Quality jacuzzi installation

Jacuzzi - a subject of sanitary importance, designed for the adoption of water procedures and general recovery of the body. The main advantage of this attribute is the effect of air bubbles connected to the water jet on the human body.

Scheme of the device Jacuzzi

The scheme of the device is a Jacuzzi.

These particles provide a massage effect. Until recently, whirlpool baths were considered a luxury item, but now the situation has changed a little: they are increasingly appearing in the home of people with average incomes. Installation of the whirlpool can be done by yourself. Installation work is carried out according to a certain scheme. Despite some complexity of such installation, it is possible to organize it.

Requirements for premises

Even before the purchase of such a bath it is necessary to study the structural features of the building and the room itself, in which it will stand. Consider the following points:

General rules for installing the Jacuzzi

General rules for installing a Jacuzzi.

  1. This item must be sized so that it can fit freely in the bathroom. There must be additional space for free access to it.
  2. Do not place the jacuzzi against the wall, the configuration of this object should be commensurate with the installation site. So, the round shape looks better in the middle of the room, and the oval shape looks at the wall.
  3. All ceilings in the room must be equipped with a reliable steam and waterproofing, the main floors must easily withstand the weight of the full bath.
  4. High ceilings and installed ventilation outlets.

Mounting Features

To install your jacuzzi with your own hands, it is worth noting that the mass of this bath is impressive, so it is not set in height, but is defined on a sturdy frame with pipes, observing the horizontal plane and fixed to the floor. For this reason, before carrying out installation work, you should carefully level the floor.

Hydromassage structures should be connected to electricity, water supply and sewerage. The water pressure level in the water pipe must be at least 4-5 atm. To be sure of such indications, you can put a control gear on the bath.

Arrangement of injectors

Arrangement of injectors.

Installation of a jacuzzi in the apartment is surely associated with the attachment of the cranes to the body of the plumbing fixture, but not to the wall, as is the case with ordinary baths. Pipes with tap water should be as close as possible to the source of the liquid. It is important to ensure free access to the connection with the bathroom, so that they can be disconnected at any time.

The supply water must be clean, for which the system is equipped with filters. This way you can avoid clogging the injectors, and they are very demanding on the quality of the supplied water.


So, to install a jacuzzi, you need to start the process by choosing a place for it. The height is set using the level. Adjust it with special bolts. Sometimes such structures are placed in the mounting frame. It is not necessary to make a strict alignment horizontally, it is most convenient to specify a certain angle of inclination to the drain. Connect the drain system in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The level difference of the drain hole should correspond to 10 cm, otherwise the water will stagnate in the tank. Then its outflow noticeably slows down.

To connect the jacuzzi with your own hands with the water supply system follows the same scheme that is provided for standard tanks. Seats are sealed with special gaskets:

Wiring plan Jacuzzi

Scheme of jacuzzi connection.

Connecting the bath to the water supply. For installation, all connecting parts should be sealed with gaskets. The bath should be as tightly connected to the wall as possible. If necessary, a sealant is used, it will help avoid the appearance of high humidity and fungi at the joints. The integrated version of the jacuzzi is equipped with panels that provide easy access to important parts of the structure.

Electrical connection. The process of installing a whirlpool in an apartment implies its mandatory connection to electricity. Here, we should not forget about the safety rules, because water is a good conductor of electricity. The process of connecting to the network should be entrusted to a specialist.

The process of carrying out such work is connected with the passage of the following stages:

  1. De-energize the work site of the technical plan. To do this, the access to the room by the switch is blocked. The outlet for the bath must be grounded, for this purpose a three-core cable is used. It is better to purchase this part of the European format (it will indicate phases, zeros and contact ground).
  2. Connect the outlet to the electrical panel, bypassing the protective automatic device and the protective shutdown device, RCD. It is more convenient if it is separate.
  3. The Jacuzzi in the apartment is connected using a switch that is sold in the kit.

To place it too high is not recommended: it is most convenient to install this element so that you can easily reach it with your hand. When connecting the wires, you must clearly monitor the correctness of such events.

So, the zero marks of the cable are joined to a similar wire on the structure. The same applies to grounding. To facilitate the connection of these parts, they are colored in different colors: blue corresponds to zero marks, white displays the phase, red, brown, yellow and green are connected to the device ground.

Checking the conduct

After connecting the whirlpool bath, you should ensure that the correctness of the actions is being monitored.

For this purpose, the installation scheme of the cleaning equipment (water filters and pressure reducer) is checked. Also, make sure that there is free movement to any jacuzzi, pumping equipment, compressors, electrical insulation.

The whole body of the bath should be placed in a waterproof box.

It is necessary to check the correct installation of RCDs and cables. Also do not forget about the fact that the stability of the bath. To do this, you need to press on its body, shake from side to side, watching its fluctuations. Be sure to check the possible occurrence of leaks.

Correctness of the performed actions gives impetus for water start-up. Immersed in a bath, you can get satisfaction from the miraculous effects of watery bubbles. The absence of these defects indicates the correct installation of the structure.

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