Optimal design of a narrow bathroom

The bathroom does not always represent a complete room for taking water procedures, as in most cases this is a small space. And it requires somehow to put all the components of a comfortable life. When the design of a bathroom with a narrow layout is chosen successfully, it seems that the space is spacious enough than it actually is.

Design of a small bathroom

To increase the area of ​​the bathroom you can make a combined bathroom.

The key to correct design is a competent choice of suitable finishing materials and sanitary devices, their reasonable placement in space. Creating a bathroom design that does not shine with its breadth, the main thing is to solve two fundamental tasks: visually increase the area and place everything on real square meters.

Methods of expansion

Naturally, in reality, pushing the boundaries in a narrow room will not work. In this situation, proven design achievements come to the aid, due to which it is possible to visually expand the space. Suspended mirrors are the most acceptable way out of the difficult situation. Due to their reflective properties, a close room visually becomes wider and more comfortable. It is possible to position the mirrors in different places: on the ceiling part, walls and even in the corners.

Note: the ceiling is better to mount a square-shaped mirror, because the rectangular will only make an already already extended room.

As the surface finish of walls, the optimal choice will be the use of continuous reflective coatings or small ceramic tiles with a glossy surface (preferably monochrome, without any hint at the picture). An excellent method - a mosaic tile.

Vertical lines in the interior

Vertical lines in the interior of the bathroom visually increase the space.

Here you can resort to a game of color. For example, contribute to the visual separation of space and the separation of the walls of blue and light gray shades.

If you want to exotic, then you can consider a novelty - a tile with photo printing.

Images in volume, scattering sight, the best choice for home owners with a small bathroom.

Increase the floor area will allow one fairly well-known technique - laying tiles in a diagonal direction. As a flooring it is better to apply also small tiles: the larger the number of squares placed on a unit of area, the more it will look.

The design of a bathroom with a small width implies a light finish, but saturated dark and bright shades are not the best option for a cramped space in the width of the room.

Note: if the floor areas are more open, the room begins to appear larger. Pile up the floor with extra items should not be.

Considerable importance is given to lighting in this matter: the narrow design of the bathroom does not allow the presence of poorly lit places. Even the angles are important enough to illuminate. Additional lighting devices next to the mirrors can add magic, deceptively expanding the elongated bathroom.

Washing machine under the sink

In small bathrooms, you can install a washing machine under the sink.

Selection rules

When designing apartments in houses of the past era, the presence of washing machines in the bathroom was not foreseen. Today, such an assistant settles in every family and chooses the bathroom as the place of installation. Therefore, one of the most important tasks is the proper selection of the territory for it, on which it will not damage the design of the elongated bathtub and will not create obstacles for free movement on it.

The output is seen in the application of the tandem - the sink and under it the washing machine. However, you will have to take into account that this arrangement requires the purchase of special sanitary ware and household appliances, the prices for which are much higher than standard products.

When the bathroom is combined with a toilet, it is required to inscribe a toilet bowl on priceless square meters of the area. In this situation, it is recommended to give preference to suspension structures. The raised toilet is much more compact, it does not require much space, and its maintenance is much more convenient.

As an option, you can consider a corner plumbing, designed for installation in free corners.

Pay attention: the hanging toilet bowl opens, therefore, the space makes wider. To plumbing devices do not load visually the situation, they should be dissolved spatially, installing objects of glass, rather than the ordinary faience. For the same purposes it is worth considering glass cabinets and shelves. They can not bring the walls closer.

Bathroom with shower

The installation of a shower in the bathroom saves a lot of space.

Features of choice

Based on their own preferences set either a bath or a shower. From the point of view of practicality and rationality, the cab is much more advantageous.

But on the other hand, deprivation of comfortable conditions will not justify any arguments: lovers of relaxing foam do not need the latter.

Here the restriction will be in another: it is not recommended by designers to install round and corner baths in long and narrow bathrooms.

The best solution is the symmetry-free versions and rectangular baths. Excellent, if they are decorated with transparent inserts.

Pay attention: when there is no special need for a bath, it makes sense to change the shower in a compact size.

If there is any doubt as to whether the design of a narrow bathroom is correctly created, then the help of specialists in this case will not hurt.

Although no one forbids to equip everything to their own taste and according to personal preferences.

For what a suitable option can always be found on the photo, as well as combine some details of the situation, peeped in various pictures. Successful transformation of the bathroom!

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