Repair of the tap faucet

Tap valves are of three types: valve, ball and new generation - sensory. Everyone breaks down. Major breakdowns require specialist specialists, and some minor breakdowns can be eliminated by hand. Replacing the tap with your own hands is an achievable operation. Sometimes it's easier to replace a plumber than repair it. However, not everything is so neglected. If you understand, the plumbing in your favorite bathroom can be fixed personally.

Diagram of mixer device

Diagram of the mixer device.

What variety of valves and mixers can now be found on the market or in the store. Everything looks so reliable and high-quality, but in reality it starts to flow in a month. For quality work, the crane should have chrome inside and very strong rubber gaskets. And inexpensive models do not. Therefore, if the tap has flowed or stopped working, you need to know how to fix it, because a new buy is not always affordable.

Each type and type of cranes has its advantages:

  • single-handed - feeding only hot or cold water only;
  • dvuhventilny - adjustment of water occurs manually;
  • Single-lever ball - adjustment of temperature and head by turning and pushing the lever;
  • thermostatic - with a thermocouple for self-adjusting the temperature;
  • contactless - the adjustment is due to the mechanical rod.

Valve products

The device of the mixer of the valve type

The device is a mixer valve type.

This kind of sanitary ware is known to everyone. These cranes about 10 years ago were everywhere. Now they also meet, but not so often. More often on such kinds, whether it is single-handed or two, wear of the gaskets takes place. It's easy to replace it. The new valves often have a badly fitted gasket. This is also not a problem. First of all, you need to cut off the water. On the pipe or on the riser. Take a wrench or, in case of emergency, a drawbar. They untwist the nut on the faucet valve and remove the handle.

The mechanism itself is raised and the gasket is checked. If it is damaged, cracked or too loose, it must be replaced. It often happens that when turned on, it starts to make a lot of noise. At the autopsy, it becomes evident that the gasket is large or with sharp, unchecked edges. In this case, the edges need to be cut with a knife along the entire circumference.

A gasket for a faucet with cold water is made of rubber, and with a hot one - made of very dense skin. Sometimes the breakdown is that the crane has stopped regulating the head and temperature of the water. Most likely, this has worn off the threads of the axle box. Repair (replacement) is also possible manually.

For this, two rubber pads with a total thickness of 6 mm must be placed on the worn-out space. If it does not save, then you need to change the spindle. Sometimes the crane handles begin to leak. This is also a thread problem. In this case, you need to tighten the sleeve more tightly. In case the thread is in order, you just need to put more sealant on the bushing seal. Threads slowly and accurately twist in the direction of thread, while helping with a screwdriver. Screw it all back.

Ball systems

They have a fairly simple design: inside is a hollow ball, through which water flows from the supply pipes. It is held in a cartridge with rubber seats, due to which the ball is securely fixed. It is also easy to repair it. The leakage of such a crane is most often due to clogging in rubber saddles around the ball. Even the smallest, microscopic piece of rubbish, rust or sand from the water supply pipes can ruin the rubber gasket and completely eliminate the ball valve.

In this case, you need to unscrew the valve and rinse all the gaskets thoroughly. However, you also need to remember that, most likely, you will have to change the cartridge. Changing the pressure in this technique is a consequence of poor quality adjustment of the rod or clogging of the aerator.

The shutter can be opened and cleaned.

Ball valve design

The design of the ball valve.

If the head has not changed then the crane must be disassembled to the rod. Adjust the stem to the desired pressure.

And it is best to install on the pipes supplying hot and cold water, filters, to prevent blockage. Of course, they need to be changed and monitored, but it's better than changing the gaskets and constantly disassemble the valve. In general, the repair of the faucet is carried out in the following sequence:

  • close the levers or close the riser with a valve,
  • with a hexagonal wrench, loosen the retaining screw,
  • remove the lever, dome and plastic part,

On the way there are rubber seals. They need to be replaced, repaired or washed. Get the ball out of the saddles.

There are cracks in the ball and scratches. In this case, a replacement is necessary, i.e. repairs:

  • Seats and springs, if necessary, replace,
  • install seals, pre-lubricated with special grease,
  • install and assemble the updated faucet.

With this repair, you need to remember that if the crane is inexpensive, then the quality of the material leaves much to be desired. And therefore it is necessary to handle it with care.

There is also a touch option. However, a non-contact crane is too complicated. In case of leakage or other common problems, a specialist should be called. Do the same and when you can not repair the water tap. Good luck!

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