Options for finishing the bathroom in khrushchev

In the Khrushchev the bathrooms are very small. We must try to ensure that the proper finish of the bathroom in Khrushchev turned this room into a cozy, beautiful and modern. There are many design developments devoted to just such a bathroom. After all, a huge number of people continue to live in such houses, built in the second half of the last century. There are some nuances that must be taken into account in the design of such a bathroom.


To save space instead of a bath you can install a shower.


It consists in the complete replacement of sanitary equipment. Large baths are replaced with a shower cabin, the frontal sinks change to angled or compact outboard models. If the bathroom is combined, then the toilet moves to a corner or changes to a smaller model. How can you do all this with your own hands?

Shower ladder arrangement

The device of a shower ladder.

If you decide to change the bathtub to the cabin, you can independently equip the shower, which occupies very little space. Such a design is remarkable in that the walls of the bathroom serve as two walls of the shower cubicle. Naturally, they need to be prepared for this. Preparation consists in high-quality waterproofing and facing of walls by tile. In order to make the waterproofing yourself, remove all old lining materials from the walls and plaster the surfaces. After the plaster dries, it is necessary to paste a waterproofing material. The simplest and cheapest option is to insulate with a ruberoid. The strips of this material are glued on the bitumen overlapping, and the seams are processed by the flame of the blowtorch. It is necessary to mount the roofing material so that it is located on the floor. Between the wall and the floor there should be no crevices.

Of course, such a waterproofing is cheap, but the smell of bitumen does not leave the room for a long time. Therefore, it is preferable to use higher quality materials based on fiberglass, which are mounted on the wall with a special mastic that has no odor. In addition to roll waterproofing materials, it is also possible to use a coating of waterproofing, which is applied to the wall surface with the help of a comb spatula.

Classical scheme of plumbing in the bathroom

Classical scheme of plumbing in the bathroom

If you repair the bathroom, it is recommended to make a waterproofing on all walls, floor and ceiling. The moisture will not penetrate the walls, and the finishing material will last much longer.

Ready waterproofing should be well dried, using a heat gun or other similar device. After drying, the walls are leveled with plaster and primed. After that, you can perform tiling with tiles.

For the shower corner you will need a pallet. Manufacturers produce these products from 70 cm in width. But you need to buy a pallet with a width of at least 80 cm to take a shower it was convenient. The shower corner can be partitioned off by a transparent glass partition. It is recommended to use glass, and not plastic, as it looks more aesthetically. Choose an impact-resistant material.

If the bathroom has a pronounced rectangular shape, then as a shower you can use its part, far from the entrance door, fencing off this place with a partition and installing the shower tray and shower. Do not block the room with opaque material, as this will greatly damage the design of the bathroom.

You can buy and a small shower cabin and install it in the bathroom. Before you make a purchase, you need to draw a bathroom plan, where you specify all sizes. An experienced salesman will help you find the right size cabin so that it harmoniously blends into the room.

The device of a floor in a bathroom with waterproofing

The device of a floor in a bathroom with waterproofing.

If you do not want to refuse a large bath, you can install a corner bath instead of it, which is also great for equipping such a place in Khrushchev.

As for the overall design of a small bathroom, then for the decoration of walls it is best to use a tile of light shades. There are, of course, design options for such bathrooms and in dark colors, but they make space even smaller. It is necessary to avoid facing the panel with panels, since during installation they steal precious centimeters. Finishing with tiles is preferable.

When choosing the methods of tile laying, it is best to do this diagonally, since this arrangement of ceramic tiles visually increases the space of the room. But this kind of laying is rather complicated and requires certain skills.

A good solution for a small bath will be the decoration of one of the walls with wallpaper with a corresponding pattern. Wallpaper should be chosen such that are intended for sticking in rooms with high humidity. Usually choose beautiful sea or river landscapes. This pattern expands the space, as if removing the wall.

Mounting of the rack ceiling

Scheme of installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom

Scheme of installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom.

The ceiling can be mounted in the rack, despite the fact that the room will be smaller by 15-20 cm. The ceiling ceiling is the ideal solution for the bathroom. It is hygienic, easy to clean, absolutely not afraid of moisture and it is possible to mount spotlights in it. Such a ceiling is not so difficult to make by yourself. To do this, it is necessary to draw a horizontal line along the perimeter of the room, retreating from the ceiling by 15-12 cm. This can be done very easily with the help of a building level and a warp thread. The metal or plastic profile is fixed on the marking, and the screeds are screwed to the ceiling of the room. On the suspensions are attached tires, on which the racks snap into place. Such work can easily be done together with an assistant.

It is recommended to insulate the ceiling of the bathroom before installing the lath ceiling using any suitable waterproofing material. Spotlights are mounted during operation. For them it is necessary to make in advance the holes of the desired diameter in the slats. It is recommended that all wiring is hidden in protective covers.

Choosing fixtures for the bathroom, it should be borne in mind that the room is with high humidity. There are appropriate luminaires, which are designed for installation in such rooms. You can find out about this from the seller or by looking at the markings on the body of the device. It consists of two letters IP and two digits from 0 to 10. One of the figures shows the security of the fixture from dust, and the other - from water. The higher the number, the greater the security.

Spot lights are good because they can be issued separate light zones. This will require devices with a directional beam of light. Thus, it is possible to identify the mirror zone, which is always recommended when doing the design of the bathroom.

Accessories для ванной комнаты

Accessories for style should echo the design of the bathroom.


Thinking over the design and choosing accessories, do not hang on the walls bulky shelves. The best models are transparent glass. The design of a small bathroom will also benefit if chromed metal and mirrors are used. It is not recommended to hang on wall sconces, it is best to use built-in lamps. But a quality chrome-plated heated towel can be a useful device and an element of interior decoration.

Carrying out repairs and drilling a tile that is already on the wall, you should use only special drills or drills with diamond dusting. Drill at right angles to the tile at low speed drills, constantly wetting the tile with water. In this case, it will be possible to avoid its cracking. To ensure that the drill does not slip on a smooth surface, it is necessary to paste an adhesive tape on the tile, marking the place where the hole is to be marked with a cross.

With some effort, it is possible to make a comfortable and attractive room from a small bathroom in Khrushchev. The resulted useful recommendations how to make design, will help with it.

When carrying out repairs, only high-quality building materials should be used.

So, cheap tile can deliver a lot of trouble when facing the walls, not matching in size and color.

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