Optimum model of a shower in the interior of the bathroom

The shower cabin in the bathroom interior looks very nice and stylish. Particularly relevant shower cabins, if the bathroom is not enough room.

Shower cabin in the bathroom

Do not choose a large shower in a small bathroom. The doors must be sliding, in order to place the locker and the washing machine.

Owners of small apartments or houses of old buildings know perfectly well that a small bathroom sometimes poses a big problem.

Therefore, more and more often you can find cases when residents of such apartments refuse standard baths in favor of a shower cubicle.

Such radical measures in changing the interior of the bathroom pursue only one goal - increase in space. Removing the tub, many get the opportunity to install a washing machine and a shower. A vacant wall will allow the installation of additional shelves or boxes for household and household needs.

Popular types

Examples of schemes of shower cabins and glass for them: with 1 and 2 swing doors

Examples of schemes for shower cabins and glass for them: with 1 and 2 swing doors.

To date, shower cabins can be divided into three current models:

  1. Wall-mounted. Such a model for placing a shower enclosure will occupy the entire wall that has been freed. For small rooms, this option is absolutely unacceptable, because the main goal of shower installation is space saving.
  2. Free standing shower cabins. Such models can only be installed in large rooms. They do not save a place, and it is difficult to imagine them in apartments.
  3. Angular models. The most popular and actual type of shower in the interior of the bathroom. Due to the optimal arrangement, it saves a lot of space.

Modern stores selling sanitary equipment for the bathroom, offer a huge range of corner showers. For small apartments perfectly fit models with the following parameters: 70x70, 80x80, 90x90. Most of them have a square or semicircular shape.

Buying a cabin, many buyers prefer to install it on their own. And this is a reasonable idea. Thus, significant savings are obtained due to self-assembly. Of course, you can buy a pre-made candy bar, but it is quite cumbersome and problematic in transportation. In addition, the monoblock from the European manufacturer is quite expensive. And Chinese manufacturers do not shine with quality.

Types of shower cabins

Shower cabins vary not only in forms, but also in functions. When choosing, you need to learn all the functionality of the booth to apply them later in practice.

Another design solution that allows you to visually increase space, is to abandon the usual pallet and build it yourself as a podium with a drain. If the floor and podium finish with one facing material, then such a shower will look more visually.

Most housewives still prefer a shower with a deep pallet. The fact is that such a pallet can help out in cases where it is necessary to soak and wash some great thing.

Even knowledgeable people are advised to give preference to those models that have a door opening mechanism of the "accordion" type. If the house has full people, then they will appreciate this function of the cabin. When buying a shower, give preference to frosted glass. On transparent models, dirt, soapy stains and water splashes look very sloppy, and you have to wipe the cab after each use.

To put a shower or not, it's up to you. But if you are concerned about the small space of the bathroom and the inability to install a washing machine in it, the shower cabin will be the best way to solve this issue.

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