Modern design of a comfortable small bathroom

A small bathroom is the trouble of many houses built in the last century. But if you apply fantasy to the design of such an inconvenient and intimate room, you can make it not only functional, but also comfortable, comfortable and very beautiful. Thinking over the future interior, remember that the bathroom is not only a place for daily hygienic procedures. With a certain effort, it can be made a zone designed to relax after a busy day.

Combined bathroom

The combination of a bathroom and a bathroom will help increase space.

The design of a small bathroom must be carefully thought out.

After all, you will not only beautifully decorate the walls, floor and ceiling, but also properly place plumbing, household appliances, towel warmers and much more. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the planning stage very seriously.

Space saving due to corner bath

Figure 1. Using a corner bath and corner shower space saves the bathroom space.


Increase the area of ​​small bathrooms will help redevelopment and the integration of a bathroom and a bathroom in one room. To do this, usually demolish the partition, located between the toilet and the bathroom. Of course, this will get a few extra meters. But such a solution has a number of significant drawbacks:

  1. Inconvenience of using a combined bathroom. In order to visit the toilet, household members will have to wait until you take a shower.
  2. Non-compliance with sanitary norms. Bacteria, the natural habitat of which is the toilet, get on hygiene items: towels, sponges, sponges and so on.
  3. Possible inconsistency with construction norms. Re-planning must necessarily be coordinated in the relevant organizations. And regulations do not always allow the combination of a bathroom and a toilet.
Scheme of assembly of a corner curbstone under the sink

The scheme of the assembly of the corner cabinet for the sink.

But if possible difficulties do not frighten you, you can think of a very interesting design for a small bathroom. An example of such a redevelopment is shown in Fig. 1.

With a competent approach in one room can fit not only the bathroom and toilet, but the shower. But remember that such a radical alteration will entail considerable financial costs. Therefore, it is much more reasonable to just choose the suitable bathroom design.

Visual increase

Bathroom, the design of which is chosen correctly, can look much more than it really is. First of all, you need to choose the right color solution for decorating the room. Typically, rooms where the walls are finished with light materials, look more spacious. But a small bathroom with white tiled walls can sometimes cause associations with public places of common use. Therefore it is more reasonable to choose not white, but light blue, beige, greenish tile. Will help to expand the space and narrow vertical colored panels. They visually raise the ceiling, and the room will look more spacious. An example of such a solution is shown in Fig. 2.

A favorite technique for designers trying to expand the space of small bathrooms is using mirrors. And it is not necessary to mount large reflecting surfaces to hang. You can decorate one of the walls decorated with a mosaic with a small mirror tile. Or fix the mirrors under the ceiling. Then they are at an angle so that the person taking a shower does not see his reflection.

Vertical lines in the bathroom interior

Figure 2. Vertical lines visually increase space.

Sometimes for small bathrooms real contrasting floor and ceiling is the real salvation. At the same time, the floor must be dark. Then a bright ceiling covering reflected in the glossy floor tile will visually expand the space. Especially spectacular it looks when the ceiling of the bathroom mounted spotlights.

When planning a bathroom design, remember the basic rule: the smaller the room, the more light there should be in it. Therefore, try to correctly place the light sources.


Usually for bathrooms one, maximum two light sources are used. But this not only does not expand the space, but does not adorn it either. With the right, multi-level light, even a tiny room can look much more spacious.

Example of bathroom lighting

Figure 3. The luminaire should harmoniously fit into the design of the bathroom.

And for small bathrooms it is not necessary to choose small sconces or built-in lamps. Sometimes a large chandelier looks very appropriate and organic. Such an example is shown in Fig. 3.

The appearance of the lighting fixture should be combined with the design of the entire bathroom. For example, in the room shown in Fig. 3, the pattern on the chandelier repeats itself on the tiled wall panel.

Drawing of hanging cabinet

Drawing of a suspended pedestal.

The bathroom, designed in modern style, can be illuminated in several planes. For example, you can mount a spotlight just above the floor, set a pair of sconces on the sides of the mirror and decorate the ceiling with a stylish chandelier. And if the bathroom light is also colorful, then the whole interior can acquire uniqueness and inimitable individuality.

In old houses, the wall separating the bathroom and the kitchen is often equipped with a small window. In recent years, it was most often pawned, considering it an extra element of the interior. But it can serve not only as an additional source of light, but also as an interesting detail of design. And, of course, we must not forget about aromatic candles that will not only illuminate the room, but will also add to it an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

Set up furniture

Planning the design of the bathroom, we must not forget about the furniture. It will help to properly zonate space, hide the protruding pipes and provide additional storage space. You can purchase a ready-made set. But, as a rule, such furniture is not designed for small bathrooms. Usually cabinets in them are cumbersome and take up a lot of space.

Niches from plasterboard in the bathroom

Figure 4. Cumbersome cabinets and shelves in the bathroom can be replaced with neat gypsum board recesses.

The way out of this situation can be furniture made and assembled with their own hands. This solution will not only allow you to save money and organize space to your own taste. Cabinets and shelves made of plasterboard can become the main accent of the room. An example of such a design is shown in Fig. 4.

The overall bright bathroom design can be "diluted" with the bright doors of the shelves, and the horizontal line of the upper cabinets will set the overall geometry of the space. Therefore, in the interior design can be used only 2 colors, but the room does not look boring and sad.

The color of the furniture itself must be combined with the decoration of the walls of the room. This will allow the cabinets and shelves to "dissolve" indoors. They will not clutter the bathroom and make it visually more spacious. But the doors can be not only bright, but also mirrored, equipped with spotlights or colored lights. This technique, like the use of mirrors on the walls, will help a small bathroom to become more spacious and lighter.

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