Mounting the shower enclosure

Shower cabins and boxes are an excellent alternative to a bath. They take up less space, are aesthetically pleasing and allow for significant water savings. The process of installing the shower is much more difficult than installing a conventional bath. If you follow the scheme, the manufacturer's recommendations, adhering to a certain algorithm of work, it is quite possible to mount this type of plumbing yourself.

Arrangement of shower ladder installation

Scheme of mounting the shower ladder.

Before starting the installation, it is necessary to check the equipment, the integrity of all components and components. Glasses and pallets are inspected for scratches, chips and cracks. Prepare the tools required for installation:

  1. Pipe and adjustable wrench.
  2. Screwdrivers and screwdrivers.
  3. Building level.
  4. Electric drill.
  5. Mounting gun for silicone and sealant.
  6. Set of drills.

From materials it is necessary to have at hand silicone, hoses, sewer and water pipes, fittings, transitions. Remove the protective film on the inside of the pallet, turn the pallet over and place it on a cloth or cardboard to prevent scratches. Next, assemble the frame and lay it on the pallet, controlling the coincidence of the mounting holes with the fixing inserts.

Preparatory work

Detailed scheme for installing a shower enclosure

Detailed scheme for installing the shower enclosure.

Prepare fixing studs (M-10 or M-12), put washers and screw nuts. Screw the studs into the mounting inserts. Place the frame on the studs and tighten the nuts. The frame must be in contact with the bottom of the pallet without gaps. Carefully tighten the upper and lower nuts, pressing the frame to the pallet. Screw the frame to the fixing screws of the appropriate size.

Clean the apron from the film and place it around the perimeter of the pallet. Connect the plastic brackets and the brackets with two screws. Prepare the legs, tighten the nuts and washers and thread the brackets. Adjust the curvature, perpendicularity and position of the apron with respect to the brackets.

Mount the siphon consisting of the lower and upper parts, the rubber gasket and the fixing nut. First install the upper part of the shower enclosure using a silicone and rubber gasket. On the other hand, lay the second flat gasket and screw the bottom plastic siphon assembly according to the instructions. All gaskets and threaded connections are treated with silicone. Make sure that there is no distortion.

Installing the pallet

After the above manipulations with the pallet it is possible to set it in the working position. Check that the level is level. Next, prepare to install the side panels, top, doors, center pillar, mixer and other units of the shower.

Wiring diagram of the shower cubicle

The scheme of connection of a shower cabin.

After the installation of the roof and ceiling. Take a lamp, shower, decor elements, speaker. From the ceiling, remove the film and install all the nodes on the roof of the shower. Then you collect a semicircular frame of sliding doors of a shower cabin. Assembly and installation follow the instructions, fastening - using screws. As a rule, the profiles are marked with "Up" and "Down" labels. The first indicates the upper profile, and the second - the lower one. Elements of straight profiles are installed in a special groove. Do not forget to check the docking points.

Twist all elements of the shower enclosure with screws according to the instructions. Complete the side panels. Often the scheme involves the installation of a watering can, a mirror, all kinds of shelves and a holder. Fold the elements of the central panel, fix the mixer handles using a screwdriver.

Complete the installation on the pallet. First, make the installation of the side panel, then - the central, then - the back and the second side. All panels are connected together according to the installation instructions for the shower enclosure. Pay special attention to the correctness of the horizontal connection of the elements, the evenness of the construction and unnecessary gaps. Check the verticality of the roof and pallet. Installation of the ceiling in the hydromassage construction should be done according to the scheme using screws. The roof and ceiling should not be loose.

Diagram of shower enclosure

Diagram of the shower enclosure.

It is unacceptable to screw the screws into the drain channels of the shower cabin. All cracks, irregularities and cracks are carefully smeared with silicone to prevent possible leaks. Complete the door leafs and side panel panes with cilia. As a rule, first fix the side front windows with gaskets. The installation of the shower enclosure continues. Correctly install sliding doors on rollers:

  1. Look at the concavity.
  2. Find the upper and lower parts.
  3. Mount the upper rollers.
  4. Mount the lower rollers.
  5. Mount the door on the upper roller mechanism.
  6. Adjust the tightness of the doors.

Final Steps

After installing the shower enclosure, it is necessary to connect it to the water supply and sewerage system. The water supply is carried out using flexible hoses and pipelines. The cold and hot water connection points according to the instruction are marked and marked on the executive circuit. The distance between the carts must be at least 20-30 cm. It is also necessary to exclude all possible tension of communications, to exclude the kink of the corrugation of the sewer pipe.

For electric power lay a special cable of waterproof design with mandatory installation of an RCD and a grounding pad. A socket for connecting the electric part of the shower enclosure is placed on the rear side.

At the final stage of installation, the cabin is tested under load for correct operation of all systems, tightness of the connection of elements, siphon, supply and discharge pipelines.

When summarizing the results, I want to make the following recommendations:

  1. Study the design of the shower in the store before buying. Pay attention to the dimensions.
  2. Practice picking up the cabin in convenient conditions that do not hamper your movements.
  3. Check the equipment and fixture, the instructions in this will help. Use only factory accessories.
  4. If necessary, make a waterproofing of the floor, walls and ceiling.
  5. Check the room, make all necessary communications before installing the shower.
  6. Pay special attention to the installation and tightness of the ladder.
  7. Do not forget about the filter to remove large particles and mechanical impurities from the water.

Mounting the shower is not an easy task. But if you carefully study the manufacturer's instructions and observe certain rules, you can easily mount a shower enclosure.

Even if you do not cope with this task, you can always call for help from specialists who will perform this work qualitatively and on time.

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