Popular options for laying tiles on the floor

During the overhaul, it is always necessary to update the surface of the flooring. One of the most common options is the laying of ceramic tiles. So, after acquiring the necessary amount of such building material, you need to choose those methods of laying the tiles on the floor, which you like.

Options for laying floor tiles

Variants of laying floor tiles.

In this case, experts recommend paying great attention to the shape and dimensions of the room in which the material is supposed to be laid. Initially, it is necessary to conduct preliminary work on the preparation of the floor surface for the laying of ceramics. For this it is worth:

  1. Clean the surface of the paint and flaking parts.
  2. Make a floor screed to create the most flat surface.
  3. The final stage of the preparatory work will be priming the surface.
Tools for laying tiles

Tools for laying tiles.

Based on the selected installation option, it is necessary to count the amount of ceramics. In this case, experts recommend making a reserve of 10%. By the way, do not forget to take into account the distance between the individual elements, in other words, the seam.

There are the following options for laying tiles:

  • traditional way;
  • diagonal variant;
  • method of "unraveling";
  • styling herringbone;
  • modular method of laying tiles;
  • laying ceramic tiles with a shift.

Traditional options

The traditional method of laying ceramic tiles is considered basic. After all, his scheme does not mean a particular idea, suggesting the layout of ceramic elements as close as possible to each other in parallel to the surface of the walls. Preferably, this method requires the use of a tile in the form of a square or rectangle.

Chess layout of tiles on the floor

The chess layout of the tiles looks interesting on the floor.

This method of laying is considered to be the simplest. After all, its implementation does not require a high professional level, and therefore the strength of an ordinary person. In order for traditional styling to become more colorful and effective, several ceramics colors must be used. This is the only way to achieve a game of color and imagination.

To obtain a good result in the laying process, horizontal and vertical joints must be carefully performed.

It is necessary to make all the work as evenly as possible. Thus it is possible to use both dimensional units of a tile, and tiny analogues. As for the color solution, in this case one can use a one-color ceramic. It is also wonderful to combine it with a small amount of tiles with ornament.

Recommendations for laying

Technology of laying tiles on the floor

Technology of laying tiles on the floor.

  1. Facing the surface of the wall must be started only from the second row. The bottom row should be final. In this case, under the conditions of need, it is worth cutting back. This is mandatory if the floor surface is uneven. After all, the wrong start of packing can cause distortion of the horizontal of the circuit, and at the top it will be very noticeable. And all the rows of ceramic tiles will look crooked.
  2. Stacking of ceramics must be done only from the center of the surface of the wall, and in no case from the corner. This is done so that all rows look the most equally. And not on one side of the tile was whole, and on the other - cut. If the work on laying starts from the middle, then, even if you have to cut the tile, it will be identical at the edges, on both sides of the cropped.

Diagonal Ornament

The basic method of laying ceramic tiles is considered the main way for any subsequent ornament, one of which is diagonal. It refers to the most complex, but very beautiful and original methods of laying ceramics.

The peculiarity of such an ornament is that its scheme is turned at an angle of 45 degrees to the wall. In this case, it is recommended to use a tile in the form of a square, the best one is a solid one. The difficulty is that each piece of ceramics that is adjacent to the walls is cut off. And this significantly increases the time for the execution of construction work and waste is obtained a lot.

On the other hand, guided by this method of laying the tiles can effectively hide any uneven floor and visually significantly expand the space of the room. The most successful use of the diagonal method in the kitchen and in the corridor of the apartment (home). And for a bathroom - this is an ideal option.

Diagram of placing tiles diagonally from the center

The scheme for placing tiles diagonally from the center.

It is very important in this case to correctly perform the calculation of materials, especially if in the future the chess ornament of the layout will be used.

Recommendations for laying are identical for both the floor surface and the walls.

Before you start directly to work on laying tiles, you need to prepare the floor surface. So, you need to thoroughly clean the bottom of the floor from the remains of the previous coating material. It can be linoleum, bitumen or wood elements. With regard to weak and especially absorbing places, it is also necessary to pre-primer the surface. After all, the flat surface of the floor facilitates the simplification of construction work on the laying of ceramics and significantly saves special glue for tiles. If the floor repairs will be done in the bathroom, it is additionally recommended to waterproof the base.

The beginning of works on diagonal packing does not involve special efforts. After all, the tiles are laid in a direct way using rectangular ceramic elements whose length is equal to the diagonal of square ceramic tiles. The latter are the main ones in the process of construction work.

Then, applying previously prepared tiles in the form of a triangle, the second row is laid along the hypotenuse. As for the subsequent series, they are recommended to be stacked according to the following samples:

  1. Guided by the technique of the horizontal series, the upper and lower corners must be arranged in a straight vertical. While there are lateral angles on the straight line.
  2. The inclined row is considered a very complicated method of laying "diagonally". After all, only an expert can produce it, a newcomer can not do it.

Ornament "on the fly"

Scheme of laying tiles in unison

Scheme of laying the tiles vserozhke.

A fairly popular option for laying tiles on the floor is considered to be an imitation of brickwork called "razor". It is best in this case to use a plain rectangular tile. Although square ceramic tiles also fit.

Laying a pattern that mimics a brick, it will look good in the corridor and kitchen. And it does not matter where it will be located, on the floor or on the walls. After all, the originality of the room is now not occupied.

In the process of laying each element of ceramic tiles on the floor, it must be positioned in such a way that the middle is always above the seam, which separates the units of the lower row. In this case, the lay-out is performed only by the method of horizontal masonry. There can be no other option.

The technology of this kind of stacking of ceramics differs little from the basic method. In this case, you only need to carefully maintain the thickness of each seam, so as a result, do not get ridges in the corners.

The main feature of laying ceramic tiles on the floor "unraveling" is the further way of facing. After all, more elegant and effective will look exactly diagonal facing. That's just this option of laying involves placing the tiles at an angle of 45º with respect to the floor surface. For precise control over the performance of the tasks it is best to use the cord-mooring cord.

In order to obtain a quality floor as a result, it is recommended to arrange the beacon plates in advance at the corners.

Then it is recommended that the screed be slightly moistened and only then lay the tile, strictly following the lighthouse.

Herringbone tile

Herringbone tiling

Laying tile herringbone.

This ornament is very spectacular and interesting. In this case, a rectangular tile is preferably used. There are two options for styling: standard "herringbone" and "herringbone with a nail".

"Herringbone" is perfect for those rooms where it is almost impossible to perform flat and straight floors, or it costs a lot. In this case, it is best to give preference to a plain tile and do not take the tiles "under the stone". After all, such a floor will be unnatural and absurd.

The process of performing such an ornament is extremely simple. It is necessary to be guided by the diagonal way of stacking with the difference that one tile lies down to the left and the other tiles to the right.

Combined drawings

For fans of original and unique things, an excellent way of laying ceramic tiles on the floor will be to use a combination of drawings, photos of which can be in different styles.

The main distinguishing feature of this method is skillful play of ways of laying tiles, making the walls, for example, "diagonally", and the surface of the floor - "herringbone". There is no limit to the flight of fantasy.

Modular installation

Modular version of tile laying

Modular version of tile laying.

This is an ideal ornament for the floor surface of small rooms. After all, it is relatively simple, but nevertheless very beautiful. By the way, even a non-professional will be able to perform this kind of packing. It is only necessary to properly perform calculations and practice.

A special feature of the modular ornament is the selection of an individual method of laying tiles, which an experienced interior designer can offer. Although for less demanding in terms of originality of customers, there is an option easier. After all, today in the building stores you can buy ready-made sets with the scheme of their laying.

If you want to go on the simplest way, then pay attention to the dimensional tile with finely drawn individual tiles. Their ornament can be different, from the most complex and to elementary simple. It is important in this case that your participation in the construction work will be minimized. After all, the scheme of the picture on the ceramic tile does everything for you, imitating the painstaking work.

Thanks to the above techniques for laying ceramic tiles on the floor, you can realize all your fantasies and any preferences.

After all, the beauty of your house is in your hands!

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