Quality bathroom decoration mosaic

Perhaps, only the decoration of the bathroom with mosaic makes it possible to create in this room not only a stylish and beautiful, but also a truly exclusive interior. Another advantage of the mosaic is that this material is characterized by high strength characteristics, especially actual in rooms with high humidity.

Ways of laying mosaic tiles

Ways of laying mosaic tiles.


How to use the mosaic in decorating space is determined either by the stylistic decision, or by the host's preferences. It can not be much or little: it can be laid out or all surfaces, or use it only to accentuate any elements, the bathroom provides unlimited possibilities for creativity.

Она может активно применяться не только для стен, но и для пола, позволяя создавать прочное и оригинальное основание. Часто этот материал используется в тандеме с другими облицовочными материалами, например, керамической плиткой. Mosaic на полу ванной используется в качестве акцента, например, в виде импровизированного коврика или фриза для плитки. Но, применяя мозаику в оформлении пола ванной, следует выбирать тот ее вариант, который отличается высокими противоскользящими свойствами.

The walls of the bathroom mosaic can be finished both completely and fragmentarily. Particularly effective are various types of panels on the walls, decorative design of interior elements instead of frames or special framing. You can use the mosaic to decorate the bathtub screen or from it to lay the cover of the countertop under the sink.

The general layout of mosaic paving in the bathroom

The general scheme of mosaic paving in the bathroom.

Aesthetic possibilities of the material are provided primarily by its variety: the mosaic can be not only of almost any color, but also made of a variety of materials.

The main materials for composing the mosaic composition are: glass, natural stones, ceramic granite or ceramic tiles, mica and even metal. For more expensive variants of decoration, a mosaic of semiprecious stones, artificial aquamarine, smalt, and also foil with gold or platinum coating, or Venetian glass is used.

Thus, the variety of materials makes it possible to use mosaic not only for the design of very expensive interiors, but also for quite "budget" options. For such variants, a mosaic made of polymer materials is often used, which visually is not inferior in appearance to its natural appearance, but its cost is quite comparable with the cost, for example, of ceramic tiles.

Initially, the mosaic drawings by the master were collected in small pieces, and this work took quite a long time. Now, of course, this method is also used, but, as a rule, when working with expensive and exclusive materials. In most cases, you can significantly speed up the process of finishing the bathroom, if you use a mosaic, typed on a special substrate from the grid or paper in the form of traditional tiles. In this case, the variations are already set by the manufacturer, but for the designer or the master there is still room for creativity. In addition, a significant advantage is its price, which makes this material much more attractive and, most importantly, affordable for finishing the premises.

It should be borne in mind that, in addition to practicality and high performance, the mosaic also carries an aesthetic function. A great opportunity is offered for this mosaic set of ceramics, which can be not only of different colors, but also have different shapes. And in order to facilitate and speed up the work, you can pay attention to ready-made sets of mosaic, which are compiled according to the finished drawing.

Exclusive options

The first part of the stages of laying the mosaic

The first part of the stages of laying the mosaic.

If you create a luxurious interior in the bathroom, then the most suitable material for this smalt is glass with the addition of oxides of different metals, which determine its color solution. The material is produced by pressing at high temperatures, which gives it high strength characteristics with exceptional aesthetic properties.

In the bathroom is very organic mosaic, made of pieces of metal. As a rule, it is made of aluminum or stainless steel, and can even imitate precious metals, for example, gold.

In some cases, a very expensive but very effective version of the symbiosis of glass and metal can be used - a foil pressed between two glasses, creating an extraordinary and unique play of light.

To compose the mosaic, other natural and artificial materials are widely used.

The stone in this respect is beyond competition. The variety of species that are used for this can make the bathroom interior particularly delightful. In addition, it is necessary to pay tribute to the natural origin of the material, its environmental friendliness. If you make a rug from a pebble on the bathroom floor, it will not only be a beautiful decor for the room, but also an excellent massager for the feet, which will have a healing effect. The cost of such species can vary greatly and depends, first of all, on the value of the source material.

Main options

The second part of the stages of laying the mosaic

The second part of the stages of laying the mosaic.

Mosaic, of course, you can decorate all the surfaces of the bathroom, but most often, even in expensive interiors - it's an opportunity to create a decorative accent. It is often used for finishing the following elements and details:

  • bath screen;
  • apron in the washbasin area;
  • a mirror frame;
  • shelves or niches, columns, protective and camouflage boxes;
  • window or doorways;
  • zoning rooms (for this you can use both vertical and horizontal surfaces).

Especially justified is the use of a mosaic on curvilinear surfaces. In addition, it is possible to create a beautiful and unique design, this material is more practical for this, because because of the small size it allows you to perform the most incredible patterns and patterns, without the need for an exact fit.


Mosaic - это не только очень красивый материал для отделки ванной комнаты, это, прежде всего, возможность создать уникальный интерьер в своем доме, даже если использовать для этого ее самые недорогие варианты, такие как наборная или самоклеящаяся мозаика. В любом случае остается очень широкий спектр для воплощения дизайнерских решений.

Of course, to work with expensive or exclusive types of mosaic, one should turn to specialists for help, but in other cases it is quite possible to master the art of drawing mosaic drawings and panels. It is important to take into account the nuance, such as the difference in thickness of materials, which are simultaneously used in decorating and finishing surfaces, for example, mosaic and ceramic tiles. This must be taken into account in the work and pre-prepare the surface taking into account the difference. Otherwise, the panel can be made "recessed" in the main finish of ceramic tiles or other material.

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