Mounting the shower hydromassage cabin

Mounting the shower enclosure with your own hands is only possible with the right choice. The bathroom is an important functional room of the apartment, but not always has enough dimensions for painless integration of this design inside it. You have to sacrifice the size of the bath or completely remove it from a small enclosed space (Figure 1).

Diagram of shower enclosure

Figure 1. Diagram of shower enclosure.

The assembly of the shower cabin with its own hands takes much less time when choosing an open model. Corner installation of the cabin with your own hands includes the following operations:

  • installation of a pallet;
  • assembling of wall elements;
  • fastening them to walls, a pallet;
  • установка сдвижных дверей;
  • installation of plumbing fixtures.

To increase the life of the structure, experts recommend either the purchase of an expensive model with high-quality components, or the purchase of a Chinese booth, the replacement of all fasteners, shower, sealing elements with better quality in the same store. The quality of pallets, doors of any manufacturers differs insignificantly. However, in the second variant there is a saving of one and a half times (Figure 2)

Installing the pallet

Wiring diagram of the shower cubicle

Figure 2. Wiring diagram of the shower enclosure.

The shower enclosure includes a pallet rack, and their number can vary from 5 to 7 pieces. The principle of assembly is always the same:

  • assembly of the cabin with your own hands from the factory set - to check the presence of all sealing, fastening, power, decorative elements;
  • partial disassembly;
  • installation of a pallet;
  • sewage piping;
  • exterior decoration.

The peculiarity of the pallet mounting is the original scheme of the supporting structure. In some models, a metal profile frame is used that is attached to the bottom of the pallet in the center. The horizontal of the rails is adjusted by screwing the legs, fixed on the pins at the edges of the frame.

In other models for the installation of the pallet, studs without a frame are used. Each is screwed into a special hole with a thread on the bottom of the pallet in the corners, in the center.

The assembly of the shower at this stage has several secrets:

  • the lower supports have a slight thread path, so they perform a fine adjustment of the horizontal level;
  • The rough adjustment of the pallet horizon is made by upper nuts located above the frame in the middle part of the studs.

The resource of the shower enclosure largely depends on the correct installation of the pallet. It is necessary to achieve the absence of overflows, uniform support of the structure on all legs without exception. After fine adjustments of the horizontal line at the place of operation, the structure is turned over and the drainage system is installed in the drip tray.

The scheme of installation of the shower tray

The scheme of installation of the shower tray.

The gangway has a built-in water trap assembly, so you do not need to purchase this assembly. Extraneous sewage smells are safely cut off by the hydraulic seal, complete drying of the liquid column in it for apartments with frequent use of the shower is irrelevant, unlike bathhouses with weekly operation.

The airtightness of the shower enclosure in the tray assembly is provided by a silicone sealant.

This composition is smeared with a siphon during installation, the side seams are sealed in places where the pallet abuts against the wall covering (tiles or PVC panels). During installation, a standard tube with a sealant is used, loaded into the gun to smoothly squeeze out the mixture.

Elements of construction

At the next stage of the shower assembly, the panels are equipped with accessories. After installing it in the field of operation, this will not be possible, since access to the back surface adjacent to the wall is difficult. The number of accessories varies in the models of manufacturers. The most common accessories for a shower enclosure are as follows:

  • shower head holder;
  • shelves;
  • foot massager;
  • additional options (touch panel, Charcot's shower, telephone, turntable, radio, backlight).

Mounting is carried out by the factory mounting hardware included in the kit. Then, the rear walls of the shower cubicle are installed.

The scheme of installation and hermetic sealing of a shower booth

Figure 3. Scheme of installation and sealing the shower.

It is more convenient to do this on a pallet, as the panels with fittings have a solid weight (actual for glass modifications). The frame of the front part, the shower assembly is possible only after these operations, since the assembled arc-shaped profiles with the vertical posts have insufficient rigidity (Figure 3)

In the penultimate stage, the ceiling of the shower enclosure is mounted, on the top of which there is usually a power supply unit that reduces the household 220 V to 12 V, which is necessary for lighting, speakers, and other electrical appliances.

At the last stage, the installation of the shower enclosure with its own hands includes the installation of glass or plastic doors, checking for leaks with the watering can. The final stiffness of the shower enclosure is attached to the front glass walls. They reliably fix the upper semicircular guide profile, in which the sliding doors will move.

Plumbing installation

The shower is fixed in accordance with the type of the chosen design - in the upper ceiling panel or on the side stand (in open budget models).

Ventilation is present only in elite modifications of the leading manufacturers of booths.

However, many users mount a cooler from the PC system unit to the roof, cutting a hole of the appropriate shape, size (Figure 3)

The installation of a shower enclosure on this is considered complete. In more advanced models, it may require the additional installation of a hydromassage nozzle.

This node can be of several types:

  • turbo-jet - alternating intense, stroking massage with a spiral twisting of a liquid stream;
  • soft hydro massage - the jet at the outlet from the nozzle is divided into small drops;
  • Hard massage is carried out by thin directed streams of water.

The version of the hydromassage used depends on the equipment of a particular model. Landing holes for these assemblies facilitate assembly, instructions usually provide a detailed description of the installation scheme. From the quality of sealing of all joints, interfaces of the structural elements, the cabin's resource, convenience of use, protection of the lower neighbors from leaks depend.

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