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The stores today are a fairly extensive range of furniture for the bathroom. Because a person who does not change furniture every day, it is difficult to navigate in all this diversity. Each subject is so unique, functional, and often chic, that I want to see it all at home. How to choose bathroom furniture to avoid mistakes? Let's try to understand all the subtleties of this issue.

Furniture in a classic bathroom

Furniture in a classic bathroom should have the correct geometric shape with streamlined corners.

Immediately we stipulate that the purchase should be carefully considered and planned. Hurry to buy a set or a separate item at random is not worth it. Beauty and comfort in an environment requires the same and from the finishing of the bathroom itself. Therefore, before choosing furniture in the bathroom, it is important not to forget to make cosmetic repairs in it.

Repair option

Repair in this room usually begins with the ceiling part. When decorating the ceiling, the reference level is the humidity level in the room. If water procedures are often taken by the household or the ventilation system in the house is not good enough, these nuances are important to consider when repairing. It is necessary to choose finishing materials having a high degree of protection against constant moisture. Coatings with weak resistance to moisture deteriorate over time, exfoliate, and are exposed to harmful mildew and fungi.

Bathroom Design

Under the sink is a cupboard in which you can store bathroom accessories.

A common option for finishing is painting with waterproof plasters, primers, varnishes and paints. The ceiling can also be hanging, tension and rack. It remains only to choose the one that you like and can afford.

When making walls and floors in the bathroom, one should also take into account the nuance with high humidity. Nothing more durable and durable than tile, for these purposes has not yet been invented. Now produce a tile with a special antibacterial enamel, which excludes the appearance of tiles fungi and moldiness on the surface.

The famous finishers recommend using as a grouting tile joints in the bathroom a special mass for swimming pools, resistant to blackening. Do not forget that the color of the tiles and the coloring of the furniture in the bathroom should be chosen at the same time to get a harmonious interior design. Therefore, furniture is purchased in the process of repair work.

It also makes sense to worry about a quality low-noise hood, helping to cope with the increased humidity in this room.

Choosing furniture

This question worries most buyers of furniture in the bathroom. If we regard domestic and foreign furniture for bathrooms in terms of quality, then this indicator for all manufacturers is quite high. Many furniture companies in our country use foreign materials and components. When there are announcements that such a company offers Italian furniture in a bathroom of its own making to order and in stock, then this is exactly the case.

Although the furnishings for the bathroom from abroad and our still different.

Bathroom in Art Nouveau style

Bathroom in the Art Nouveau style combines bright shades and accessories of non-standard shape.

The standard dimensions of the premises affected the production of furniture for them in size and design of the latter. Domestic furnishings are designed more for small rooms in typical city apartments, which allows you to convert even a small room into a cozy and comfortable room.

Imported interior items are more appropriate for bathrooms in suburban luxury homes. Although world manufacturers often supply models of small sizes. Despite the similarities in size, the potential buyer will certainly feel the difference. And it is precisely in price. The high cost of imported products is determined by the manufacturer's warranties and the certification of its products. A significant role in the pricing of the headset from abroad is played by the possibility of their use by those who are physically restricted. Domestic companies in the development of projects for bathroom furnishings the needs of such people simply do not take into account.

However, domestic production has the main advantage: the production areas are located not far from the end user, which makes it possible to manufacture the elements of the furniture to order. At the same time, they are guided by the specific dimensions of the premises and their features (in particular, engineering communications, in which they are available).


The classical version of the bathroom set includes such elements as:

  • a sink with a curbstone;
  • floor stand;
  • wall cabinet;
  • mirror;
  • a pencil case or a cabinet;
  • basket under the clothes;
  • shelves for towels.

There may be other components, depending on the area of ​​the room. Furniture in the bathroom must meet three basic rules:

  • be resistant to constant humidity;
  • to have functionality;
  • have an attractive appearance.

In this regard, it is recommended that when choosing to focus on the products of hearing brands, one of the specializations of which is the production of such furniture.

Quality of products

Naturally, every manufacturer praises the quality of their products. However, the claimed performance parameters often have nothing to do with the descriptions given in advertising. We propose to study some methods of recognizing really high-quality products from not being such.

Rules for determining quality furniture:

  1. Pay attention to the smoothness of the application of paintwork. Maybe visually noticeable smudges?
  2. You need to inspect the supplied accessories. It is more preferable to choose objects with chrome components (hooks, handles, hinges, legs, canopies, etc.) made of metal. Metal fittings last longer retains its appearance compared to plastic gilded parts, which after a couple of months lose their original attractiveness.
  3. It is important to carefully inspect the sink. It is better to do it in bright light. Look for chips, cracks, dents. When the visual method does not detect them, then tactile and sound sensations are involved. When tapping a metal object, listen to the sound: if it is deaf, then there are just cracks; if thin and pleasant, then everything is normal.

Correct arrangement

The rules of the design of the room, as well as the selection of furniture, each owner thinks through at his own discretion. As the room for hygienic procedures provides for close interaction with surrounding objects every day and more than once, the situation in it should firstly please the people themselves and meet their wishes and taste preferences. In terms of convenience and practicality, the following recommendations exist:

Drawing of a curtain with a mirror in the bathroom

Drawing of a curtain with a mirror in the bathroom.

  1. If the floors in the bathroom are warm, then the locker and the floor cabinet are best purchased with legs.
  2. Close to the bathroom and the side wall, do not install the cabinet with the sink. This will give an opportunity to present the furniture in the best possible light, in addition, the cleaning of the premises will be much easier.
  3. Select lockers and cabinets with extreme caution. With a small area of ​​the room is better to stop the choice of oblong and narrow pencil cases.
  4. With enough square meters in the house is best to design two bathrooms: for residents and for guests. In the bathroom for the household, it is appropriate to put a shower cabin, as well as a washroom and a laundry zone.
  5. Typical city apartments do not allow to introduce this plan into reality. For this reason, the so-called "moydodyry" became especially in demand. In their designs, at first glance, unconnected things are connected: mirrors, shelves and lockers, a table top with a washbasin.
  6. If there are large niches in the bathroom design, in this case they will look very organic.

How to choose furniture according to the style direction?

In the question of how to choose furniture for the bathroom, there can be no equivalent answer, because everything is determined by the personal imagination of the owner of the dwelling.

However, the most optimal solution is that which is aimed at choosing a set of furniture that facilitates decorating the bathroom in the same style and in a pleasant color scheme. And what style to create: conservative classics, strict geometry or luxurious baroque, individual business of each owner of housing.

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