Modern ways of laying tiles in the bathroom

Over the years, ceramic tiles are a sought after building material for lining bathrooms and bathrooms. Its demand is due not only to the large choice of design performance, but also practical. Today's manufacturers are pleased to offer a huge selection of sizes, an abundance of design solutions and a wide range of colors. But these are not all qualities that make it possible to achieve a designer interior, it is important to properly tile the bathroom. Thanks to the competent layout of the elements, the room can be given a cozy appearance, as well as hide all its shortcomings.

Bathroom Design

Due to wear resistance and moisture resistance, the tile is used for bathroom design.

Modern tiles are quite practical material for facing, due to which it is possible to imitate any natural material, like wood, stone and metal. Due to wear resistance and moisture resistance in most cases, it is used for interior design in the bathroom.

To achieve high aesthetics and create a harmonious atmosphere, you can combine several colors of tiles. But before embarking on the facing, it is important to take into account some factors. The first thing you need to evaluate all the technical characteristics: the height of the room, area and layout. At the same time, all the nuances and methods of laying the facing material must be solved at once.

Layout Method

Calculation scheme for bathroom tiles

Calculation scheme for bathroom tiles.

The method of the wall panel is a classic option, as it is used in any plumbing room, regardless of its dimensions and stylistics. The installation of tiles in the bathroom in this way visually makes it lower, but adds volume. Schematically it looks simple: from the floor is laid out a third of the wall with tiles of dark colors, and further up to the top - light tones.

Where there is a fusion of different colors, the joint can be finished using a curb decoration. Floors in this case can be mounted under the color of the walls or you can make a contrast, this is made to the taste of the owner.

If the bathroom in its design features is high and narrowed, it is possible to use a more bold color combination. So, with this method, tiles of light shades from below and dark ones on the upper part of the walls will be acceptable. Light panel tones, mounted below, at first glance, make the room wider, and from the top it seems to dissolve.

If the bathroom is sufficiently high ceiling, then the panel is recommended to lift. A similar effect is achieved if the contrasting tile layout in the bathroom does not occur from the floor surface, but half above the wall surface.

Layout of tiling in the bathroom

Layout of tiling in the bathroom.

There is also a way of horizontal bands. A similar method, which was mentioned above, can be attributed to this layout.

Stacked horizontally, made of decorative tile elements, are narrow or expanded, they are mounted in several tiles.

With this installation, the strips are positioned both in the lower third of the wall surface, and in the center or closer to the ceiling.

The number of horizontal stripes reaches several pieces, and to create a spectacular color you can use more than one color.

Such a stacking order is clearly capable of expanding the room, while giving a feeling of bulk and sense of order.

Practical recommendations

The most common layout layout is this: the floors are laid out with dark tones, the walls are made in light colors with a wide strip of the color of the floor, which is arranged somewhere in the center. This wide strip in the middle of the wall can be separated by a curb decoration.

Vertically located bands are also popular. This method of laying tiles in the bathroom, at first glance, lengthens the height, adding bathroom monumental elements, but at the same time narrowing the space. In this regard, such a stacking order for narrow bathrooms will not work.

But you can choose the best option by combining two types of laying tiles: horizontally and vertically arranged strips, then the narrowing properties can be eliminated.

Options for laying ceramic tiles in the bathroom

Options for laying ceramic tiles in the bathroom.

Strips can be selected as wide or narrow, and their length can be chosen different:

  • full length from floor to ceiling;
  • placing it above the floor;
  • a tearing strip on the way to the ceiling;
  • more than one band, which begin and end in a chaotic order.

Strips, located vertically and at different levels, with modern decoration are the most common.

Layout "floor with a curb" is very original. The first or two rows of walls are lined with tiles, which were laid on the floor. Such an uncomplicated scheme makes the bathroom wider, but lower.

The scheme of laying tiles on the walls of the bathroom

The scheme of laying tiles on the walls of the bathroom.

The next method is a scheme with accent fragments. This method in modern bathrooms is very popular, but it can not be applied in any rooms.

With such a stacking, one color is used for the background, which occupies almost the entire wall, and individual areas should be highlighted with decorative tiles or in contrast with the opposite tint. Thanks to this layout, the space is divided into zones. But it is important to take into account that in small bathrooms such fragments lead to imbalance.

For example, up to the ceiling, the strip behind the flushing cask in the narrow bathroom is narrowing it even more. Well and if to designate separate sites in a bathroom it can lead to "confusion".

It is not recommended to allocate more than three plots in the bathroom.

So you can apply individual elements in the places of washbasins, showers and coils.

To avoid lengthening the room when laying a vertical fragment, it is important to spread it not from the floor or start from the floor, but do not bring the fragment to the ceiling.

Use of equal colors. When using this layout, apply a few color shades (about three), the layout is uniformly, without mixing colors. Or one more way: when one half of the bathroom is tiled with the same color of tile, and the second - by another. In this way, you can also cover three walls in different colors.

The main factors

The scheme of facing the floor in the bathroom with tiles

Layout of the floor in the bathroom tiles.

The sequence of tile laying with this method takes into account the placed elements: for example, for the half of the room where the bath itself is located, the tile is used in the same color, and for the wall opposite - the other. Also using a few shades, the shower zone, washbasin, and the hanger stand out. Well, in the lining of the floor surface, you can use all colors, placing them, for example, in checkerboard pattern or using another option, docking is done in the center.

The principle of laying the "kaleidoscope" is original. This scheme gives the bathroom a certain brightness, since when performing this kind of masonry, several colors of the tile are combined at once, which are laid out chaotically or with consistency. Such a scheme acts on the nervous system excitingly, and therefore it is recommended to use it for natures who easily perceive creative disorder, since such a lining is capable of charging positive for the whole day.

The favorite in furnishing the bathroom today is the decorative elements that emphasize a certain style. Do not forget that aesthetic components play an important role in the creation of any interior and only properly selected tiles are able to set the individual tone and atmosphere of an exquisite and comfortable bathroom.

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