Repair a small bathroom

Usually bathrooms in small apartments differ in an insignificant size, therefore to their repair and arrangement should be approached thoughtfully and seriously. The most optimal option in this case is the placement of a shower in the corner of the room. There are quite a few different types of cabs, which can take the form of a pentagon, circle or rectangle. There can be both convenient sliding doors and a special corner entrance.

Small Bathroom Design

Furniture and sanitary elements in a small bathroom are compact and functional.

If there is a certain place, you can install a bath, but it is important to consider that it should be large enough. It is not recommended to purchase a tiny bath, as it will not provide proper comfort and convenience. With a shower cubicle, the bathroom will appear large and spacious. Separate the ordinary shower without a booth can be done with a beautiful and attractive glass partition, which will perfectly protect the room from flying sprays.

Mirror for decoration

A mirror is an indispensable element of any bathroom. It reflects various surfaces and splendidly increases space. Usually it is placed on the wall, but sometimes there are lockers for storing various accessories together with a built-in mirror, so you do not need to purchase it in a separate form. Not far from the mirror is often located and a lamp that will illuminate it well. This is very convenient and especially relevant in the case if the bathroom is not a window.

Large mirror in a small bathroom

A large mirror visually expands the space in a small bathroom.

Finishing materials

For a bathroom it is necessary to select competently materials for furnish and their color. The most optimal option is tiled, which can be mounted on walls and floors. It has high properties, easily tolerates temperature changes and constant high humidity. Its color design sets the tone for the whole interior of the room.

To visually increase the space, it is best to choose a tile of light shades, as well as a transparent and light plumbing. Dark colors strikingly narrow the space, so they are not applicable to bathrooms. However, choosing too bright and flashy tones is also not recommended.

You can increase the space by installing the tiles diagonally. It is best to lined the base and all surfaces in the bathroom with one material, since in this case all parts of the space are combined into one. All the plumbing and furniture is best purchased with a matte surface, and not with glossy.

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