Quality light in the bathroom and its design

A necessary element in any bathroom is a lighting system. It, as a rule, plays a very important role in ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort in this room. To date, there are a lot of techniques for the quality installation of various lighting systems.


To ensure maximum efficiency and comfort of the bathroom, its important element is a properly selected lighting system.

At the same time, most experts believe that the most important factor is the correct ratio of the decorative and functional properties of each individual luminaire.

A lot of experts recommend paying special attention to the decorative design of the lighting system in the bathroom. In this room, as a rule, it should always stand out and be brighter than in the neighboring rooms of any dwelling. The most optimal technology is a three-level lighting system. With this system, you can always create a very original and high-quality interior design in any room. The key elements in three-level lighting are such elements: ceiling, floor and illumination of all mirrors.

Feature of light

The most important point in the installation and design of lighting in any room is the maximum compliance with all rules and safety standards. This question is especially relevant when working in the bathroom. Specialists strongly recommend that all installation lighting schemes be very carefully worked out: no water should get into one of them. It is also extremely undesirable to allow breakage of a lamp or a lamp, since the consequences of such a factor can be very negative.

Examples of lighting the bathroom and its various elements

Figures 1-3. Examples of lighting the bathroom and its various elements.

The correct and high-quality design of light always positively influences the entire interior of the room. As a rule, these issues are directly related to the financial capabilities of each individual homeowner. The feature of ceiling lighting in the bathroom depends on its size. For small rooms it is enough to install a single source, and for more spacious ones, you will definitely need several lights.

From the above feature will also depend on the power of all the bulbs. The ceiling lighting in the bathroom can be open and built-in. The second option is most often used in the presence of suspended ceiling systems. However, most experts recommend the use of an open type of bathroom fixtures. An example of this qualitative lighting is shown in Fig.

Designers are advised to pay special attention when lighting mirrors in the bathroom. They need to be equipped with a large number of different light bulbs. They should be placed symmetrically on both sides of your mirror, as shown in Fig. The floor in the bathroom should always be lighted only with reliable, hermetic and high-quality fixtures. For additional decor and improve the light effect, you can use a variety of color-coded lights. A feature of such a floor lighting is shown in Fig.

Lighting design

For maximum quality and proper installation of lamps in the bathroom and their subsequent design, you may need such materials:

  • point and ceiling types of lamps;
  • mirrors with special illumination;
  • bulbs of color type;
  • illumination and sconces for the bathroom;
  • Low-power and small lamps of decorative type;
  • candlesticks.

Also for this type of work you will need the following tools:

Examples of lighting a bathroom with decorative lamps and candles

Figures 4, 5. Examples of lighting the bathroom with small lamps and candles.

  • Screwdriver Set;
  • screwdriver;
  • tape and tape measure;
  • pliers;
  • device for checking the voltage level;
  • knife and pencil.

When designing the lighting in the bathroom, it is always necessary to take into account such parameters as the layout of the room, its main dimensions, the feature of the finish and the condition of the ceiling. One of the popular design options is the use of small, decorative light bulbs. With their help, you can create a beautiful effect of muted light. Such elements, as a rule, are used to illuminate the water and, accordingly, create a favorable and comfortable atmosphere. An example of such lighting is shown in Fig.

To achieve the above effect, it is recommended to apply the technology of directing light from a single source. In his role, you can use a variety of floor lamps, sconces and even an ordinary spotlight type spotlight. Such a backlight system can replace a costly bath with built-in light bulbs. Many designers recommend using small candlesticks or candles to achieve the effect of relaxation and harmony, as shown in Fig. 5. The most important thing is to find the right place for them in the room.

At high ceilings in the bathroom, you can use a design model for reflecting light streams. To do this, you need to buy halogen bulbs and focus them on top. In this case, the effect of reflecting the rays from the ceiling to the floor will be achieved. This method can be used in various interpretations, it all depends on the individual preferences of each homeowner.

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