Plastic panels

Kitchen or bathroom is a space in which the speed of repair is particularly important. Unwillingness to endure certain inconveniences is the main reason for many years of unchanging interiors. The replacement of tiles and other labor-consuming operations are sometimes taken for three or more weeks. It would seem that a quick repair for these rooms is simply impossible. However, manufacturers of modern finishing materials have taken a step forward.

Bathroom decoration with plastic panels

Plastic panels are among the cheapest options for finishing the bathroom.

Repair for 1-2 days - a reality. A special merit in this, of course, belongs to plastic panels. This is a new way of finishing the ceiling and walls. He appeared recently, but has already earned universal recognition and popularity.


Aligning the walls, laying the tiles and the like today does not need anything. Simply, quickly, and most importantly, it is possible to revet the walls of the bathroom or the working area of ​​the kitchen with plastic. The use of plastic panels - this is a solid advantage, both during the repair and in the future.

First, it will save you not only from the lack of comfortable conditions for the time of repair, but also from the need to tolerate noise and excessive dirt. Mounting plastic is pretty clean work. On the floor there is only a small shavings and a small debris. All this is easily and quickly removed. The risk of damage to the floor and furniture is completely excluded.

Secondly, simple installation rules that do not require certain knowledge and skills. In addition, all work can be done without the use of special tools. It is enough to use a screwdriver for fixing a wooden or metal profile and a construction stapler for mounting the panels themselves.

Fastening of plastic panels on the frame

Plastic panels are mounted on a wooden or metal frame.

Thirdly, no preparatory work of surfaces is required. For example, the alignment of walls with this method of finishing is no longer relevant, and this greatly reduces the time costs.

Fourth, plastic panels for the bathroom or kitchen - the right solution in terms of practicality. Their surface is easily cleaned from any kind of pollution, without prejudice to its kind, tolerates the chemical and mechanical effects of modern cleaning and detergents. The temperature changes and high humidity, typical for these specific spaces, do not spoil the material at all.

Fifth, the finish with plastic panels is the lightness and aesthetics of any interior. The variety of colors and textures makes it possible to implement the most daring, and sometimes "flashy" design projects.

Incredible combination

We have long been accustomed to the fact that the cheaper the material, the lower its quality. We avoid inexpensive goods, and if there are funds, we invest them in expensive products. In the case of tiles everything is not so. A low price speaks only about the availability of this method of decoration, and certainly does not infringe on its practicality and elegance. Experts believe that if you prefer plastic panels tiles, save about 40% of the funds.

PVC panels are a modern fast and high-quality way of repairing a kitchen or sanitary unit, recommended by specialists.

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