Modern interior design of the bathroom in retro and hi-tech

Before making repairs in any room in the house, each owner thinks about what style to use when designing. Interior design will determine the perception of the room and can allow you to eliminate the shortcomings of a small room, using all the possibilities spacious.

Bathroom in high-tech style

Figure 1. When designing a bath in the style of high-tech it is important to withstand colors in one color scheme.

Hi-tech style

The hi-tech style is most harmonious today, as it reflects the modernity and development of technologies. As the main defining bathroom in this style is the functionality with a small number of accessories and furniture. When decorating the floor and walls, materials are used, including plastic, chrome-plated metal, as well as glass elements, which can be seen in Fig. 1.

Modern design of the bathroom

Figure 2. For the style of high-tech is characterized by a combination of monochrome colors and clear shapes.

It is possible to use traditional tiles when decorating walls and floors, but it is important to select it correctly. It should have a clear shape and a glossy surface. Specific specularity of the stretch ceiling will be an excellent addition to the described style of the bathroom. You can use suspended ceilings, in addition, they will be practical.

Items of furniture should be small, but they must be functional. It is better to abandon the use of traditional bedside tables and lockers, replacing them with built-in structures that will be visible only after opening. However, you can use in the space of such a bathroom racks, put on chrome legs. If their shelves are closed, then it is recommended to use mirror surfaces as facades. If the territory of the bathroom is limited, then in the role of lockers you can apply strict metal furniture items.

The interior design will not look organic with the traditional cast-iron bathroom, it is preferable to choose a modern shower cubicle. If it is not provided, when choosing a bathroom it is worth paying attention to models with chrome plated coating.

Perfectly fit in the interior of acrylic bathtubs, which are presented in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. If there is a possibility, it is necessary to buy a bath of asymmetrical shape, this will emphasize the elegance of the room.

Bathroom in retro style

Figure 3. The bathroom can be aged with the help of coarse-grained sandpaper.

The shape of the washbasin must also be unusual, it is worth paying attention to the sinks made of glass. Decorating a bathroom in high-tech style in a private house, it is not necessary to install a ceramic sink, as it will certainly bring dissonance to the interior. The color performance of plumbing fixtures is also extremely important, the interior design should have monochrome shades, from golden and bronze it is necessary to refuse, the color solution can be seen in Fig. 2.

The main features of the high-tech style:

  • glass elements;
  • clear forms of furniture;
  • glossy surfaces of coatings;
  • Built-in constructions;
  • mirror surfaces;
  • chrome plated plumbing fixtures.

Retro design

You can decorate the bathroom in a private house in retro style. As the main condition of this bathroom interior can be called color solutions. The basic ones are red, black and white. If the master can competently combine them, then this will give an excellent result.

Bathroom in classic retro style

Figure 4. Bathroom in retro style should be white with bronze massive legs.

Plumbing is preferable to choose in white tones. Mirrors should be enclosed in a Gothic framework that has large patterns. The support for the bath can be made in bronze.

If the repair is carried out in a private house, then, most likely, the bathroom has a very large area, this will allow you to use the recommendation to install it in the middle of the room, it must be made of cast iron and complemented with antique cranes and legs.

When considering the options for sanitary equipment, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to buy antique valves, soap dishes made of porcelain.

In the corner you can install a cabinet completely made of wood, you should choose exotic rocks as a material, as they are characterized by moisture resistance and can last a long time.

Choosing the color for the finish of the floor, give preference to bronze or sand colors, it will look great brown shade.

If the interior of the room is supposed to be made in light colors, you should purchase eye-catching accessories of dark color.

If you are not afraid of bold solutions for the house, then the bathroom can be designed very unusual, for example, as in Fig. 3. It will not only allow you to get a completely unique interior, but also save on repairs, because you can make aging of some items yourself with the help of a paint that is cracked after application.

Features of the bathroom, decorated in a retro style:

  • predominance of red and black shades;
  • plumbing, made in white tones;
  • mirrors enclosed in the Gothic framework;
  • installation of a bath in the middle of the room;
  • ancient gates;
  • objects of furniture made from exotic wood.

When decorating a bathroom in retro style, you will have to abandon the installation of a shower cubicle (Figure 4).

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