Repair of a bathroom

The bathroom is combined combined. When repairing an integrated bathroom everything is very simple. For finishing is best for tiles or panels.

Tile or paint

With separate rooms of the toilet and bathroom, they can be issued in different ways. The walls in both cases are better laid out with tiles. It is easy to clean and does not reduce the volume of the room as a panel. On the floor in the bathroom is also needed tile, but in the toilet you can put linoleum or tiles PVC. If the floor is well leveled, then additional waterproofing in the toilet is not needed. The ceiling can be chosen as a tension, and paint any water-resistant paint. To hide the pipes and give the rooms an external chic, you can use both plastic cabinets and drywall. In the bathroom, drywall can get wet, so it is not necessary to install it on walls and ceiling. Do not apply for decoration and wood panels, they get wet and swell, so they look ultimately ugly. Also, do not paste a film or an oilcloth on the walls, all these are short-lived materials, and mold quickly appears on them. If there is no money for tile, it is better to paint the walls with usual waterproof paint. If the door in the bathroom opens inward, you can change it to get more space. It is not necessary to save on quality plumbing and pipes. If everything is done on the conscience, then such repairs will last for several decades. When to install a washing machine. It is better to choose a more compact version, and you can even choose a model that is combined with a sink. In any case, it will look much prettier. Be sure to ground electrical appliances, because the bath is a source of dampness.

Product quality

To illuminate the room you need to select several lamps, because a small room that is poorly lit, looks smaller and uncomfortable. If you want to increase the combined bathroom, you can hang on the wall of the mirror, so there will be a visual effect of deception, and the room will seem much larger. Do not forget that all materials for bathroom and bathroom should be of high quality, because these are rooms with high humidity, so the quality should be at a height. Pay attention to the tile, not all models tolerate moisture well. There are also differences between wall tiles and floor tiles, they are also marked differently. That money for repair have not been spent in vain, address for consultation to professionals.

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