Quality shower cubicle from glass blocks

A shower cabin is just a brilliant invention. Of course, it's very pleasant to lie in the bathroom, relax, relieve stress and tension. But modern man has a constant and catastrophic lack of free time. In the mornings, it is better to sleep for half an hour longer, and in the evenings there are plenty of other concerns. That's why preference is given not to the bathroom, but to the shower. And this is quite an equivalent replacement: nothing will cheer up better than a contrast shower. Such a procedure will instantly awake from sleep, will charge with vivacity and energy and lead to a ton of relaxed muscles. However, this design is not cheap. But there is a wonderful way out - a shower cabin made of glass blocks made by own hands. In this there is nothing complicated, you just need to be patient and with the necessary materials.

Shower cubicle from glass blocks

Glass blocks are gaining popularity due to their strength and availability.

Glass blocks are a remarkable building material, obtained as a result of joining several glass plates. He is gaining increasing popularity among the people.

Required Tools:

  • level;
  • roulette;
  • drill;
  • perforator;
  • mallet;
  • empty containers, etc.

Pallet and device features

Once you have determined the location for the future shower, it's time to move on to the activities. First you need to decide on the choice of the pallet. You can buy it in the store, or you can do it yourself. This is not at all difficult. Pallets come in different shapes and from different materials. If we talk about form, then it is usually square, angular or rectangular.

The scheme of the shower tray device made of tile

The scheme of the device shower tray of tiles.

The material is cast iron (it keeps the heat perfectly, but it is very vulnerable to scratches because of the enamel coating), ceramics (easy to clean, long lasting, but extremely low thermal conductivity), acrylic (excellent in all respects, virtually no minuses ).

The first step is to prepare the floor for waterproofing. It is necessary to bring down everything that is on the floor (tiles, screed), to concrete ceilings. The walls are knocked to the very bottom. How to knock down a wall depends on the height of the pallet to be installed. If unreliable seams are found during work, they should be cemented. After the concrete has dried, a bituminous coating is applied. Especially carefully you need to blur the corners. The thickness of the layer is about 1.5 cm. Then it is necessary to lay waterproofing materials. They need to be heated using a gas burner, and gently smoothed. After that, the cement screed is poured.

The second step is to assemble the drain and the discharge pipe. It is best to lay them on wooden bars. This will allow you to adjust the height and provide the necessary slope. Pipes can be metal and plastic. In the modern world, preference is given to the latter due to their longevity.

The third step is the production of enclosing walls. It is necessary to make the formwork, to pour the concrete mortar. After all these actions, the pallet is covered with tiles.

All of the above actions are performed if you decide to make a pallet yourself. If you bought it, everything looks even easier.

Manufacture of glass blocks

Tools for installing a shower enclosure

Tools for shower installation.

As a rule, glass blocks are sold with a protective film. It should be removed only after the end of all work, to avoid scratches and damage to the material. If you purchased a product that is not equipped with such protection, then it is recommended to do it yourself using ordinary adhesive tape.

  1. It is necessary to make a contour frame. For reliability, the structure is attached to the floor, and to the wall, and to the ceiling.
  2. This work takes quite a long time. Because the glass blocks very slowly set with the cement mortar. It should be packed no more than 3-4 rows a day. The seams are reinforced with wire.
  3. When laying glass blocks apply special crosses, which form a perfectly smooth seam. Neat seams are perhaps the most important thing in this work. Especially if the shower is made of transparent glass blocks.

If you use a special module when laying, the work is simplified many times.

It's really very simple and convenient. Absolute elemental actions do not require absolutely no professional skills and experience. You simply collect beautiful and smooth mosaic from glass blocks and fix with rubber gaskets. The indisputable advantage of this design is mobility. If necessary, you can move the glass wall to any place. At the same time the composition will not disintegrate and will not be disturbed.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in this work. All actions are simple and primitive. With this task, even a person who is very far from construction will cope. And the result will surpass all the boldest expectations.

Advantages and disadvantages

Shower from glass blocks

The partition from the glass blocks visually increases the space.

Such material is gaining popularity among the people with very fast and sharp rates. It's a great way to original and unusually decorate the room. A huge selection of colors allows you to create a unique, unique design. Multicolored glass blocks can be competently combined and combined among themselves in order to get a pleasing eye, a bright design. Transparent glass blocks - this is also an excellent option.

Such a partition will let a lot of daylight pass and visually expand the room. It must be added that the material is absolutely immune to moisture, environmentally friendly and harmless to human health, and also very easy to clean. So, what are the advantages of the material:

  1. The embodiment of any creative imagination and idea thanks to a huge selection of shades.
  2. The material is almost impossible to break. Using glass blocks, you are guaranteed not to get any injuries or injuries.
  3. The level of noise insulation is quite high.
  4. Maximum simple installation.
  5. The material is resistant to fire.
  6. If somehow still it will be possible to damage the glass block, it is very easy to replace it with a new one.
Installation of a shower from a glass block

Installation of a shower from the glass blocks.

A shower cabin made of such material will be very warm. Staying in the shower will be comfortable, calm and comfortable. Perhaps, not to find a material with which it would be easier to manage independently than with glass blocks. That's why he so fell in love with customers.

Minus for this material was able to detect only one. And, of course, this is the high cost of the goods. But here it should be noted that this design will last you a fairly long time. The material is strong, reliable, durable, fireproof. If you want your home to be really cozy and comfortable, then you will have to incur certain financial losses. This, of course, will pay off with the joy that you will experience from repair.

The cost of one brick starts from 60-75 rubles. But most stores will offer a discount for those who take glass blocks in bulk.


The daily necessity of taking a shower simply obliges to make this process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. There is much to be taken into account here. And the location of your shower, and the material from which it will be made, and the color that appeals to all family members, and the overall view of the bathroom, delivering aesthetic pleasure.

Modern glass blocks are produced not only boring green or transparent colors. You will simply be surprised at how attractive and interesting this material is. The surface can be smooth, and corrugated, and matte, and colored. Dimensions are also found different. Decorative glass blocks - this is the original development of designers.

There are models with lighting, patterns and beautiful divorces. You can find this product with pictures or with placed in the product shells, plants and photos. In general, there is no limit to perfection. You can get a truly exclusive shower cabin, which will not only delight the eye, but cause astonishment, admiration and surprise.

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