Repair and restoration of enamel baths

As you know, there is nothing eternal, and even a bath, which only a few years ago seemed solid, begins to lose its attractive original appearance. The enamel begins to exfoliate, scratches become noticeable. In such cases, there are 2 outputs - you can go and buy a new one, and you can make a bath update yourself, which will be much cheaper. In order to restore the enamel bath, you can use two methods.

Restoration of enamel ванны

Enamelling is the simplest and cheapest way to restore enamel, which does not require disconnecting the bath from the sewage system.

You will need the following tools for this:

  1. Latex gloves.
  2. Flannel fabric.
  3. Solvent.

Ways to restore

The first method

Sequence of the restoration of the bath

Sequence of the restoration of the bath.

Before proceeding with the restoration work, it is necessary to fully assess all the shortcomings. The enamel of the bath is restored in this way: first a mechanical cleaning is necessary, that is, the bath must be completely freed from the old enamel. Stripping from the old enamel can be done with an abrasive stone. First you should apply a cleaning powder, but you need to choose one in which there is no chlorine. Then, on top of such a powder, a stone is stripped. During such a process, the appearance of foam and crumb is inevitable, they must be quickly disposed of with water. Now the rust is cleaned, after which it is necessary to eliminate all existing irregularities.

Then the surface must be degreased, then the degreasing compound should be immediately removed. It is very simple to do this by typing in more hot water in the tub. Then the bath filled with hot water should stand for 10 minutes.

The water is drained, the bath is wiped dry. Now you can start applying a primer, that is, the first layer of enamel. The primer is made of enamel and hardener. Then it is necessary to apply a second layer of enamel, but this should be done only after the first layer has dried completely.

In order to restore the enamel bath was successful, the old enamel should be carefully cleaned, and the surface is well degreased. Still it is necessary to pay attention to how the enamel will be applied: there should be no bubbles and streaks.

Restoration of enamel

Bath repair can be done in another way. It is great for an old metal bath. It needs to install an insert of acrylic. Such an option is noteworthy not only because it can be easily implemented by oneself without special skills, but also because it does not take much time. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for the fact that acrylic requires careful care, but this material has a number of advantages. For example, it almost does not stick to dirt, and the view becomes more modern and attractive.

Scheme of acrylic insert

Scheme of acrylic insert.

The color palette of the acrylic liner differs a great variety, so even the most demanding and demanding person can easily pick up the color that he likes more. Acrylic coating has good heat-saving properties. The water in such a bath will remain warm for a long time.

The first thing is an inspection, during which you should get rid of all the irregularities. If the irregularities are significant, they should be leveled using a cement mix. After this, you need to carefully change the old siphon. The next step is to fit the liner from the acrylic, it should be made under the edges and the wall of the bath, so the installation turns out better and faster.

Now the liner should be prepared for installation, it should be tried on the bathtub, determine the gaps between the acrylic insert and the bathroom.

It was the turn to prepare a mixture of sand and cement, which is applied to the places where the gaps were. On the sides of the acrylic liner is applied glue (this needs to be done in a thin layer). The glue must be fixed with a tissue roller.

Colored enamels for bath

There are different varieties of enamel colors for a bath.

If you compare the restoration of the bath in these two ways, the second is considered more durable, since acrylic can last at least 15 years.


It is necessary to buy nitro-enamel, which should be thick. It is sold in banks. Take a tissue swab, the enamel surface is rubbed into 3 layers, each layer should dry for at least half an hour. If the bathroom has high humidity (more than 60%), the air should be cushioned with a reflector.

Then the reflector is removed, the upper layer of the enamel is wetted with a swab. The solvent will evaporate quickly, the enamel will dissolve, a new smooth semigloss film will be obtained. Completely enamel will dry out after about a day. Then the surface layer can be polished with a special paste, designed for polishing, which should be applied with a piece of flannel cloth.

In such ways, you can restore the bath enamel yourself.

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