Renovation ideas in bathroom bathroom

In the apartments of the old building and in modern houses bathrooms, as a rule, are not brought to perfection. Owners of such apartments can realize all possible ideas for bathroom renovation. Usually it does not contain any products that hide plumbing. Against the background of the walls decorated with modern building materials, this looks rather wretched. Ideas of bathroom repair are better written down and make an assessment of financial investments that will need to be made when implementing them.

Bathroom after renovation

The bathroom after the repair looks modern and trendy.

Door installation


  • perforator;
  • screwdriver;
  • fasteners;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • hacksaw;
  • roulette;
  • gon.

The space on the side of the bathroom will be closed by the doors, creating a screen. It can be made of plywood, lined with plastic panels. They are fixed on the doors with staples of a construction stapler or glue. Will fit and vinyl plastic.

Shelves with movable doors under the bathroom

The installation of sliding doors and shelves under the bath provides additional storage space.

To seal the space under the bathroom make a wooden frame of the bar section of 30-40 mm. Given that the room has high humidity, all parts made of wood must be treated with an antiseptic and covered with varnish.

Measure the distance between the opposite walls and the height from the floor to the side of the bathroom. In the walls drill four holes and insert chopiki. On bricks, which will be installed vertically, drill four holes with an electric drill. Attach the bars to the bathroom wall with screws.

On the upper block of the chisel, make holes for the installation of loops. Fastening it with sidewalls is carried out with a stud joint on the glue. On the lower bar fixes 3 legs, creating a gap, which makes it possible to come close to the bathroom when washing or bathing the child.

Prepare 3 doors. They should be installed so that the bottom covers the bottom bar. Attach them to the hinges with screws. For convenience, install the latches. The extreme doors make a larger size so that large items of household equipment can be placed in the space below the bathroom. The middle hides the shelves on which you can store SMS.

An alternative way of fixing the doors during the repair of the bathroom: on the frame from above and below reinforce the guides made of plastic. Install 2 doors of the same size, which can be moved along the guides. Using a drill, drill holes and install handles.

Using Space

Make a frame, collecting it on the thorns and epoxy adhesive from the slats, section 30-40 mm. The legs at the locker are necessary for the convenience of using the washbasin.

Using a place under the washbasin

Use a place under the washstand can be installed there a washing machine or make shelves.

Prepare the necessary details in advance. The material is decorative plastic. The frame is attached to the side walls. The thickness of the plywood needed to make the door is 10 mm. Attach an additional bar to fix the hinges or piano hinge to the frame. On the plywood stapler, attach the plastic panels cut to the size of the door. Plastic is well cut with scissors for metal.

The idea to get an extra place where you can store necessary things and close water pipes that do not improve the interior of the bathroom can easily come to life if you mount a small locker-bed under the washbasin sink.

To make it, you need a bar with a section of 30-40 mm.

Measure the required height, length and width and make the bars from the bar. When calculating, take into account that the face of the nightstand should be moved inside under the sink. This is necessary in order that you can freely come up close to washing. On the lower frame bar set the furniture legs.

Drill holes in the prepared bar. Pencil mark on the wall of the bathroom attachment place. Drill the holes with a perforator and insert the choppers. Fasten the bar to the wall on the screws.

To fix the block-square to the opposite rack of the frame with screws. The crossbar between the posts must be tightly fitted to the surface of the installed shell. The side walls are cut from the plastic and fixed on the frame by the staples of the construction stapler. To produce the door, you need plywood with a thickness of up to 10 mm. Cut it to size and fix the plastic on the surface with glue. Attach it to the piano loop with screws to the wooden bar.

By the size of the door, draw a box with drilled ventilation holes, in which it is possible to store laundry intended for washing. Secure it to the door. If you do not need such a box, you can make easily removable shelves to store detergents and other equipment.

Screen in the bathroom

Polyethylene curtain can be replaced by a screen, this will make the bathroom look more aesthetic.

Širma or zanaveska

A good idea is to replace the plastic curtain over the bathroom with a sliding frame. Of the bars or metal corners make 2 frames the right size. The frames are connected with each other by piano loops. The assembly of the frames is carried out on the floor, then attached to the wall of the bathroom.

In a wooden bar, 120 mm high, 4 holes are drilled, with a diameter of 6 mm. Use the chisel to select wood from the timber bar to the height of the hinges. They should be 3. The distance between the hinges should be the same, otherwise the frame will sag. Fix the hinges in the notches with screws. Pencil marks on the bathroom wall through the drilled holes in the bar. The perforator drills holes in the marked places and inserts chopiki. The bar is attached to galvanized screws. Connect one frame to the hinges mounted on the bar. Secure the piano hinge to the frame with a screwdriver. The folding cab is ready.

Frame made of plastic

The best material for the construction of a movable frame in the bathroom is a clear and hard plastic that can be reinforced with a metal frame. Cut plastic can be scissors for metal, a Bulgarian or a cutter with large teeth. To fix the metal frame to the wall, it is necessary to make special loops. Prepare a metal strip, the thickness of which is not more than 3 mm and a width of 50 mm. Cut it with rectangles measuring 30 mm and drill holes with a diameter of 6 mm on one side. Bend in the braces. Framed frames made of plastic are fastened with screws. In order not to damage the plastic, you can put an additional gasket between the brackets and the plastic.

Such a frame-screen can be made not only in the bathroom, but also in other rooms.

Folding high chair

Given that the area of ​​the bathroom in the apartments is typically small, it is very important to use it rationally.

Folding high chair необходим: можно сидеть, купать малыша.

To produce it, you need a sheet of plywood 10 mm thick. Cut the base of the chair of arbitrary size. Apply foam to the surface and cover with a cloth. It is attached from the back of the base staples to staples. During the repair of the bathroom it is important to take into account the size of the base and to cut off the bar on it.

Connect the hinges with screws. It must be well treated, covered with antiseptic. It must be dyed in the tone of the fabric or varnished. Drill holes in the bar and install it on the bathroom wall.

Additional fastening will be 2 chains, which should be sewn with the same material as the base. A lock is placed on the wall, which will hold the chair in the closed state.

To make it, you need a piece of metal strip 5 mm thick and 50 mm wide. On one side, it drills a hole for fastening to the wall. The strip is bent in the vice along the thickness of the base. It is necessary to paint and fix.

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