Modern design of floor tiles

The tile is able to completely change the appearance of any room. The same must be said about the bathroom, where the finishing of walls and floors with ceramic tiles plays an important role. Thanks to this modern finishing material, the design of the room can become original, individual and aesthetically attractive. Using different ways of laying tiles, you can visually expand the room and make it more refined.

Floor tiles in the bathroom

In order to visually expand the room, it is necessary to use different ways of laying the tiles.

Types of layout

Before buying the required amount of tiles for the floor, you should carefully consider what material will be used: large or small, single-color or with a pattern, one or more colors. In order to make the right choice, you need to familiarize yourself with the types of tiling that are currently used by masters for facing works. So, floor elements can be laid in a basic or chess way. These styles are classic and will never go out of style. The design of the room depends on the method of decoration.

Basic (basic) way of laying

Layout plan for floor tiles

Layout plan for floor tiles.

This style of flooring is quite simple in operation and can be used for almost any bathroom. Here, the elements of the facing material are laid parallel to each other, which results in smooth lines that can go either at right angles to the walls, or diagonally.

The design of the tile in this case depends on the style decision of the room and can be either monophonic or multi-colored. But experts still recommend using a material of several tones for finishing the floor in a basic way, because a tile of the same color may look slightly dull and unattractive.

If the composition of the tile is used for grouting the elements, this can look very profitable and elegant. Thus, you can beat the design, in which the walls will be made in light colors, and the floor - in the dark. In this case, the grout color of the floor tiles will be similar to the color of the walls.

Using a material of different colors or with a pattern, you can create a surface that is almost identical to any style direction. A basic method can be laid out and tile, imitating natural stone or wood. Separation of seams is not needed.

The bathroom will look very harmonious, when finishing the floor, a combination of large and small tile elements is used.

Floor tiles for wood

Effectively in the bathroom looks floor tiles, imitating natural materials.

What else should be considered in the basic method? Of course, the visual effects that are created by tile. So, in small rooms it is desirable to produce a layout of tile elements diagonally: this will visually expand the bathroom.

Chess or modular version

This method is much more complicated than the base one, it requires certain skills to work, but this bathroom looks more refined and respectable.

Layout of ceramic tiles

Layout of ceramic tiles.

What distinguishes the chess method from the basic one? First of all, the mandatory use of elements of different sizes and preferably colors.

Specialists recommend using a tile of one manufacturer for finishing the room with a modular style, so that, differing in color or size, it does not differ in texture. Also it should be remembered that to achieve the ideal location of the cladding elements on the floor it is possible only with full preliminary unfolding. In this case, it is desirable that one of the tile tones correspond to the tone used for wall decoration.

When creating a bathroom design, careful thinking and choosing the layouts and colors of floor tiles is a must-attend event, which must be taken seriously.

After all, it is from the complete correspondence of all elements of design that each other will depend not only on the comfort in the room, but also on its attractive appearance.

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