Modern design of the bathroom

Bathroom becomes tight not only when the architectural features of the premises do not allow to allocate more space for it, it is often associated with an illiterate distribution of the space inside it. Virtually any small-sized bathroom can be equipped according to the latest world requirements for the interior and visually increase its area. The design of a small sized bathroom requires the allocation of important elements and the removal of unnecessary ones.

Design of a small bathroom

In the interior of a small bathroom is recommended the use of a minimum amount of furniture.

In most developed countries, only a minimal number of accessories are stored in the bathroom, so their interior differs so much from the domestic bathrooms. The Russian mentality is grafted Soviet, in those days people often stored in the bathroom even what is not needed. This was due to the fact that any accessory may be needed, so you need to keep it handy all the time.

For this reason, Russian bathrooms often store decorative cosmetics, dirty laundry, a lot of shampoos and gels, powders for washing and cleansers.

Modern design

Bathroom layout

The layout of the bathroom with a bath and shower.

The design of the bathroom has a large number of solutions that can be reconstructed depending on its area and the combined bathroom. At the same time, it's worth abandoning the gilded elements, which emphasize the wealth of the owners, games with drapery and vulgar ornamental colors. All this is a remnant of the Middle Ages, when the rooms for washing were huge.

Modern bathrooms in most cases have a modest layout, so few people can afford to waste a free space. Today, the most fashionable trends are bathrooms with aged minimalism or with an interior in the style of Hi-Tech. Some still use the classic design with modernized elements. Therefore, all these types of design remain in demand and relevant to this day.

More empty space, austerity, light shades, direct and clear lines - the trend of this century. The design of the bathroom in this style will be enjoyed by all without exception. In addition, it will remain relevant for quite a long period.

Interesting solutions

Small-sized premises for a bathroom are a legacy of the post-Soviet period, so today almost all the high-rise buildings in Russia have small rooms allocated for a bathroom. For such bathrooms it is recommended to equip the design in the style of minimalism. The baroque style and bright abstract colors will only oppress an already small room. A small space can be visually increased only through straight lines and minimizing details.

Natural lighting in the bathroom

For visual expansion, use wall mirrors and good lighting.

In addition, the bathroom can be visually enlarged due to large wall mirrors, but it is worth considering that they tend to fog from a large number of steam. To ensure the cleanliness of this room, you will have to establish good ventilation.

Another method of visual expansion of the room is to decorate the interior with materials with light colors. It is not recommended to decorate the design exclusively with white, it does not affect the general perception of a person with a long stay in such a room. In addition, white materials need daily cleaning.

The best solution is to choose a light tone of the color you like, which in the future can be supplemented with details from a contrasting hue. The variant of two identical colors with varying degrees of saturation will also fit well into the small-sized bathroom.

An important point in creating an interesting interior for a bathroom is the basic rule: the longitudinal strips create a visual extension, the transverse - the illusory rise of the ceilings.

The use of floor or suspended tables in modern design is unacceptable, as they do not always fit into such an interior. It is recommended to surround the room with built-in furniture. It should be remembered that individual elements restrict the room much more, so it is better to place in the bathroom solid and wide shelf cabinets. If you do not have very uniform walls, they will cover up their flaws. In addition, in such cabinets you can place all cleaning and cleaning products that were previously in sight.

Visual expansion can also be achieved by increasing artificial lighting. If you fill the ceiling area with small lamps, the bathroom will become much lighter. Recently, small lamps dot the circle of wall mirrors, which is also a worthy solution, increasing the room.

If the door is unlocked inward, change it or alter the structure. When you open the door outside the bathroom will become much more spacious and will not constrain the person who is in it.

Interior options

Design of a combined bathroom

The most common variations of the layout of the combined bathroom: the bath is located at the far wall and the bathroom is located closer to the center.

As a rule, rooms with a combined bathroom have more free space due to space saving due to the lack of a partition. Therefore, for such bathrooms there are methods of expanding space and arranging an interesting design.

The most common variations of the layout of a combined bathroom are:

  • The simplest: the bath is placed at the far wall, and the other elements are located near the free side;
  • without butt ends: the bathroom is located closer to the center, and its circumference remains free.

The second variation is less economical in terms of free space, so in such cases large mirrors hang on the walls.

To create a truly modern design in a bathroom with a combined bathroom it is recommended to purchase a corner bath that is located at the end of the room. It will help save more free space and perfectly fit into this type of layout.

Corner baths have the following varieties:

  • oval (with rounded edges);
  • square (with straight lines);
  • Curved (with unusual edges and original shape);
  • round (large).

The latter variety rarely approaches small-sized bathrooms, therefore, with appropriate restrictions, this option is recommended to be excluded.

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