Reliable installation of the mixer on the sink

The installation of the mixer on the sink can be done by one person. The second aid may be required only for the fixed fixing of the mixer body with direct attachment to the sink or sink.

Single-lever mixer circuit

Single-lever mixer circuit.

A small set of tools and materials is required for work:

  • Crown wrenches with a size of 10 to 14 mm;
  • face keys with a hollow body for size from 10 to 14 mm;
  • pliers;
  • screwdriver;
  • tow;
  • it is high.

Choice of flexible connection

Before installing the mixer on the sink, it must be properly selected. The connection of the mixer with the water pipe is more conveniently done by means of flexible connection. Flexible hose is a hose in a metal sheath. Attention when selecting should be sent to the quality control of flexible hoses. The braid is aluminum, made of stainless steel, made of galvanized steel wire and nylon.

Flexible piping for mixer

Scheme of flexible connection for the mixer.

The lowest quality and short-lived braid is made of galvanized steel wire. Aluminum braiding is usually designed for a pressure of up to 5 atm and for a life of up to 3 years. The braid of stainless steel will last up to 10 years at a pressure of 10 atm. With a nylon sheath, the service life will increase to 15 years at a pressure of 20 atm. The main enemy of longevity braiding - formed on its surface condensate.

The seller can provide information about the flexible connection of the mixer, but it is better to buy the goods in a specialized store where you can get the attached certificate. If you have to make a choice without a certificate and information from the seller, then pay attention to the softness of the tube - it should bend well. In quality tubes, non-toxic rubber is used, which is well bent.

If the tube bends badly, then the rubber is ordinary, technical. This can be evidenced by the smell of rubber. The braid must be fully pressed at the junction with the adapter sleeve. The thickness of the nuts may indicate the quality. If the nut is too thin or plastic, then it will not last long. The most reliable and durable connection can be obtained with a corrugated stainless steel tube. When bending, it remains in a fixed position and serves a long time. The color tape in the braid indicates the purpose of the hose, depending on the water temperature. For cold water it is blue, for hot water it is red. For both types of water, the two bands are blue and red.

Mounting the mixer

Before installing the mixer, the sink should be removed.

In this version, you can install a mixer without an assistant. Mounting the mixer is done with a hairpin. This pin must first be fixed in the body of the mixer. For this purpose, there is a groove on the butt of the pins under the tip of a screwdriver. If there is no such groove, then tighten the pin with pliers for the surface of the thread. At the same time, it is necessary to tighten the pliers slightly, so as not to crush the thread.

Mixer installation scheme

Scheme of installation of the mixer.

Flexible connectors usually have different types of fastening from different sides. On the side of the water pipe, naked nuts with flanges are used, and on the side of the mixer there are adapter nuts, in which a flexible hose is fixed. The connection with the body of the mixer is sealed by a rubber ring of circular cross-section. To increase the reliability of the flexible connection with the body of the mixer, seal the thread of the stick. The tow is wrapped in a thin lace and wound counter-clockwise, when viewed from the side of a flexible tube. Winding is done from a flexible tube to the end of the union. After the winding of the tow is saturated with a drop of drying oil.

After the flexible hoses are connected to the body of the mixer, the tubes are threaded into the hole of the shell, and the mixer is fixed with a sealing metal and pressure ring. They are pressed against the shell shell from below. As a seal, which does not allow the infiltration of water between the body of the mixer and the sink, a rubber ring of circular cross-section is used. Do not connect flexible hose in tensioned condition.

After installing the sink in place, the flexible carts are connected to the hot and cold water pipes using the union nuts. This connection does not require the use of a pack. The connection is secured by a flat rubber or plastic washer. Strong tightening is not required. There are enough puffs by hand. If it is too tight, the sealing washer can be damaged. During the tightening, hold the tube with the pliers for the adapter tip, preventing it from twisting.

The installation of a mixer with flexible piping, of course, facilitates installation. But in operation, leaks may occur due to damage to the hoses. Help with this can be obtained by applying the valve "Aquastope". It is installed between a metal pipe of a waterpipe and flexible podvodkoj. This valve blocks the flow of water as the flow rate increases to 10-13 l / min. The disadvantage of this device is that the valve does not work with small leaks. To operate the valve, the water pressure in the network must be high enough. A more reliable helper in the event of a leak will be an electronic valve that blocks the water flow when a small puddle appears on the floor in the sensor mounting area.

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