Possible options for laying tiles in the bathroom

The attractiveness of the bathroom in many respects will depend on the choice of the installation of ceramic tiles. Still, like many years ago, most often for interior decoration of this room use tile. Options for laying tiles in the bathroom can be different. It is important to choose the right way to hide the shortcomings of the room and emphasize its merits. For example, the mere application of diagonal masonry makes a visually greater small bath in the hruschevka, and the modular masonry adds to the design of individuality and uniqueness.

Tile in the bathroom

The best option for finishing the bathroom is ceramic tiles.

There are ways of laying, which even a person who wants to repair himself in the bathroom can handle. And there are those that are only available to professionals. Let's consider some variants in proportion to their complexity.

Styling Options

Tools for laying tiles

Tools for laying tiles.

From the walls of the floor and ceiling of the bathroom, the entire old cladding is removed to a brick or concrete. Then the surfaces are plastered and covered with a layer of waterproofing (roll or coating). When the waterproofing is dry, the wall is again plastered and leveled. Smooth surface is primed. Now everything is ready to proceed with the installation of ceramic tiles in the chosen way.

For installation of tiles you will need:

  • a Bulgarian or a tile cutter;
  • tile adhesive;
  • level and plumb bob;
  • plastic crosses.

Simple ways

The easiest way that even a person who has never done this, even a tile, can be laid straight. First put the bottom row, then the next and so on, until the tile is mounted on the whole wall.

Despite the fact that the direct method is extremely simple, the design looks great. On the various nuances of straight laying, there are some tips:

Ways of laying tiles in the bathroom

Ways of laying tiles in the bathroom.

  1. If the bathroom is very small, for example, in Khrushchev, the design in the form of lining with a plain light tile is a good fit. If the dimensions of the bathroom are medium, you can vary the interior, laying the bottom with a dark tile, and the top - light. A well-chosen beautiful frieze between dark and light products will complete the composition.
  2. For laying ceramic tiles in straight rows, you should carefully select the material. The slightest discrepancy in size will make installation much more difficult. It is recommended to buy goods only from well-known manufacturers, even if it costs a little more. It should be noted that the tile is mounted for several decades, so the savings here are inappropriate.
  3. The tiles can be square and rectangular. If it is rectangular, then in small bathrooms it is recommended to lay the tile horizontally.

How is the installation performed? As already mentioned, straight rows are mounted quite easily. First, two tiles are attached to the wall, which will serve as a guide. Installation always starts from the bottom row and from the far corner of the room. The products for the landmark are set according to the level, fastened to the alabaster and between them the thread is stretched. After installing the entire series, the outer tiles are also fastened to the glue. To make the seams smooth, you need to use crosses made of plastic.

Masonry in staggered order. This method does not differ from masonry in straight rows, but tiles of different colors are used, which are put in checkerboard order. This method is used both for decorating walls, and for installing tiles on the floor. He makes a notable charm in the bathroom design.

Another simple way to lay the tile - vzrazhezhku or vprivvyazku. Here, the tile is also placed in even rows, but each piece of the upper row is shifted by half in relation to the bottom row. This installation resembles a bricklaying. This method can be used with tiles of any size and shape, both square and rectangular.

Complex layouts

Stages of laying mosaic tiles in the bathroom

Stages of laying mosaic tiles in the bathroom.

One of the most difficult ways, which requires great skill, laying diagonally. Here you need to take a very responsible approach to markup, since the slightest deviation will spoil the whole view of the drawing. But if you do it right, the tiles laid out diagonally can visually expand the space of even the smallest bathroom. Very often this method is also used for floor installation, combining a diagonal on the floor with a direct laying on the walls. It should be taken into account that with this method, a lot of waste is generated, as tiles have to be cut diagonally. Therefore, it is necessary to store more material. Such work will not work if there is no good tile cutter or Bulgarian with a thin disc and skills to work with them.

There is another way, which is called modular. Modular method of laying requires the master of great care. It consists in the fact that ceramic tiles of different sizes are taken and the module is laid out of it. The module can consist of both 2-3 tiles, and more. Then the same module is laid out side by side. The tile can be not only of different sizes, but also of different colors. Such a masonry brings individuality to the design of the room.

So, the basic ways of tile laying in the bathroom are given.

They can be combined to receive non-standard design solutions.

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