen and bathroom. The combination of such rooms as kitchen and bathroom is often a compelling option. In the old housing stock, where communal apartments were located, there is often no room for a bath and toilet. Residents of such apartments are forced to have a bath in the kitchen. How to separate the combined kitchens and bathrooms, so as not to damage the area and everything looked aesthetically pleasing?

Combination of kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are combined in apartments with a small area.

This can be achieved using various methods of zoning. The combination of a bathroom and kitchen in one area will look aesthetic only if the design of these two rooms is well thought out. Separation of two functional places can be done in various ways. Often this is done using semi-transparent sliding partitions, using floors and ceilings of different levels in the kitchen design, applying changes in colors and shades, working with lighting.

When choosing a single style for the design of a combined bathroom and kitchen, it is necessary to think over small things.

Plumbing equipment, partitions, shelves, furniture, lamps - all this gives the room a finished look, if sustained in a single style. Often such a rational solution of the problem gives an opportunity to win a few necessary square meters.


Zoning уместнее всего выполнить, применяя раздвигающиеся двери и перегородки, которые будут разделять и объединять пространство помещения одновременно.

These modern designs are needed to divide the room into parts, not narrowing the space. Separating the place for cooking from the place for hygienic procedures, get a comfortable standard of living. Transformable walls are used on demand, leaving a large part of the usable area free.

Zoning ванной и кухни

Zoning ванной и кухни производят при помощи перегородок.

With a combined toilet, the toilet is hidden behind the matt sliding partitions, which make it straight or rounded. They isolate the bath and shower zones, protecting the remaining area from water sprays.

Zoning кухни и ванной комнаты можно сделать, изменяя уровень пола или потолка. Приподнятый пол и разноуровневый потолок устраивают как на кухне, так и на территории ванны, ограничив и разделив помещение зрительно. С его созданием на кухне и в ванной комнате появятся две зоны. На кухонном пространстве можно разграничить обеденную зону от места приготовления пищи, а в ванной такое деление поможет визуально разделить зону, в которой будет установлен унитаз, в другой - размещена ванна, раковина и мебель.

Zoning с применением цвета и фактуры - эффективный метод дизайна для совмещенной ванной комнаты с кухней. Панели и потолок окрашивают в различные цвета, зоны ванной комнаты, душа, умывальника выкладывают мозаикой, которая очень красиво смотрится в сырых местах установки душевых кабинок и ванн. Пол в разных зонах можно выложить цветной плиткой, которая выделит переход из одной зоны в другую, а стены оклеить обоями. Такой вариант зонирования отлично смотрится в местах расположения сантехники.

You can change the space using furniture, using it as partitions. An unconventional arrangement of a kitchen set and a shower cubicle does not require any expenditure, only physical strength. By placing furniture and kitchen equipment on the boundaries of the zones, these spaces are limited and the necessary working areas are created.

Techno-style in the bathroom

The style of techno is characterized by a large amount of glass and metal.

Design solution

In the kitchen, combined with the bathroom, use a uniform design. Perhaps a different mixture of styles in the creation of the interior. Together with the classic style in the design of adjacent rooms can be present elements of avant-garde design, and the country style is complemented with plumbing and furniture in a modern style.

Carrying out work on creating a harmonious single design in a co-ordinated space, do not overload the zone of a bathroom and toilet with superfluous elements. Having installed a plumbing in them, they limit themselves to a small number of objects that emphasize the general chosen style. It can be suitable shelves, towel warmers, bedside tables.

If one chooses stylistic features of high-tech for decoration, they mean in the interior details the presence of metallic luster. To create this style make partitions from perforated metal, use various accessories, which can be white, gray or black, decorated with chrome, matte metal elements.

Modernism will require the purchase of furniture that has smooth and soft lines. The textiles used in this style should have a pattern reminiscent of a floral ornament. In this style, a free lay-out, a multi-level floor, large windows, and decorative details are almost absent.

Furniture in the Art Nouveau style has classic rectangular shapes or curved lines with glass doors decorated with stained glass. The design of the bathroom in this style will look great if it is finished with tiles, and the designer will choose the plumbing.

Scandinavian and techno-styles

Creating a Scandinavian style in the kitchen, choose for the design of the room natural colors and natural finishes. Restrained coloring of this style requires wooden floors of light wood, which in the modern version is changed to a laminate of natural tone. The walls are decorated with light wallpaper. Wooden furniture is bought without pretentious finishing.

Scandinavian style in the kitchen

Scandinavian style in the kitchen suggests a lot of white color because of which the space of the room will seem bigger.

The design of the bathroom is done in natural yellow-blue tones. It is decorated with ceramics, and the walls are painted with light paint.

The techno-kitchen in its interior is similar to the workshop, and the bathroom looks as if it had a fantastic catastrophe. The decoration uses glass and metal, built into the walls in the most bizarre way. In furniture and used partitions often used elements of style, such as corrugated and perforated metal sheets. Glass tables, lamps, reminiscent of professional equipment - a sign of this style. Bamboo flooring and blinds soften the style of techno, making it more fit for life.

The French style is practical, it uses natural textiles for decor, created modern interiors leave a pleasant feeling of coziness. Decorating the room in this style, use colors of natural shades.

In the interior should be metal furniture in the color of silver or gold. The design of the bathroom and the kitchen is complemented by the arranged baskets, in which dry herbs lie. One of the elements of the French style are the ancient vials of colored glass, in which once were essential oils, perfumes, wine.

With future design and the choice of suitable style are determined before the beginning of all works. It should be traced both in the interior design and in the color scheme.

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