Practical tips on bathroom repair

Bathroom has long been a place where you can relax, relax and be alone with yourself. However, most often repairs in this part of the dwelling are either not carried out at all because of a lack of money, or not so much money is allocated for its transformation. But this is not terrible, because you can repair the premises on your own. The following tips for repairing the bathroom will help you rationally use the allocated funds.


It should be remembered that the mirror visually increases the room.

Beginning of work

The first step is to study your bathroom. Perhaps, something is in good condition and requires only cosmetic repairs. In addition, you should check the operability of all communications. If the pipes are not covered with rust, they can simply be painted. If the inspection revealed rust spots, then the replacement of communications can not be avoided. Steel pipes of cold and hot water supply and cast-iron sewer pipes are better to replace with more modern materials - plastic, metal-plastic or copper.

Bathroom layout with bath and shower

The layout of the bathroom with a bath and shower.

After examining the room you need to consider what you want to see a new bathroom. You should think over the location of the sink, bath, toilet bowl (if the place of their placement will change), washing machine. This depends on the layout of the communications. You need to decide which furniture will be in the bathroom, where the mirror will hang.

The central place in the room is the bath. If there is not enough money to replace it, you can just update it. Depending on the material (acrylic, cast iron, steel), bath repair can have some features. The cheapest way is to restore the enamel. The disadvantages of such repairs include its fragility, as the updated enamel will serve no more than two years. This is due to the fact that it is not possible to restore all the qualities of the coating due to the imperfection of the method.

To a more modern method of updating the bath, we can refer to the manufacture of a so-called bath-insert. It is made of plumbing plastic with acrylic coating. This insert must fully comply with the geometry of the old bath. It has a light weight (about 2 kg), in addition, you can choose any color of the coating. Bath repair using this method relieves of such unpleasant consequences of bath replacement, like broken tiles.

Practical recommendations

The scheme of installation of a shower booth

The scheme of installation of a shower booth.

A modern alternative to a bath is a shower. There is a huge selection of cabs: a variety of colors, sizes, shapes. The shower cubicle fits compactly into the room. It has the same hygienic qualities as the bath.

An important step in the repair of the bathroom should be the replacement of electrical wiring. Most often in apartments it is aluminum, so it should be changed to copper. In addition, it is necessary to take care of a separate electric line for the washing machine. It is best to change the sockets and switches to special ones with protection from moisture and splashes. All electrical appliances must be earthed. After this, you can begin to finish the walls, floor and ceiling. These surfaces need to be cleaned and leveled.

It is also necessary to approach the choice of mixers. The modern market can offer several of their types: two-valve, single-lever and thermostats. The faucet with two valves is a more classic option, it allows you to precisely adjust the water temperature. Single lever mixers are easy to install and operate. A huge selection of design of the levers will allow you to choose the necessary mixer for any design of the bathroom. Thermostats have the ability to maintain a constant water temperature. This avoids a burn, since water can not be above 38 ° C.

So, the location of the main elements of the bathroom is defined, the surfaces are aligned. The next stage will be the choice of finishing materials and colors.

The building materials for the walls are huge. This is ceramic tiles, and moisture-resistant plastic panels, and washable wallpaper, and ceramic artificial or natural stone. The main advice when choosing wall material is that it must be moisture resistant and durable.

For a floor it is better to use a ceramic tile. It allows you to level the floor level. A very beautiful, but quite expensive option would be a bulk floor. It also perfectly aligns the surface of the floor. The floor can become a real masterpiece if you apply 3D technology. It consists in gluing a beautiful picture on the prepared surface, which is filled with a transparent polymer coating. As a result, you get an even and original floor. But if the funds allocated for the repair of the bathroom are limited, linoleum can be used as the finishing material.

The ceiling material must be resistant to moisture. It can be painted with water-based paint, trimmed with plastic panels. One of the popular ways to decorate the ceiling is a suspended or stretched ceiling. It allows you to hide the wiring, cut the spotlights, and also copes well with the main task - leveling the surface.

Additional variations

Most often the bathroom is small in size.

Layout of the layers when building a tiled floor and walls in the bathroom

Layout of the layers when installing the tiled floor and walls in the bathroom.

Visually, this can be corrected if the colors are correctly used in finishing the surfaces. For this you need to follow some tips for repairing the bathroom:

  1. If ceramic tiles are used as the finishing material, attention should be paid to its dimensions. Do not use large tiles if the bathroom is small.
  2. To visually increase the ceiling level, light walls should be used.
  3. Reduce the space of the bathroom bright brown and red. To add "airiness" to the room, you should use transparent and light materials.
  4. Particular attention should be paid to placing rectangular tiles. With a horizontal arrangement, the room will visually stretch, but the height of the ceiling will decrease, with the vertical arrangement, on the contrary, will increase.
  5. The use of mirror surfaces in the bathroom interior will also visually increase the room.
  6. To visually expand the space, you can use the installation of floor tiles diagonally.

The bathroom is often neglected during repairs. But it is not necessary to hire a specialized organization, many types of work can be done independently. The market of building materials contains offers for different levels of prosperity.

Tips and tricks for repairing the bathroom will help you decide in what order to do the work, how to choose the right color and suitable materials. In addition, there are some tricky tips on how to save money (for example, restoring the enamel of an old bathroom instead of buying a new one).

Repair in the bathroom is not an easy task. But the result will not keep you waiting. The bathroom will become even more beautiful and comfortable than it was before. It will become a place where you can really relax and dream.

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