Perfect design

The bathroom is not just a room for hygienic procedures. It is in this room that a person can remain alone with his thoughts, take a break from the bustle of the day. Design should be given special attention, and then an invigorating shower or a relaxing bath will give strength and give exclusively positive emotions.

Zonal arrangement of tiles in the bathroom

Figure 1. The boundary of the tiles should be between the sink and the mirror.

Bathroom decoration is often not given much importance, after all, it would seem that you can realize in a room of several square meters? But with the help of skillful and correct use of such practical material as ceramic tile, you can create a true masterpiece.

Correction rules

Blue tile in the bathroom

Figure 2. The design of the bath with blue tiles must be diluted with contrasting details.

More recently, the only option for decorating the bathroom was covering the entire area with tiles. This method facilitated the care of the bathroom, but visually reduced the space. Today, thanks to a wide choice of materials, everyone can choose an option to his liking, guided by the recommendations of designers. So, how does the tile affect visual perception?

  1. Tile covering the walls from ceiling to floor, visually narrows the room, makes it close and stuffy. If the size of the bathroom is far from spacious, it makes sense to combine materials. Or choose a glazed tile of a cool shade.
  2. Rectangular tiles, laid vertically, visually increase the height of ceilings. This method of laying is not suitable for close bathrooms with high ceilings, as the design will create a "well effect". Accordingly, a rectangular tile laid horizontally, visually spreads the walls.
  3. An important role is played by the presence of visible seams, they literally cut the space, reducing it. For a bathroom of modest size, you need to choose a light grout and make the seams as narrow as possible.
  4. If the zoning of the tiles is chosen, that is, the combination of the two colors, the horizontal boundary must pass at the level of the door or the edge of the mirror. Such a technique will make it possible to create a completed composition (Figure 1).
  5. The contrasting horizontal line always visually enlarges the room. In the role of a catchy border, a special frieze or strip of tile of another shade may appear.
  6. Stylish and original look "islets" of tiles. Such elements can be centered around a sanitary unit or a sink. This will facilitate the care of the room and make the design original.
  7. And it's important to remember that the bathroom should be safe. On the role of flooring is to choose a tile with a rough texture.

The role of color

Combination table for cold and warm colors

Figure 3. Combination table for cold and warm colors.

Color plays a decisive role in shaping the impression of any design. A properly selected shade of walls in the bathroom can literally transform the room.

The bathroom is a rather cramped room without a natural light source. From these characteristics it is worth to start off when choosing a color scheme.

Warm colors balance the external coolness of the room well, but you need to consider that they can visually reduce an already not too spacious bathroom. All shades of beige, peach can be used in design, they perfectly match with white. But choosing more bright and dark colors, it's worth to be careful that they do not distort the proportions of the bathroom.

Cold shades of blue and green have become the classics of the design of the bathroom. And not for nothing, they are perfectly combined with the general spirit of the room and the proximity of water. Cold colors visually expand the space. If you think that the bluish tile in the bathroom looks boring, dilute the interior with contrasting details (Figure 2).

To choose in favor of dark tones, for example, black or chocolate, is only if the bathroom is spacious enough and these colors will be supplemented by light details. In addition, it is worth considering that the darkest tile visible the smallest pollution.

Combine different shades within the same color. If you are not sure of your own artistic taste, it makes sense to focus on the color compatibility tables (Fig. 3).

Original ideas

Today, bathroom coatings of unusual color, shape and texture are very popular.

They can dilute the classic design or complete the room.

Stylish, bright and original looks tile with a surface of unusual texture. It can be imitation crocodile skin, natural stone or even wood. Such elements make the design individual and emphasize the taste of the owner.

For finishing you can use a tile of non-standard shape or size. This can be a plate 50 * 50 cm or a panel of mosaic. You need to focus on the size of the bathroom and the general style direction. The original mosaic in the classic design can simply get lost.

The bathroom, decorated with an irregularly shaped tile, will attract looks. These can be hexagons that simulate honeycombs or rhombuses. But you need to consider that such a tile imposes certain obligations. Stylish walls will have to be supplemented with equally original plumbing.

And do not neglect the mirrors. The abundance of reflective surfaces makes the room spacious and full of light.

In choosing the design of the bathroom, you should orient yourself to your own feelings and the general style of the house. And then your cozy corner will be an excellent addition and highlight of the interior.

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